Neal Christopher Jones, nineteen, college sophomore, son of Tom and Julie Jones out on Highway 94 and third of four children. He is five eight and never weighed more than one fifty. His lean smooth body, his long light brown hair and baby face makes him look much younger. He was home, a farm in rural Alabama, for summer break with nothing to do. He was a frustrated horny teenager who was not very sexually active. He had lost his virginity to Donna, a high school classmate at some party in his junior year but all he thought about was men. He was gay, or he at least thought so.

When he had played baseball he had tried not to stare at his team mates when they were changing, stare at them in the showers, where they had joked around with each other, and making lewd comments of butt fucking someone who was bent over or jokingly asking someone to suck their dick. Neal had listened, considering the actual possibility, watched as one guy or another seemed to get partially erect, or just look at how different all the guys were, how their cocks were so different. He spent so many nights standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, naked, looking at his reflection, asking himself what he saw.

He had been home only a week and was already bored, masturbating constantly, in his room at night, out in the barn when no one was around, or riding his mountain bike to the rear of their main property to their fish pond nestled among some trees. He would lay back on the pier, his pants pushed down to his ankles and stroke his cock thinking of the shower room in high school, or of Jason on his floor in the dorm who seemed never to be wearing clothes, or he would think of the neighbor, Justin, who lived a couple miles away on his own farm. He was so tall, so muscular. He remembered seeing Justin one weekend when he was mowing grass. He was coming toward him on his bike as he was mowing along the side of the road. He was shirtless and wearing skimpy blue running shorts. His hairy chest shined from the sweat covering him and his big muscular legs, with the same dirty red hair, working up and down on the pedals. He remembered how he had felt his heart race, how he wanted Justin to stop just so he could really look at him, to get close enough to smell him. He had tried hard to act natural, to give a casual wave. Justin had waved back at him, and Neal had to adjust his cock in his shorts. Now he used the image to fuel his lust, his need to stroke his cock, feel it get hard, feel his body tense up and his load to shoot across his chest and stomach. For days he had wiped the cum off, but yesterday he licked it off his hand, wanting to know what it tasted like, wondering if he could actually eat it. He's ate it every time since.

Now he felt a little jealous of Justin. He overheard his parents talking about how Justin had moved his hired hand into the house with him and put the old Baker house up for rent. They thought they were 'cohabitating' as his mother called it. Neal did not know Justin's hired hand, didn't even know what he looked like, but the idea of Justin finding someone, to have someone in his life, someone who is another guy, just made him feel flush, his heart would actually race at times when he couldn't stop thinking about it.

When Sunday morning rolled around again his mother made sure the four of them were in church, but as soon as they got home and had lunch, Neal changed into shorts and tank top and grabbed his bike. He told himself his was just going to ride around, maybe make the ten mile loop, but as soon as he was on the road, he turned left instead of his usual right, heading straight for Justin's farm. He rode hard at first, pumping the pedals in a gear that maintained resistance, but after a couple of miles he geared back and eased back on his speed. He was sweating enough to make his tank top wet down the middle and his hair was dripping sweat. He turned on Highway 73 and kept riding, telling himself he was just going to ride by and see if Justin and this other guy would be out, see if he could lay eyes on him, see the guy that captured Justin.

As he approached Justin's place he saw an old Dodge in the back yard, then he saw two guys washing it. As he got closer he saw one was Justin. He rode by the first drive, saying he couldn't stop, but at the second drive on the other side of the house, he couldn't stop himself as he turned in. He eased along the drive, trying to seem casual but his heart racing. He pulled around the house and saw Justin was hosing off the side closest to him and he saw the legs of the other guy under the truck where he was on the other side. As he rode up Justin turned to lay the hose down on the ground and looked up at Neal.

"Hey, you're Neal, right?"

"Yes, sir."

"Sir? Oh please do not say sir to me," laughing at the reply. You're in college now, right?"

"Yes, si..., yes. I'm home for the summer."

"So what brings you by?"

"I was just riding by and...I...well, I was wondering if you needed any help around here this summer?" Good one; you don't look like a total dumbass, he thought.

