Justin was sitting on his back porch, beer in hand, relaxing after a tough couple of weeks. The afternoon thunderstorms that developed every few days made planting a chore, but it was finally done and he was enjoying having the rest of the day to relax. He had his long legs stretched out over the porch railing and his shirt tossed into the other chair letting the breeze blow over his chest. He still had on his cap, a dirty and frayed old thing that was his favorite. It covered his shaggy head of hair, the same dark reddish brown hair that created a light mat over his chest and trailed down into his Levi's; Justin was ruggedly handsome. At twenty-six and still single he was the community's first target for every woman looking for marrying material. He still used his old weight bench he had bought when he was a freshman in high school and with the work on the farm, he stayed in good shape.

The farm was all his now, being an only child. When he had finished college and decided he still wanted to farm, he came back home. When he had returned his father decided it was time to expand and purchased the old Baker farm down the road, nearly doubling the size of their farm. They had it all set up for the two of them, but his father handed it all over to Justin when his mother died suddenly last spring. His father had said fuck it, took the money he and Justin's mother had saved up and took off for the mountains of Tennessee. So Justin had one of the largest farms in the area. Asking his neighbors to help was asking too much when they were all on the same cycles of planting and harvesting, therefore over the winter he placed a few ads for a hired hand in farm publications, someone able to work daily with him all year. It wasn't typical of the smaller farms in the area but Justin knew he had enough to support a hired hand and he had to have the help. He had so many replies he was stunned, but over a few days he weeded them down to a handful and began calling. He brought five out to meet face to face, to talk of their experience in greater detail. They all were qualified and seemed motivated, but he only needed one.

He paged through the list for days, bouncing back and forth on which to choose. In the end one name kept coming to the top. He didn't know why, because the guy didn't have the years of experience the others had but he had grown up on a large farm in Kansas and as the youngest of four boys, knew it wasn't feasible to stay on the family farm. He claimed he was twenty-one but Justin thought that was bullshit for he looked a lot younger, but he was friendly, easy going, not as pushy as a couple of the others had been, not trying to tell Justin all the ways they could make his farm better. He wasn't looking to change everything, he just wanted someone to come in and help him with the farm as he had it set up, work it the way he knew was sustainable here in this region, at this size of operation. So he took a chance and hired Noah.

Noah arrived only two days later, having driven straight through from his home in Kansas, arriving in an old Dodge truck which was still in good shape, having been carefully taken care of. Justin set him up in the old house that had belonged to the Bakers. It was only about three miles down the road so he was close by whenever he was needed. They had cleaned out the barn behind the house and set it up for Noah's own use in garaging his truck. He'd hit the ground running, even tilling up the garden plot the Bakers maintained behind their house. He didn't have any furniture, so he shopped around finding used furniture to make the house livable. Soon Noah had the old place looking fairly decent.

Noah had worked hard this past winter and early spring, getting land ready to plant, then planting the last two weeks, and helping to keep the equipment cleaned up and running. He didn't try to do things a new way, instead deferred to Justin whenever a question arose. And he didn't complain, not once. There were days they went at it hard from daylight to dark and Noah was right there. He seemed to be working out perfectly. But there was always the knot in his stomach whenever he was around Noah. He couldn't help but acknowledge how the guy got to him somehow. His short light brown hair that the sun would bleach streaks in whenever he went without his baseball cap, or the light tan he seemed to naturally maintain, or the way a line of freckles crossed under his eyes and over his nose, making him look younger than his twenty-one. He was not as tall as Justin's six two, and not as well developed, rather lean and 'scrappy' as he father would have described him. Whenever they were in town eating at the diner or the fish camp the waitresses flirted relentlessly with him and he always was polite putting the telephone numbers they slipped him in his pocket. If he called them Justin never knew, but he hadn't heard him mention going out with anyone since arriving.

As he was reflecting on how everything had gotten to this day, tossing the empty bottle in a bin he kept on the back porch, reaching for another, he heard the familiar rumble of Noah's Dodge turning into the drive. Noah eased around the house and as he came into view Justin couldn't help but notice the truck had mud all over the sides around the wheel wells. He'd had it bogged down. Noah pulled up and leaned out of his window.

"Hey, can I use your hose? I've not gotten one for the house and as you can see I need to use one."

Justin sniggering at him stood up and stepped down off the porch.

"Yeah, you can use it, but what happened?"

