'Do what?' Clint asked.

'Since you're curious, would you like for me to show you what a blow job feels like?'

'Don, are you saying you're gay?'

'Yes, bro, I am. I have been since my senior year in high school. I've wanted to tell you but just didn't know how. When you said you were curious, I figured now was my chance to tell you.'

'I can't believe that I never suspected.'

'Me either. Especially after the way I used to look at you after you got older before going into the Marines. I've wanted to suck you for years, and especially now since I see how big and beautiful it is.'

'Fuck, I don't believe this. My own brother is offering to suck my cock.'

'Clint, please don't hate me. I love you so much. We're all each other has.'

Clint turned and walked to Don and hugged him saying, 'Don, I could never hate you. I don't care if you're gay or straight. It's your life and you should live it the way you want. I just never expected it.'

Well? You did say you were curious. I'd like to be the one to show you what it's like.'

'And I can't think of anyone I'd like better than you to show me.'

Clint lay on the bed and spread his legs, his cock steadily rising to the occasion.

Don, then, lay beside Clint and said, 'Clint, I don't want to just suck your cock, I want to make love to you.'

'Do what you want. If I object, I'll stop you.'

Don leaned toward Clint and kissed him softly on the lips, not trying to go further. He then kissed and licked his neck, moving down to his pecs and his nipples. As his tongue flicked over Clint's right nipple, Clint shuddered as if an electrical shock had run through his body. He never dreamed his nipples were that sensitive.

Don gently licked and sucked the nipple before turning his attention to the left nipple. Another electrical shock ran through Clint. Don moved lower, kissing and licking Clint's stomach and navel. He slowly went lower until his lips sucked at Clint's pubic hairs. He came back up and kissed Clint again, this time parting his lips and offering Clint his tongue. Clint moaned slightly and slowly parted his lips. Within seconds, their tongues were exploring each other's mouths.

Don then got into position between Clint's legs and began to lick his large nut sack. Clint moaned as Don sucked his left nut into his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. Don them moved to the right one and did the same. Licking up the nut sack, Don reached the base of Clint's nine inch hard cock.

Gipping it in his hand, Don slid his hand upward, causing a huge amount of clear sweet precum to flow from the tip. Quickly, he licked it off and Clint softly said, 'Oh shit.'

Don couldn't wait any longer. He had to have his brother's cock deep in his throat. He closed his lips around the mushroom head and Clint clawed at the sheets, rolling his head from side to side.

Slowly, Don began swallowing the cock until it hit the back of his throat. He paused and let his throat relax and soon had his nose in Clints pubic hair, the entire cock down his throat.

'Oh, mother fuck!' Clint exclaimed. 'Oh shit!'

Don began pulling back to the head then swallowing the tool over and over. Clint felt that he was floating on the clouds. Never before had he felt so euphoric. He knew he couldn't hold back much longer. Don knew it also and began sucking faster, craving for the taste of Clint's cum filling his mouth and sliding down his throat.

Then it happened. With a loud yell, Clint bucked and raised his cock to drive it down Don's throat as his cock exploded. It was all Don could do to swallow the huge amounts of cum that was filling his mouth. He swallowed as fast as he could but the flow continued as strong as it had begun.

Finally it subsided and when he had sucked out the last drop, he moved up and kissed Clint. As their tongues explored each others mouth, Clint got a taste of his own cum. It tasted good. He was not repulsed by it.

They lay quiet as they brought their breathing back to normal.

When things were close to normal, Don looked at Clint and asked, 'Well. Bro, how was it?'

'Absolutely fucking fantastic! Never in my life have I had a climax like that or been so totally satisfied. I'm glad it was you that gave me that satisfaction.'

'So am I. I'm only going to say this once. During your stay, if you ever want it again, just tell me. I will not asked for it or suggest it.'

'Thanks,' Clint said as he leaned over and passionately kissed Don. 'That's something else I never thought I'd do,' said Clint as they broke the kiss, 'but I like it.'

As Don drifted off to sleep, cuddled next to Clint and with his hand resting on Clint's chest, Clint wondered if he could return the pleasure to Don. He felt that it was only fair and besides, now there was a new curiosity.

TO BE CONTINUED..............



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