Neal saw Noah come around the truck and couldn't help but stare. He was shirtless, showing his smooth lean body and the cap on his head revealed very light brown hair. He looked younger than Justin imagined; he looked his own age, and he wondered why it couldn't have been him.

"Neal, this is Noah. Noah, this is Neal Jones, he lives on the farm over on Highway 94."

"Neal, nice to meet ya" Noah said as he came up to Neal holding out his hand, smiling a big friendly smile. Neal shook his hand and felt the warmth of it, the callused roughness of it.

"Nice to meet you; I heard my folks talking...that you were living here...I mean helping Justin here on the farm" he was stammering, saying things all wrong, and Justin and Noah busted out laughing.

"I bet they were" Justin interjected.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean..."

"Forget it Neal" Noah said as he started to gather up the hose.

"Really guys, I didn't mean anything; I mean, I don't care if you guys together."

"OOOkkkay" Justin replied, drawing the word out as he laughed. "Neal come on over and sit down. Neal leaned his bike against a tree and went to the picnic table and sat. Justin and Noah sat on the opposite side, close together, casually.

"Neal, I don't really have any farm work that needs to be done, but we were thinking about repainting the house now that we've got the crops in and don't have anything to do for a while, so if you're interested in some real work, we could use some help painting."

"Yeah! I'd like that."

"You're not worried about working for me, you know, being seen here?"

"Oh hell no" his response was so fast it surprised Justin, but Noah smiled and nudged Justin under the table.

"Well, we were going to get paint in the morning and then get started after lunch. Come on by for lunch if you like and we'll make a game plan on how to tackle the place."

"Yeah, I'll do that," Neal replied smiling, not believing his luck. He was going to watch them, study them, try to figure them out. "Well, I guess I should go, I was going to ride the block."

"The ten mile loop?"


"I like to ride that myself."

"I know" and he blushed at his confession. Justin smiled at him as he got up and made for his bike. As he rode down the drive heading for the road, Noah leaned over to Justin.

"He's gay."

"You think?"

"I think. And I think he is looking for someone to talk to about it."

"When did you get a psychology degree?"

"Oh come on, Justin, did you see how he was stammering about us living together but not in a way that said I don't like it, but more like he was curious."

"Yeah, whatever, now go get me a beer."

"Yes, master...anything for master" he replied laughing as he got up.

Neal helped Noah and Justin paint the house over the next few days, while they talked about the community, things going on, what college was like for Neal and how Justin had enjoyed it. The subject Neal wanted most to talk about finally was broached at the end of the first day, when Neal had finally gotten the courage to ask. They admitted to living together and told him how Noah had originally came just to be a hired hand but things happened, moved in a different direction. Justin told him he thought it would have been tougher to deal with but at some point he got to where he just didn't give a shit what anyone else thought and realized everything was alright.

It was at this point Noah came up to Neal and asked him softly if he was gay. Neal looked scared at first then admitted he thought so.

"You think you're gay? I don't think it works like that." Noah replied.

"Well, I've not really done anything with a guy to know if it would be...would be better than with a girl."

"With a girl? You've been with a girl but not a guy?"

"Yeah, but I had to really...try hard to keep it know what I mean?"

"No, not really, but I've only been with boys; but Justin here has put it to some pussy once or twice. Ain't that right, stud?"

"Noah?! Listen Neal; try not to feel so frustrated about it, rushed to do something, but don't hold back on doing what you know what I mean?" Justin added.

"I think so" Neal had replied.

The next Saturday arrived and Neal rode his bike into town to the hardware store to pick up some screws for his dad. He pulled up and chained his bike up to a post at the front of the old storefront. The downtown was fairly busy with people out enjoying the day. As he was going in an old Ford truck pulled into a spot right in front. Neal naturally looked to see who it was and saw it Mike, a former classmate from high school. Mike had been one of the classmates to come from a very poor family, and in school was always in old handed down clothes and always had a bad haircut, wearing his hair longer than the norm. Therefore most of their classmates didn't have much to do with him so he had hung around with those who also came from poor families or the wrong side of the tracks. But he had always seemed different to Neal. Neal remembered in school looking at Mike thinking if he was just cleaned up he'd have been very attractive. He knew he had Native American blood which had been evident with his dark olive skin and jet black hair. In P.E. he had seen him in the changing room, his smooth well defined body, the jet black hair under his arms and over his dick; Neal had glanced at his body so many times during that class. There were times Neal tried to talk to him but either his friends would call him away or Mike would utter some short response and just seem to glide away from him.