"I went to the back of the field to turn around and got over in that wet area not realizing how wet it really was. I sunk the damn thing down to the chassis; I had to drag it out with the tractor."

"Well, pull over on the grass and you can get it cleaned up."

Noah parked on the grass and got out. He had mud all over the front of him.

"Damn, Noah, did you bog down too?" Justin couldn't help but laugh at him.

"I slipped down and fell flat on my face when I was trying to get the chain hooked to the truck."

"Well, go into the barn and you'll find the car wash and sponges in a blue bucket on the shelf by the work bench. Bring both sponges and I'll help."

"Thanks" and Noah headed to the barn. Justin, still laughing at Noah's misfortune, went to get another beer for Noah, figuring he could use one now. He set it on the picnic table near where Noah had parked, and went over to the house where the garden hose was coiled up and began to pull it down and drag it over to the truck. Noah came back and sat the bucket down with the car wash and sponges.

"There's a beer on the table; figured you could use one" as he took the bucket and car wash and began to mix up some soapy water.

"Damn straight" as he went over and drank heavily from the bottle. "Goddamn, look at me; fuck it." Noah pulled the t-shirt he was wearing over his head. Justin couldn't help it; he stared at his chest and stomach as the shirt went up his arms, over his head and off. He tossed the shirt on the ground. He emptied his pockets, putting everything on the table, then undid his jeans and slid them down. Justin noticed his lean body and his muscled legs sticking out of the cheap white boxers he was wearing. Mud had bled through the shirt and had smears of it over his stomach, chest and neck. There was even mud in his hair.

"Hand me the hose a minute, will ya?" Noah asked Justin as he tossed his jeans on the ground by the shirt. Taking the hose he washed as much mud off his clothes as he could, until he was satisfied he couldn't get any more out of them. Picking up the wet dripping shirt and jeans he tossed them over a chair. He then leaned over and ran the water over his head, rubbing the mud out of his hair. Water ran over his back and down to his boxers, wetting the back of them. Justin couldn't stop from staring as the cheeks of Noah's ass came into view through the thin fabric. Noah stood up and let the water run over his head and down his chest.

"Damn it is hot; this feels good" as he let the water wet him completely, his boxers turning transparent, his cock visible where it touched the fabric. Justin made himself turn to the bucket and move it unnecessarily closer to the truck.

"Stand back and I'll rise the worst of the mud off first, then we can wash it" Noah told Justin as he came up to the truck and started to hose it down. Justin stood back behind Noah, watching the muscles in his back move, the way his round ass was exposed through the wet fabric and the way it moved with his steps and the way the fine light brown hair sparsely covering his legs was matted down over them. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, stomach in knots, trying to squelch these thoughts. And the thought of how he wanted Noah to turn around and let him see his chest with this small nipples standing out erect from the cold water and his flat stomach, so smooth all the way down to his wet boxers and his cock. No he said to himself breaking his thoughts.

"Ok, that should do it. I'll climb up and get the top of the cab from the bed and then we can do the sides."

Justin watched as Noah washed the top of the cab, the window across the back. He watched his cock move around in his wet boxer and how the wet boxers slid down low on his hips threatening to slip off. When Noah was back on the ground they each took a sponge and began; Noah on the windshield and hood first and Justin starting at the tailgate. Justin was so lost in his thoughts he was slow making progress. When he squatted down to the do the rear wheel, Noah was coming along the side by the cab. He leaned against the truck to reach to the center of the windshield and hood. The soapy water clung to him and ran down over his stomach, through his boxers and down his legs. Justin noticed his cock looked larger, pushed out more, obscenely, the wet fabric wrapping around its length as it hung down over his nuts. Soapy water ran down his legs in thick trails pooling around his feet, feet that were long, the second toe longer than the first. He roamed his eyes back up in quick glances, noticing the curve of his ass and how he didn't appear to have a tan line around his waist: did he sun bathe nude? His eyes roamed up over his slim stomach and how his body naturally broadened at his chest. When Noah made a long reach he noticed the sparse hair under his arm and how smooth his skin looked and he looked at how his short wet hair stuck up in all manner of ways, and then he noticed Noah looking back at him. He froze for a moment with Noah smiling at him.

"You about done with the wheel" Noah asked in a low tone.

"Yeah...I'll just....move to the other side."

_______________________________ Noah saw the look on Justin's face and he knew, just knew Justin had some sort of attraction to him. He had too. He couldn't believe he got the job, knowing more experienced men had applied so he was overwhelmed when Justin had called him telling him he had the job. He had been so desperate to leave Kansas, to go somewhere different; new. He loved it on a farm, the working with his hands and outdoors, but Kansas was too open, to spread out, too lonely. As the youngest he knew it would be difficult to expect some sort of sustainable arrangement on the family farm, so he planned to leave, to work for others for a few years, save his money and eventually get his own place. He knew he didn't need a lot of acreage for he was going to try an organic farm, something small, community driven.

But he also had a problem. When he came for the interview and Justin opened the door he had asked if his dad was home, he was there for an interview. He remembered how Justin laughed and told him he was the person he was there to meet. He tried desperately to keep his mind focused on the questions, and not on his rugged good looks, the way his reddish brown hair kept dropping into his eyes or the way he had such a nice five o'clock shadow; then there was his body. Tall, broad shouldered, narrow waist, and the way his jeans fit snug around his ass and crotch and then loose over his lower legs down to his work boots.

He wasn't like Bill or Mark back in Kansas who, compared to Justin, were just boys. He tried not to think these thoughts too much, to stare at Justin with a desire he needed to control so he had worked hard to do his job and tried to stay focused on his work and not on Justin. But now he was pushing the boundaries and he knew it. He had seen the way Justin watched him take his clothes off and they way he looked at him while he rinsed the mud from his clothes. He wasn't going to do it, run the water over his head. He knew the boxers would go transparent if he got them wet, but after seeing the look on Justin's face he couldn't help it. He let Justin see him, wet, practically naked; he wanted him to do something. Justin had to show he really wanted to do something; Noah knew he couldn't make the first move, not on his boss. But now he was getting reckless.

When Justin was watching him just now, washing the truck, his cock began to get hard, to push out some, and he let it. Let him see what he's doing to me he thought. I want him to see. He deliberately leaned against the truck a couple of times, rewetting his stomach, his boxers, letting the soapy water run down over him. Then Justin moved to the other side, stayed down washing low, not looking up. Did he go too far; was he misreading him. He knew he had to let Justin back away, to get away from him. To give him space.

"Justin , we're almost done, so I can finish up and put everything away. Thanks for the help."

"No problem...I'm just going...to go get cleaned up before dinner" he stammered and he headed for the back door, head down, not looking at Noah.

FUCK, fuck, fuck Noah thought, really thinking he pushed too far this time. He finished as quickly as he could and headed home.

_____________________________ That night Justin and Noah laid in their own beds, wide awake, lost in their own thoughts. Both seemed on the verge of tears, both tossed and turned, pulling sheet and blanket around them making their beds looked like they had wrestled in them instead of trying to sleep in them. Sometime during the night, when everything is at its quietest one then the other finally fell asleep.

_______________________________ Justin woke feeling like shit. He took a cold shower in an attempt to wake up and then made coffee and toast. He sat on the back porch with his breakfast and stared at the ground where Noah's truck had sat the previous afternoon. He frowned and went back inside. It was Saturday and everything was caught up for now. He paced through his house, half ass cleaning one room and then finding himself in another starting there. Eleven thirty and he was back on the porch eating a sandwich, thinking of Noah, wondering what he was doing now. It was the their first day off in days so he knew he should let him enjoy it, then again maybe he would like to go do something like take in a movie or grab dinner this evening, it'd be...like a date. His stomach knotted up and he got up and went back inside. He stood at the sink in the kitchen staring out the window so long his back and feet began to ache. He had to do something. He went upstairs and pulled open a dresser drawer that had his old cycling clothes. He had not ridden is bike since last spring before his father had packed up and left but a ride seemed like just the thing he needed. He stripped, put on a pair of running shorts and a tank top. He found his gloves and then in the closet, his helmet and bike shoes.

In the barn he pulled down the road bike he had bought in college. It was a little dusty but soon he had the tires pumped up and wiped off. He would ride what he called 'the block' when he was a teenager riding his first road bike; a ten mile circuit over rural county roads that would eventually loop him back home. He rode slowly at first, loosing up; working up a sweat. He was soon pedaling at a comfortable speed. He kept a constant pace, pushing himself on every uphill grade. He cut through the country side seeing a couple of neighbors working their fields, he saw the Jones boy mowing the side of the road at their place. Bill...no it was Neal, Neal Jones. He looked so much older than he remembered. Shirtless, his lean smooth body caught Justin's eye; he had to be eighteen or nineteen now, and it made him think of Noah the way both of them had light brown hair and lightly tanned skin. He pushed himself harder, trying to think of something else, feeling his legs burn with exertion. He was soon heading back toward the road he lived on. At the stop sign he stopped to catch his breath. He looked right, back toward his house knowing it was only a short ride from there. Back left he could see the old Baker house where Noah now lived. His truck was in the drive. He stood in the hot sun, feeling the heat rise up off the pavement, sweating profusely, trying to make himself go on home but he wanted to go see Noah. He got on the bike and slowly turned left telling himself he would just stop by and say hello, maybe see if he wants to do something later. That's all.