Here he was watching him again, watching him get out of his truck, and start for the sidewalk, then hesitating when he saw Neal.

"Neal? How are you?"

Neal looked at Mike and noticed his hair was cute in a fashionable short cut and his clothes were not old handed down things but some simple new items.

"I'm good, are you?"

Mike smiled at Neal as he came up on the sidewalk and stood in front of Neal, reminding Neal how tall he was and now that he was up close how much more developed his body appeared to be.

"I'm good. I hear you're in college?"

"Yeah...home for the summer at the moment. What are you up to?"

"I'm working out at the seed and fertilizer place and taking classes at night at the community college."


"Seriously. That surprises you?"

"I'm sorry, but...well...not many seem to go to college around here...and..." he was stammering.

"And us poor bastards definitely don't go to college?"

", I didn't really mean...look, I think it's great you're going."

"It's ok, I know what you meant, and yeah, it's tough. So what are you here for?

" has some project he needs screws for so I came into town to get them. And you?"

"I'm here to get some new work gloves; they don't last long at work."

They went into the hardware store, talking in a reserved manner, but still they were talking more than they ever had in school. After a few minutes they separated to get what they came for. Neal made it back at the register and was getting his change when Mike came up tossing a pair of gloves on the counter. Neal went outside and took his time getting his bike free and getting his helmet out of his backpack. Mike came out and saw him with his bike.

"You rode that into town?"

"Yeah, it's only about twelve miles or so."

There was a moment of hesitation by each of them.

"Well I guess I better get going" Neal stated as he started to push his bike off the sidewalk.

"Hey Neal, listen, I was going to grab a burger at the diner while I was here. wanna join me?"

Neal just looked at Mike, surprised at the offer, before he answered. "Yeah, I'd like that."

Soon the two of them were seated in the diner that was one of the few restaurants in town. It was busy with its early crowd filling most of the tables, so Mike and Neal had to sit in a corner near the back. Their conservation was forced at first, neither really knowing the other. Neal finally couldn't stand it and broached the subject.

"Mike...back in school...listen...I have to tell you I'm sorry for the way everyone treated you, it was..." stammering away until Mike interrupted him.

"Neal, I know how it was; petty clicks, special groups and everyone trying to be better than everyone else, but I do remember you were never in the middle of it. You always seemed removed from it...remote in a way."

"Well, I didn't care for high school and couldn't wait to get out. I was hoping college would be much better, but I've not found the right people to hang out with?"

"The right people? What are you looking for?" he asked with a puzzled look.

"I don't know...just not the usual jocks college it's the frat boys."

They continued to talk until Neal realized the sun had dropped below the horizon and it was starting to get dark. Mike surprised Neal once again by insisting on paying; then followed him outside. Neal got his bike free and put on his helmet.

"Man, I really have to get going; it's going to be really dark soon."

"Throw your bike in my truck and I'll give you ride."

"I'm three miles out of your way. No, I'm ok to ride it, besides you already bought my dinner, which by the way call me when you're not working or in classes and it'll be my turn to treat."

"I'll do that, but right now don't argue, but your bike in the truck and come on. What the fuck is three miles out here in the sticks anyway?"

Neal got his bike in the back of the truck and they got in. Neal noticed right away how the interior had been kept clean and the truck was in good shape to be as old as it was.

"So, have you done anything so far this summer?" Mike asked Neal as they drove off.

"I've helped Justin and Noah paint their house" he replied. Mike noticed how easily he referred to Justin and what appeared to everyone as his partner.

"So, are the rumors true?"

"What rumors?" Neal asked not really thinking about what Mike was asking.

"You know...are they a couple?"

"Oh...well, I can't say."

"Can't or won't?"

Neal laughed and said "Ok, won't."

"Well that answers my question."