He rode up to the front walk and leaned his bike against the porch. He knocked on the door a couple of times but no answer. Figuring Noah was out back, he jumped down off the end of the porch and headed for the back yard. As he began to circle around a tree and old azalea bush he saw Noah on a lounge chair sun bathing in the back yard. He was naked, lying on his stomach, facing the other direction. Justin froze; then backed up behind the tree. He stared at Noah's glistening skin, the way the sheen of sweat made it shine in the bright sunlight. He stared at Noah's round ass and knew now why it had the same tone as the rest of him. He wanted to go to him, to reach down and run his hand over him, feel the slickness of his sweaty body, the curvature of his back and move up over the rise of his ass. He wanted to run his hand down in there, were he couldn't see. He felt his cock move in his shorts; he felt his own sweaty heat and how he was still breathing hard.

Noah stirred, moved up and turned over. He lay on his back, arms held over his head, stretched out. His cock was half hard, lying to the side. Justin couldn't take his eyes off of him, frozen in place. His mouth was dry and his cock got hard, erect, pushing to the side and out in his shorts. Noah reached down and tugged on his cock, slowly working it in his hand. Justin was transfixed. Noah was soon fully erect. He brought his other hand down and rubbed his chest, down over his stomach and down to his nuts. He circled two fingers around them and tugged them down as his other hand stroked his cock, slowly, all the way up the shaft, rubbing the head and then back down. Justin slid a hand into his own shorts and squeezed his hard cock, he moved his hand over it, then pulled his shorts out from his body allowing his cock to spring up and stick out. Noah's hand was getting faster on his cock as the other ran over his body, bringing the sense of touch to his stomach, chest and his neck. He pinched down on his nipples until the pain/pleasure made him arc up on the lounge. He stroked his cock furiously, pumping his hand up and down its shaft. Justin watched and did the same. He pushed his shorts down as he shamelessly stroked his cock, not worrying if someone driving by could see him, lost to the sight of Noah, naked out in the sun, stroking his cock, stroking it hard, trying to get off. Noah arched his back and pushed his hips up and came. Justin could see the first blast shoot a line up the middle of his chest and hit him under the chin. The second landed in the middle of his chest with the first and the last dribbled out, being smeared by his still stroking hand. Justin watched as he pumped his load out and as Noah spattered his chest Justin came, shooting his load, hitting the side of tree then having it dribble onto the ground. His breathing was so ragged he suddenly worried Noah could hear him. He looked one more time at Noah and he was lying back apparently dozing. He backed up, pulling up his shorts and eased back to the front, retrieved his bike and as quickly as he could he rode out onto the road heading home.

Noah finally decided he had enough sun and having just jerked off, feeling it run down his chest and pool in his navel, decided to go in and clean up. As he walked toward the house he saw a bicyclist headed down the road and made a note to himself to ask Justin where the closest bike shop was located. He wanted to get a bike. He wondered if Justin had a bike. They could ride together...if Justin wasn't too freaked out about yesterday. He told himself it was nothing; that nothing happened and after several hours began to believe it.

Justin got home and put the bike away and went in the house and got some water. He stood at the sink, sweating and breathing hard, he couldn't stop thinking about Noah, of Noah naked, stroking his cock, shooting that big load on his chest.

"Fuck" he cried out in the empty house and set the glass down. He'd call Noah now, while he was still lounging in the back yard, so he would have to leave a message, not talk to him right at the moment, not while he had these thoughts. He dialed the number to the land line and after two rings Noah picked up.

"Hello" he answered. Justin froze, unable to say anything at first. "Hello?"

"Noah? Hey it's me, Justin."

"Hey, I was just thinking about you, what's up?"

"Well, since we're caught up, and all, I was wondering if...if you don't have plans already...if you wanted to do something later...I'm kind of stir crazy and..."

"Yeah, Justin, that'd be great. You wanna go over to Greenville and grab dinner and maybe catch a movie?"

"Dinner...movie, yeah, let's do that ."

"There are two different movies I'd like to see but I'll defer to you on what to see."

"We can see whatever..."

"What time...it's only 2:45 now but it'll take what...forty five minutes or more to drive to Greenville; you want me to come up to your place about five?"

"Yeah, five is good."

"I'll see you then."


"Bye Justin" and he hung up as Justin held the phone to his ear thinking he has a date. Was it a date? What did Noah think?

At four thirty Justin was still trying to decide what to wear. Jeans or khakis, nice polo shirt or a dress shirt, or something more casual as he pulled out each garment and then another. Finally he stopped, took a deep breath and thought about what he had seen Noah move in with. He had so few clothes, admitting he saved his money, not spending it on clothes unless he really needed something. So he put on jeans and a black t-shirt. Nice and simple and probably similar to what Noah would wear. He went downstairs to wait, thumbing through farm magazines, not reading any articles. Right at five o'clock he heard Noah drive around.

He met him on the back porch as he was coming up. He had to smile to himself for Noah was wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. He turned and headed down the steps coming up to Noah.

"Great minds think alike" Noah joked holding his hands out modeling his clothes.

"Very funny. Let's take the car."

"The car? You serious?"

"Yeah, it needs to be driven and I've not had it out in far too long."

They went over to the detached carport to the side of the yard where Justin's Chevy truck and the old three quarter ton Chevy with the tool box on back were parked. On the end was the only enclosed garage space with a pair of old swing-out doors. Noah unlocked the padlock and opened one side then the other as Noah stood transfixed, watching the interior light up as the doors opened. Inside sat a sixty-nine Camaro Z-28. It wasn't perfect; never been through a full restoration. Justin's grandfather had bought it used on a whim back in the seventies. He had taken great care of the car, but he had driven it regularly. Justin's dad inherited the car when his grandfather had died in a farm accident ten years ago. He had driven the car less, and though he had cussed himself for it, calling it foolish, he maintained the old car lovingly. He had it repainted and the interior refurbished.

The car started quickly, running with a throaty growl. Justin eased it out of the tight little garage space. Noah watched the blue car come out into the light for only the second time since moving to here.

"When I pull up can you close up the garage and lock it?"

"Yeah...yeah" as he ran over to the doors as Justin moved up.

The drive to Greenville found the two of them falling into a casual conversation where Noah admitted his goal of getting his own farm and how he wanted to operate it. Justin admitted how he loved farming but felt overwhelmed with the need to be so large. They talked about sports and their favorite teams as they drove through the little town close to them, waving at the neighbors they saw out, they cut through the countryside enjoying the drive. They arrived in Greenville around six and found a small little restaurant in downtown that was new. Inside most customers seemed to be couples out on dates, dressed a little nicer. Justin was embarrassed at first but noticed how Noah didn't seem to care. The waiter gave them an amused look and sat them at a little table to the side.

The menu surprised Justin who had not seen such entrée's since college while Noah seemed awed at the selection and unusually quiet about what he was considering. Justin realized it was probably pricier than he expected.

"Noah, listen, this is on me. I just wanted to do something nice to...celebrate a getting the planting done and you doing such a good job. Ok?"

"Serious? I mean you don't have to..."

Justin interrupted him: "I'm serious, Noah, please let me treat. And please pick whatever you like. I'm going with the grilled gulf shrimp. I'm also getting us a bottle of wine. I've not had decent wine since college."

When they finished their dinner and was back out on the sidewalk, they headed toward the car as Justin noticed a few people giving them a disapproving look, except for one elderly couple who nodded positively at them, smiling.

"The movie theater is out by the interstate where there is a new shopping center. It'll only take a few minutes to get there "Justin told Noah as they were getting in the car. It wasn't long when they were at the theater and in their seats. The movie was a thriller and at one point when a scene that shocked the audience Noah reflexively grabbed Justin on the leg whispering "Oh shit." His hand lingered for a moment before he moved it back to his arm rest. Justin felt his heart race as he wished Noah would touch him again.

__________________________________ Noah was having the best time of his life. The restaurant was the nicest he had ever been to and the food had been very good. The wine made him feel relaxed, warm inside. Then they were in the movie and he was sitting next to Justin. He didn't mean to grab Justin's leg when he got surprised but then he didn't want to remove it. He held it there longer than he should have but Justin didn't respond or pull away. He put his arm on the rest between them wishing he could reach over and take Justin's hand, hold it in his own, feel the warmth of it.