So Neal eventually admitted the situation with Justin and Noah, shocked at how cavalier Mike was about the whole thing, even saying how it was good and the community could fuck off if they didn't like it.

"You're ok with them being..."

"Gay? Yeah, why not? You have a problem with it?" he asked Neal in a soft tone.

" I don't...everyone should be able to live how they want."

Mike looked over at Neal, who in the dim light inside the truck appeared nervous. He looked like a trapped animal. They were pulling up to the drive to Neal's house so their conversation turned to getting together again, realizing during the week Mike was too busy Neal asked about next Saturday and if he liked to fish, for they had a pond. Mike told him he loved to fish, so they made plans.

Neal, unable to sleep well was up at daybreak on Saturday morning. He threw on some old cargo shorts and a put on a shirt, buttoning it up only half way. He grabbed some cereal for breakfast and was in the barn getting the fishing tackle and rods out in short order. His parents were leaving early to take his younger sister to Montgomery shopping; she needed gear for her camping trip coming up with the girl scouts. Neal would have the place to himself. A short time later his father stuck his head into the barn and told him they were leaving. Neal was left just waiting for Mike to arrive. He sat in the old swing that hung from a tree limb in the back yard lost in his thoughts as he waited.

He saw the old Ford truck coming down the road, then slow down to turn in the drive. He couldn't see to the front of the house, but he could hear the truck approach. Mike soon appeared and parked in the drive that headed to the barn in the shade of a tree. When he got out Neal noticed he was wearing a tank top, one that was real loose. It was a slightly faded black and it made his dark skin look good. Looking down he noted the shorts Mike was wearing. They were old khaki pants with the legs cut off, or torn off by the way they were so ragged. The shorts hung so low on his hips Neal could see skin, the area just above his crotch. He was surprised he couldn't see the black hair that was above his cock and wondered if he had on underwear.

"Hey Neal, sorry I'm late; I had to help dad with something. I tried to call but no answer."

"I've been out here and my cell is in the house. You ready to go catch some fish?"

"Yeah, where is this pond?"

"It's at the back of the property."

The gear was loaded in Mr. Jones' truck; a three quarter ton Chevy with extended cab and long bed. It was a beast of a truck. They rode on the narrow lane that cut along the middle of the property and then over to the back rear corner where the pond lay. It was surrounded by trees so they had to carry the gear the last thirty yards to the bank. Near the center was the old pier, projecting out over the water about thirty feet. It sat just above the water. Neal showed Mike around the pond, telling him where they typically caught fish and where to be careful due to old tree stumps underwater that you could get snagged on.

Soon the two of them were fishing, each testing different locations. They caught a few but the fish were not biting well. It had turned into a hot breezeless day. The humidity made the air thick and sweat refused to evaporate, soaking their clothes instead.

"Damn, it is too hot; they're just not going to bite today."

"Hey, it's nice to just relax and not be cramming for a class or working."

They made their way out on the dock. Neal sat down and dangled his feet in the water enjoying the coolness. He had his shirt completely unbuttoned trying to cool off some. Mike came up, pulled his tank top off, and tossed it onto the dock. He laid back on it, hands clasped together behind his head. Neal couldn't help but look at him, lying there bare-chested, and his arms up and spread out, the dark hair exposed. The sweat ran over his skin, down his sides wetting the tank top under him. His shorts were wet along the waist band which sat so low on his hips it made Neal's stomach knot up. Mike had his eyes closed, as he was telling Neal how nice it was just to relax. Mike moved one hand up and ran it down his chest smearing the sweat over his skin, down to his shorts pushing along the waist band allowing his fingers to slide under it ever so slightly. Neal stared at his hand as it moved along his skin, and then when he looked up Mike was looking at him, a slight smile on his face. Neal, startled at being caught, turned around.

"What do you want to do for lunch...there's a left over pork roast that we could make sandwiches with...or we could clean up and go into town."

"Why don't we just eat a quick sandwich up at your house" Mike replied, casually in a low tone, as he sat up and moved behind Neal. He reached one hand out and ran a finger along Neal's forearm, up and down, sensing how Neal froze, holding his breath. Mike leaned forward and moved up close to Neal's neck, letting his hot breath blow over him, as he whispered close to his ear, "You want me to stop?"