After the movie, Justin suggested they go to a bar he had been to before. It was a country bar on the outskirts of town. The parking lot was full of trucks, Jeeps, and muscle cars. Justin parked across the street in a lot that was well lit and visible from the bar. It was crowded and loud. They had barely gotten to the bar when a couple of women came over hitting on them. They talked a while thinking the other may have some interest, afraid to be the one to mess up the other's evening. But it was obvious something was wrong, the women seemed frustrated with them, and eventually, they were gone.

"I guess we didn't talk nice enough to them" Noah said to Justin, having to lean toward his ear for him to hear clearly.

Justin shrugged and then leaned over asking "You want to get out of here; this is a little much for me right now."

"Yes" Noah answered with relief.

They were heading home through the rural countryside. The headlights lit up the narrow two lane highway as they rode in silence. Justin finally looked over at Noah who seemed lost in thought.

"You were ok with us leaving the bar early?"

"Oh yeah, it was too crowded and those two women were...I don't know...aggressive."




"In five years, where do you see yourself?"

"I guess still working the farm...maybe trying some new crops or something...but" and he hesitated.

"What about a wife...kids?"

Justin drove in silence for a moment before answering "I don't think...I don't know about that."

Noah looked out the side window and smiled, wondering if it was possible. When they arrived at Justin's about midnight and got the Camaro back into the garage. They started across the yard when Justin stopped.

"Hey, I know it is late...but would you like to come in for a beer or something?"

Noah looked at Justin's silhouette "Yeah, I'm not sleepy and we don't have to get up in the morning, so why not."

Inside Noah went to the bathroom while Justin grabbed a couple of beers from the frig. Noah came out and found Justin in the living room, music playing from an old stereo. Justin was sitting in an arm chair, so Noah went over to the sofa and sat. Noah didn't know what to do and Justin seemed nervous. Justin asked him if he had a good time tonight and talked in circles about the restaurant, the movie and taking the car out. Noah realized Justin was rambling.

"Hey, I guess I should go" Noah stated, but not getting up yet.

"No... no not yet, you want to turn on the TV?"


Justin turned it on and flipped through the channels; nothing caught his attention. He tossed the remote to Noah as he got up.

"I have to hit the bathroom. See what's on" he stated as he headed to the bathroom. Noah leaned back staring at the ceiling trying to decide what to do.

Justin stood at the toilet relieving himself, staring in the mirror on the wall, wondering what to do. He didn't want Noah to leave, wanted him to stay, but unable to ask him, to come out and admit he wanted to do something with him, to do something to him. He wished Noah would do something, anything to give him an opening. He zipped up, washed his hands and headed back to the living room. As he came in he saw a black t-shirt tossed across his chair. Without contemplating what he was seeing he walked into the room. Noah was naked lying back on the sofa. He was stroking his half hard cock and looking at Justin. He looked afraid, scared.

"Is this ok?" he asked Justin.

"Yeah....it's ok..." Justin was stammering as his eyes went over Noah's lean body, the flatness of his stomach, his hand holding his cock, the way his balls hung loose between his legs, his long legs.

"Will you come here?"

Justin didn't say anything but he walked as if in a trance over to the sofa as Noah sat up. Noah reached out, taking a hold of Justin's waist, pulled him to him, burying his face in Justin's crotch. Justin stood frozen for a moment as Noah rubbed his face over Justin's growing erection, as he mouthed it, blew his hot breath through the fabric. Justin slowly brought his hands up and rubbed them over Noah's head. He turned Noah's head to face him as he bent over and kissed him on the mouth. It was a simple light kiss, the first one, but the tension that had existed seemed to evaporate. Noah kissed him back, grabbing Justin behind the head and pulling him tight to his mouth as he pushed his tongue through Justin's lips and into his mouth. Noah led Justin around and got him to sit as he climbed up on his lap, wrapping his arms around his neck, nuzzling his neck, tonguing his ear, running his nose through his hair capturing his scent. Justin's hands ran up Noah's back and down to his ass holding him tight, feeling Noah's hard cock push into his stomach.

"No....no...no, I can't" and Justin moved Noah over to his side as he got up and went to the doorway leading to the hall. He turned back to Noah who was staring at him visibly upset. "I'm sorry...I want to...but I just can't." He left the room and a moment later Noah hears his bedroom door close. Noah sits for a few minutes, tears filling his eyes. Wiping his eyes with his hands, he puts his clothes on quickly and lets himself out.

Justin is lying on his bed, still in his clothes, staring at the ceiling. He heard Noah's Dodge truck leave a few minutes ago and his insides are tied in knots. He covers his mouth with his hands, smothering his need to cry out. His breathing is ragged, anxious, as he berates himself, wondering how everything can be so difficult, so confusing. He lies in the dark and he can hear his stereo still playing in the living room until the CD ends and the next one comes on. He sits up looking at himself in the mirror. Who are you? He asked himself. He reflects on how nice the evening had been and how so simple, uncomplicated. It really wasn't complicated. It never had to be. Why was he afraid? What was holding him back? He couldn't come up with an answer. He went in the bathroom and washed his face, then went to the living room and shut off the stereo and then stood staring at the sofa where only a short time before he and Noah had been making out. He stood for a several minutes thinking through the whole evening, over and over, until he couldn't any longer.

______________________________ When Noah got home, he wasn't sure how he felt. Afraid he had pushed Justin too far, so far he would want him to leave. Didn't he say he was sorry, that he wanted to, but couldn't, and why not? The question hammered his thoughts over and over. He wanted to cry but couldn't; he wanted to scream, but didn't. He went into his house not bothering to turn on any lights allowing the moon light cutting through the open blinds to break the darkness for him as he made his way to his bedroom. He fell on the bed face down and grabbed handfuls of the sheet wrapping it around his head. He rolled over and stared up at the dimly lit ceiling, the shadows of the moving limbs over the ceiling capturing his eye. He laid there unable to sleep.

How much time passed he didn't know but Noah saw the headlights of a vehicle turn into his drive and pull around to the back. He knew it had to be Justin, but what would he want to say now? He got up and made his way to the back door without turning on lights. As he got to the door there were three sharp knocks. He opened it to Justin and stood waiting.

Justin looked at him, visibly stoic, composed as he took a deep breath. Noah waited, afraid of what he was going to say.

"Noah...I...well, I'm sorry. I don't know why...why I pushed you away a while ago. You see, I'm afraid...no, no, no... I was afraid. Of what I have no idea. Tonight had been great and I fucked it up..."

"Justin" Noah interrupted him.


"You want to come in?"


Noah led him through the house to his room. He led him to the side of the bed and began to remove Justin's clothes. Each garment he took off with ease, folding it and laying it over a chair sitting in the corner. Justin's shirt, each shoe, each sock and then he got up on his knees and opened up his jeans and pulled them down Justin stepping out of each leg for him. He folded them with care and laid them on the chair. He moved his hands up to Justin's boxers and pulled them down, folding them in half and laying them on his jeans. Noah then turned to Justin still on his knees and wrapped his arms around his waist pulling Justin's lower body against him, feeling his cock begin to respond, to begin to get erect. He leaned back and took it in his mouth, easing down over it, slowly. Justin caught his breath as he held Noah's head gently, feeling his movements as he moved back and forth over his cock. Noah kept up his pace until Justin was hard, his cock sticking straight out and he pulled back and stroked it with his hand a couple of times. Justin leaned down, slipping hands under Noah arms and helped him up. Justin then took Noah's clothes off. Justin moved at the same graceful pace, folding each garment until Noah was naked and his cock already up hard. Noah hugged his body up tight to Justin feeling his warmth. He ground his cock against Justin's, pushed up hard against him, as he kissed Justin's neck, his ear lobe, as he ran his mouth over the line of his jaw and to his mouth. Justin laid Noah over on the bed and fell on top of him. Noah spread his legs and let Justin lay up between them.

"Put it in me" Noah whispered to Justin. Justin ran one hand down between them. He rubbed and stroked Noah's cock, feeling its thickness, its length, and he moved on down rubbing him down there, the place to penetrate him. He worked a finger in him, pushing it in, working it in. Noah moaned and pushed up to him, worked his ass down on his finger. Justin got another finger in him, then a third. He felt Noah push down on his fingers, taking them all the way.

"Fuck me, Justin...please" Noah begged him. Justin shifted, his cock pushing up to Noah, pushing against him. Noah pulled his legs up, spreading them wider as he grabbed Justin's ass, pulling him down, feeling Justin work his hips, penetrate him. Justin pushed in, slowly, working his hips.