"Nnnnoooo..." Neal stammered barely audible to Mike. Mike slid a leg on each side of Neal as he moved right behind him. He reached up and pushed the shirt off Neal's shoulders, exposing the light freckles along his shoulders. Neal leaned up and moved his arms back, allowing Mike to remove it completely. His heart was racing and he stared straight out over the water, unable to say what he was thinking. Mike moved up closer to him, his hot breath on Neal's neck, then his ear. Neal felt Mike's lips touch him on the neck, then his tongue trace a line over his neck, up to his ear. Neal leaned into Mike, as Mike ran his arms around his chest, pulling Neal between his legs, up against his body, feeling each other's heat, the slickness from the sweat. Neal ran his hands down and over Mike's thighs, down to his exposed knees, reaching as far as he could then bringing them up, pushing the legs of the khaki shorts up as far as he could, running his hands along the exposed skin. Mike hugged him tight, pushing against him as he kissed his neck, tongued his ear, then taking Neal by the chin, he turned his head and kissed him on the mouth, passionately, probing into Neal with his tongue, where Neal responded, his fears and anxieties pushed out of his mind as he gave himself to Mike. Mike ran a hand down over Neal's lean narrow stomach and over his crotch, felt his cock as it hardened up, stretched out in the confines of his shorts. Mike squeezed it making Neal moan into his mouth. Mike ran his hand to the waist band and then down into his shorts, under the waist band of his boxers, through the sparse brown hair of his crotch and along the stretched out hard shaft of his cock, as it spread out to the side, tenting his shorts obscenely with Mike's ministrations.

"Let's get off this rough dock and go get in the shade" Mike whispered in Neal's ear. Mike stood; grabbing his tank top and Neal's shirt as he did, then he held a hand out for Neal, pulling him up. He pulled Neal along, off the dock and to a grassy area under a tree. He pushed Neal up to the tree trunk and pushed his own body against him, kissing him roughly, forcibly as his hands worked to get Neal's shorts undone. He worked them open and dropping to his knees, he pulled everything down to Neal's feet and got him to raise one foot then the other to get them completely off. Mike looked at Neal, his lean smooth body, the way sweat ran down his flat chest and stomach, the way his cock stood straight out, the head wet, the way his hairless balls hung loose. Neal had his hands behind him holding the truck of the tree, watching Mike, eyes wide with anticipation. Mike leaned forward and took his cock, holding it out and licked the head, mouthed it, running his tongue over it, wetting it more, making it slick, as he got a taste of Neal. He moved his mouth down over Neal's cock, pushed down until it probed at the entranced to his throat. He held on to Neal's thighs as he face fucked himself, working it through his mouth and gradually, down his throat until he choked for air. Neal put his hands on Mike's head, felt his movement, and felt his hair run through his fingers. Mike moved up, running his tongue around Neal's navel up this chest over one nipple, lightly biting it, giving it a mild tug, then he moved up and kissed him again, pushing his body against Neal's nakedness, feeling his hard cock push into him. Neal pushed him back and ran his hands up and down his sides, then brought one to his chest feeling the firmness, the muscled pecs and his erect nipples, then downward across his flat stomach, feeling the slick sweatiness, the smoothness of his skin. Mike was tonguing his ear and rubbing Neal's bare back and ass as Neal ran his hand down to the waist band of the khakis, and he slipped his fingers underneath reaching downward, feeling the thick black hair that grew above his cock. He pushed his hand into Mike's pants and grasped his cock. It was thick, hard, pushing out and stretched over to the side. The head was slick and Neal smeared it over its thick plum shape. Mike moaned and pushed his body against Neal. When he pulled back, Neal unbuttoned his shorts allowing them to fall off his hips and to the ground. Neal pushed Mike to get down, first sitting then lying back as he moved between his legs. He lifted up Mike's cock, stunned at how thick it got, how long when it was erect. He mouthed the head, running his tongue over it, then the shaft, slowly, tasting the sweat and his pre-cum, smelling his scent, and it drove him on. He buried his mouth on his nuts, tonguing them, feeling them move in their sac, feeling the smooth wrinkled skin move under his tongue. He moved back up the shaft, mouthing it, kissing and tonguing it as he went. At the head he shifted positions and took all he could in his mouth, holding the remaining shaft in his fist, squeezing it slightly, feeling it swell in his mouth. He worked his mouth up and down over the head as he slowly stroked the lower part of the shaft, working his spit and pre-cum together, keeping it slick, wet, hot.