"Noah..." and Justin's voice trailed off as he pushed the rest of his cock into Noah, feeling Noah hold him tightly. He began to work his hips, move his hardness through the hot insides of Noah, working himself deeply into him. He built up a rhythm, faster and faster as Noah moved under him.

Justin wrapped his arms around Noah and rolled over, then turning, he dropped his feet on the floor sitting up with Noah in his lap, cock still buried in his ass. Noah's hard cock was pushing into his stomach. Noah leaned back letting his head fall back as he rose up and then dropped back down. Justin ran his tongue over Noah's chest, licking his skin, tasting him. He tongued his nipples and then bit down on one causing Noah to push his chest against his face and ground his hips down hard as his hole tighten up around Justin's cock. Justin got his arms around Noah and helped him raise up and move back down, over and over until his pace was hard, fast. Justin felt Noah's skin get wet with sweat, slick, hot. Noah was grunting and moaning as he rode Justin. Justin couldn't take much more, the feel of Noah on him, the heat of him against him, the way his body gripped his cock, milking it for its load.

"I'm going to cum" Justin whispered into Noah chest as he rubbed his cheek over Noah's smooth slick chest.

"Give it to me...put it in me" Noah cried out as he worked himself furiously up and down Justin's cock.

"Fuck...oh shit" and Justin pushed up once and came; he shoved up again and shot again then he finished unloading in Noah, pushed all the way in him. Noah leaned down and kissed him, roughly, shoving his tongue into his mouth, as he pushed him on to his back. Noah arched up over Justin and took his own hard cock in his hand and began to stroke it, to work its wet slick head, smearing the pre-cum down its length. Justin pushed his hand away and held it tightly, squeezing slightly, feeling it swell up harder.



"Will you do it...to me?"

"Yes" Noah whispered in his ear. Justin rolled on his stomach and Noah moved between his legs, running his hands over Justin's ass, spreading them apart as he moved down kissing each cheek, running his tongue over them, over to the cleft of his ass and down. Justin couldn't believe what Noah was doing to him. He had been so nervous but now he was lost to the sensation of Noah's probing tongue. Noah, tongued him hard, drooled onto him, made him wet. He pushed into him, feeling Justin relax, open up. He eased up and over Justin running his tongue over his ass, the curve of his back and at his shoulders he kissed them lightly as he got on top of him. He nuzzled his neck, lightly bit his ear, tongued it, as Justin moved under him. He shifted position and put his cock to Justin's opening and he pushed against it as Justin pushed back. Justin was holding tightly to the sheet, his fist tight in their grip as he opened up, opened for Noah to penetrate him to slid into him. Noah eased in, slowly, feeling the grip of Justin's hole relax, to accept him, as he pushed in all the way. He began to work his hips, moving his cock inside Justin. His pace quickened, the movement of their two bodies locked together, hot and wet, drove him harder.

Noah slid over his Justin's broad back, thrusting his cock back and forth into him. He wrapped his arms around Justin's upper arms and chest and held him tight as he fucked him. Justin moaned and buried his face into the mattress as Noah worked his cock through his insides. Noah kept it up feeling their hot bodies move together. When he was felt his need rise up, he eased out and moved up off Justin.

"Roll over" he asked.

Justin rolled over and Noah held his legs tight to his own chest. He pushed back in him, penetrating all the way in. He rolled over on him, folding him over, raising his ass for his fuck. Justin wrapped his arms around Noah as he began to fuck, faster and faster. He hammered his cock into Justin, pushing in hard, the sound of their bodies slapping together filling the room. Noah leaned down and covered Justin's mouth with his own muffling his groans. He lifted up on his hands and began to pull out almost all the way and slam back down, over and over until he had to cum. One hard stab down into Justin and he started pumping his load into him. Each stab into Justin he shot, until his cock was pumping through the wet hot load already there. When he was spent he rolled off Justin and lay next to him with his head on Justin's chest feeling it heave up and down. They lay quiet for a while snuggled up together.



"I'm sorry about earlier."

"I know."

As they fell asleep the early morning sun broke the horizon casting strips of light across the room where it cut through the blinds. It was nearly noon before Justin stirred, the sensation of his cock being in a warm place arousing him. He opened his eyes to see Noah's head moving up and down on his cock. He lay back and put his hand softly on Noah's head, feeling his soft hair and its movement. It didn't take long with him wanting it, wanting Noah to take him, and soon he filled his mouth with his load. After he took it all, Noah moved up and kissed him.

"Good morning."

"I think you mean good afternoon."



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