Mike began to push up at the hips, driving his cock into Neal's mouth, working it back and forth through his lips. Neal's other hand was rubbing Mike's chest and stomach until Mike took it and pushed it between his legs, down under his nuts. Neal ran his fingers through the cleft of his ass, feeling the drool that was trickling down and he rubbed it over Mike's opening, pushing against it, feeling Mike push his hips back. As he went down on Mike's cock he pushed a finger into him, penetrating him slowly. Mike was moaning loudly, grunting, as he worked his hips, pushing his cock through Neal's mouth and his hole down over Neal's finger. He moved faster and faster and Neal held on, taking his cock and working a second finger into Mike.

"Oh FUCK, I'm coming" Mike grunted as Neal took his cock as deeply as he could, putting a hard suction on it as Mike released his load, thrusting his cock up with each wad he blasted over Neal's tongue and into his mouth and down his throat.

Neal nursed Mike's cock, squeezed all he could from it, and licked it clean. It didn't' go soft, but stayed hard, and Mike raised up and pushed Neal over on the ground on his back as he went down on him, taking his cock in his mouth, urgent with need, he worked up and down Neal. He worked one hand down below Neal's nuts, pushed down following the line from his nuts to his opening. Neal spread his legs, even pulling his feet up close to his ass, raising his knees, opening himself up. Mike probed him, worked a finger into him, then two as he continued to work Neal's cock over. With one hand he pushed one thigh over further and with the other he buried a third finger into Neal, opening him up some more. Mike moved up off his cock, tonguing his stomach and then his chest as he worked his three fingers in and out of his hole, stretching him open. When he lay half on Neal, fingers still working his ass, feeling Neal work his hips, pushing down to take his fingers as far as they would go he moved up to his ear.

"I want to be inside you" he whispered.

"Please, Mike ...but be easy, ok?" he replied the mix of lust, of need mingling with his fear. Mike eased up and rolled over into a sitting position, then leaned back, his arms outstretched behind him.

"Neal, it'll be easier for you...sit on my lap...ok?"

Neal got up looking at Mike's cock, swelled up large, the plum shaped head fat, blunt and it made him hesitant. Mike took his hand and easily guided him till he was standing over him, his hard cock bouncing in front of him. Mike leaned up and took it in his mouth again, worked his mouth down its shaft, till his nose was buried in the sparse hair over Neal's cock. He felt Neal's cock flex in his mouth and throat, he smelled his sweaty scent and he couldn't stop thinking how he desperately wanted him, to be in him, to feel his body against his own. He pulled off Neal's cock and leaned back, looking up at Neal, nodding it was ok. Neal eased down, slowly, holding on to Mike's shoulders, down he moved till he felt it, felt Mike's cock touch him. Push up against his hole. He worked his hips back and forth rubbing the wet slick head over his opening till he couldn't stand it, couldn't wait any longer, and he pushed down, feeling the head of Mike's cock broach his opening, to penetrate him. He eased down only fractions of an inch, moving up and down slowly, taking the girth of Mike's cock gradually. It felt like a long time, but Mike knew it was only a minute or so and Neal had all of him, sitting completely down on his lap, his cock buried all the way into him, feeling the heat of his insides. Neal leaned back, held up by Mike holding his back, as he pulled up slightly, letting Mike see his cock shaft come into view from within, sliding out of him, then Neal pushed back down, and slowly the shaft disappeared again. Neal was sweating profusely, as he leaned up and wrapped his arms around Mike neck's holding him tight. Their hot wet skin sliding together as they rubbed Neal's hard cock between them.

"Fuck...oh fuck...Mike, please" Neal seemed to be begging in his plea.

Mike held him tight and rolled them over, getting in position between Neal's legs. He moved his hips slowly, feeling his cock pull through the tightness of Neal, then push back in. He worked himself to longer and longer strokes until he was raising his hips up and shoving back down making Neal grunt with each downward thrust.

"Fuck me" Neal whispered, barely audible to Mike, but he heard clearly the need, the lust that drove him. He fucked his cock into him, working it through his hot tight hole, spearing it deep into him, as he felt Neal move under him. His pace got faster and faster until he had to slow for a minute, to back down or come too soon.

"Roll over" he asked Neal.

Neal rolled over and got on his knees and elbows, his ass sticking up slightly, open, ready, waiting. Mike moved in and pushed in again, easing in all the way as he held Neal's hips, guiding them together. He began to fuck, to pull out and push back in, working his hips as he saw Neal move back and forth with him. He leaned over Neal's back, felt the sweat, the grass and leaves stuck to this skin, and felt a certain satisfaction from the roughness of it, as he worked his cock through Neal's insides. He reached around and stroked Neal's cock, so slick with pre-cum he wondered if he had come already, but he worked him anyway, hard, matching his own strokes. Neal began to thrust his hips harder and harder, short jabbing movement, shoving his ass back onto Mike's cock then pulling away, shoving his own cock through Mike's fist. His back curved, his shoulders rose up as he head came up.

"Fuck, I'm coming...fuck me harder" Neal grunted as Mike felt Neal's cock flexing in his hand, and soon he felt his hand smear cum, smear its warmth over Neal's shaft, and he felt Neal's hole tighten up, grip him harder as he worked his cock through it, pushing for greater depth. It was too much, all of it, Neal's scent filling the air, his ass tightening up and his own desire to pump himself into Neal, to push it in him as far as he could. He came hard, thrusting his hips back and forth in quick short jabs as he shot into him. Jamming forward as each wad of cum shot out. He slowed his strokes as he finished shooting, till he was only smearing his load through Neal's insides, pumping some of it back out, feeling it run down his balls.

Neal eased flat on the ground as they lay there waiting on their breathing to return to normal, enjoying the slow, slow evaporation of the sweat from their skin, making them slightly cooler.

When they finally got up they went to the water's edge and waded out to their calves and washed each other off, wiping off the cum, the sweat, the debris from the ground. The cool water felt good as it chilled them, took the heat out of their skin. Naked, they went back to the dock and using their shorts to cover the old rough planks, they sat in the sun and let it dry them as they dangled their feet in the water, kissing, joking around, teasing each other, touching each other. How long they sat there, they didn't know, didn't care, but eventually they got up and gathered their things, and went to the truck.

"Let's go back to the house. We can hang out in my room" Neal told Mike as they climbed into the truck. They pulled up to the rear of the house out of site to the highway in front. Naked they climbed out and went into the house. By now they were starving so Neal made a couple of sandwiches, pulled out a bag of chips and poured some tea from a pitcher in the frig. They ate on the back porch, since there was dirt still on them. Once they finished, Neal led Mike into the house, down the hall and to the bathroom. He turned on the shower and waited till it was warm. Mike stood behind him, rubbing his shoulders and back. When the water was warm they got in, and stood together under the spray, letting it wash the worst off. Neal grabbed the soap, running it around in his hands getting them soaped up, then he pushed Mike out of the spray, blocking it with his own body and he began to bathe Mike. Slowly he ran his hands over his body, starting on his chest, working up to his neck. He worked the soap around his hair line, and down. He turned Mike around and washed his back, rubbing his broad shoulders, feeling the muscles flex and move under the skin; he rubbed down his spine to his lower back, and over his ass cheeks, stooping down to wash each one, spreading them, running the soap and his hands up and down. He washed him more than once to just to touch him there to move his fingers over him, to feel him shiver under his touch. He leaned forward, and even though all the soap had not been rinsed off, he ran his tongue up the cleft of his ass and over his the opening to his insides. Mike leaned forward, putting his hands on the wall bracing himself as Neal's tongue inflamed him. He stood back up and turned around. Neal took his soapy hands and washed down Mike's legs, one then the other, both hands wrapped around each, all the way down and back up all the way to his crotch. He took Mike's cock in his hands, then his balls, rubbing each with soap till they were covered with suds, and his hard cock protruded through, staring him in the face. Neal leaned forward and took him in his mouth, pushing the last of the soap off with his lips as he moved over the head and down the shaft as far as he could. Mike moved his hips, small movements, working his cock in Neal's mouth till he was fully erect, almost painfully so. Then he backed up, reached down and helped Neal up. Mike took the soap and began to bathe Neal, and as Neal had done, he used his hands, rubbing the soap over his skin, covering his chest and stomach, then his cock. He pushed Neal against the wall and kissed him hard on the mouth as he ran his soapy hands over his sides, down his hips and back in front to his cock and balls. He turned Neal around and washed his back, massaging the soap over his skin; then he got down on his knees and ran his hands over his ass cheeks, then along the cleft between them. His soapy fingers working over the flesh, feeling its smoothness, the softness of Neal's youth. Neal leaned forward, reached back and spread his cheeks as Mike ran his soapy fingers along the cleft, then probing his hole, pushing a finger into him, then another, twisting them around as the soap pooled over his hands, and slid down Neal's legs. When he stood up, his hard cock sticking straight out, he pushed up on Neal, running his cock along the soapy cleft, pushing the soap up, watching it slid over the head of his cock and down its shaft. He pulled Neal up and embraced him tightly as he maneuvered him under the spray of the shower. He kissed him on the neck, the side of the face, on the mouth.

"Neal, lets dry off and go to your room" he whispered.

"Ok" was all he said as he turned and shut off the shower. They dried each other off, rubbing the towel all over their bodies. Neal took Mike's hand and led him back out in the hall and to the next room. It was small, walls painted blue, and it had two twin beds where Neal at one time had to share with an older brother. Neal pulled the blanket and sheet back to the foot of the bed, and turned around, sitting on the bed. Mike came up, his hard cock in Neal's face. Neal took it, brought his mouth to it and began to lick and kiss along its length. Then he took it in his mouth and began to work his mouth along its shaft, pushing down as far as he could. He worked on Mike's cock as he stroked his own, building up his need, his want of Mike. Mike pulled back and pushed Neal back until he was leaning on his out stretched arms. Mike climbed up over him, a leg on either side of his body and he hugged Neal's head to his chest as he ran his cock over his stomach. He released Neal, twisted around and took his cock from him and held it up. He held it up as he lowered his body down, bringing himself down to it, touching himself to it, pushing against it, until he opened up and let it penetrate him. He slid down, slowly, taking Neal inside of him, feeling his cock push up through his insides. He moved all the way down and then began to pull up and back down, working his hole over Neal's cock, feeling it relax and open up to Neal. He fucked himself steadily, working up and down, his legs tight with the exertion. After a while Neal wrapped his arms around him and pulled him close, holding him still firmly seated on his cock. Neal rolled to his side and twisted around bringing MIke on the bed on his back. Neal shifted, adjusted himself until he was between Mike's legs and he rose up on his hands holding his body over Mike, his cock firmly lodged in his ass. He began to fuck, to pull back his hips and drive them forward, driving his cock all the way back into Mike. Mike leaned up enough for a moment to watch Neal's cock pump away at him, to pull out and then slide back in. Mike looked up at Neal, who was looking at back at him intently.

"Fuck me harder" Mike told him as he ran his hands along the sides of Neal's body, down to his hips feeling their movement as he drove his cock into Mike's ass. Neal picked up his pace, thrusting hard and harder. The sound of bodies slapping together filled the room. Mike egged Neal on, begging him to fuck him, to push his cock into him, to fill him. Neal began to get ragged in his movements, to jerk his hips as he slammed all the way in.

"Oh shit, I'm coming" he cried out as he threw several hard thrusts into Mike, pumping his load into him. He kept moving his cock through Mike's insides, working his cock through his own load. He fell on top of Mike and laid there for a while trying to get their breathing back to normal. As they lay there Neal glanced at the clock.

"Oh shit, we've got to get our clothes on. My folks will be back soon."




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