Clint Davis had just turned eighteen and was looking forward to high school graduation in a week. His twenty-three year old brother, Don, would be graduating from college the following week.

Clint and Don grew up working summers at their father's construction company, Davis and Sons Construction Company. Their dad had looked forward for both sons to join the company after college so that he could retire.

However, Clint had other ideas. He wanted to join the Marines and promised his parents that after one hitch, he'd get out and go to college and join the firm then. They reluctantly agreed.

After both boys graduated, Don began with the company in the offices and Clint worked on one of the construction crews for the summer. t the end of summer they bid Clint farewell as he left for basic training.

Basic training was rough but he was rougher and sailed through. His aptitude test showed he was best suited for administration duty and he was sent for training.

He was stationed in California and near the end of his second year in the Marines, his commanding officer called him into his office.

'At ease, sergeant,' the colonel said. 'Have a seat.'

Clint took a seat across fron the Colonel.

'Son, I received an emergency call from the Red Cross.'

Clint knew immediately that something was wrong and asked, 'What's happened, sir?'

'Clint, I hate to have to tell you but your parents were both killed in an auto accident. From what I was told they were hit head on by a drunk driver.'

Clint broke down but quickly tried to regain his composure.

'Go ahead and let it out, son. It's perfectly normal.'

Clint was told that he was on emergency leave effective immediately and that plane reservations had been made for him by the Red Cross. He packed and headed home.

Don met him at the airport and took him home. After the funeral, Clint and Don met with their dad's attorney. The two boys inherited everything in equal shares.

It was decided that Clint would give Don power-of-attorney in all business matters until his enlistment in the Marines were up. Neither of the boys wanted to keep the house so it would be sold and the proceeds divided. Don would be President and CEO, while clint would be Vice-President in absentee.

Clint returned to California and after another year was transferred to North Carolina and would be assigned to Processing of recruits. He requested and received a three week leave, deciding to visit Don and see how the company was doing.

Again, Don met him at the airport, and that is where the real story begins.

When Clint arrived, Don welcomed him with a big bear hug.

'It's fucking great to see you, Bro,' Don had said. 'I can't believehow good you look. The Marines must agree with you.'

'It's not bad. I work hard to keep myself in shape, but in one more year I'm keeping my promise to Mom and Dad and getting out and starting college.'

'They'd like that,' Don replied. Changing the subject, he looked at Clint and said, 'I just have one bedroom, but I hope I can talk you into staying with me.'

'I'd like that. I can sleep in the couch.'

'The fuck you will. Hell, I've got a king bed and besides that, we're brothers. We grew up as kids sharing a bed.'

'I'm too fucking tired to argue. You win,' Clint replied.

Don pulled into a first class restaurant and asked, 'You hungry?'

'Yea, but isn't this place expensive?'

'Yes, but you forget, you're the VP of the company. It will go on my expense account as a business meeting.'

As they sat and drank a beer, Clint asked how business was.

'Going great, and I can't wait for you to get in the office with me. It will take longer, but I'm hoping that when you start in the office, you'll go to school part time. I could use the help.'

'That should work. I don't see a problem.'

Don smiled and reached into his coat pocket and tossed an American Express card over to Clint.

'What's that?'

'It's your company credit card. Use it for what you need. Let me know what's personal and what's business. I have an account set up in your name and your share of the profits go into it every month. Your personal charges will be taken from your account.'

'What business charges will I have?'

'Take a friend to dinner and let me know and we'll write it off as recruiting.'

Clint slipped the card into his wallet. The dinner was served and after eating, they headed for Don's condo.

As they were about to get ready for bed, Don looked at Clint with a grin and asked, 'Do you still sleep in the nude?'

Clint smiled and said, 'Yea, do you?'

'You better believe it. I still can't believe mom and dad never caught us when we were kids.'

As the crawled into bed, Clint laughed.

'What's so funny?' Don asked.

'This brings bac memories. I remember when we started sharing a bed and you convinced me to sleep nude.'

'Yea, but do you remember what else went on?'

'How can I forget. You taught me how to jerk off and we did it every fucking night.'

'Those were the good old days.'

'If brothers our age did it together now, what would people say?'

'Who gives a fuck? It's no ones business but ours. You want to do it for the hell of it?'

'Are you serious?'

'Yea, why not?'

'I'm game if you are.'

Don laughed and said as he glanced down at Clint's cock, 'Bro, you're a lot bigger that you were then.'

'Fuck so are you.'

'Maybe so but not as big as you. When did you grow that thing? What do the feed you in the Marines?'

Clint noticed that Don was already getting hard and had begun stroking. As Clint watched his brother stroke, his own cock began to stiffen. 'Why was watching his brother doing this to him?' he wondered, as he too began stroking.

Don watched Clint stroke and when Clint was fully hard Don looked at it closely and said, 'Clint, you got a beautiful tool there. Anyone ever ask for it?'


'I'm sure there are gays in the Marines although they stay hidden. None ever commented about yours or asked for it?'

'Commented yes but asked no, at least not a Marine.'

'Explain that, Bro,' Don said as he continued to stroke his hard cock.

'Well, about six months ago several of us went up the coast for the weekend. The others all went out bar hopping and I stayed at the motel. They ended up getting thrown in jail for drunk in public. I was lwft without a way back to base.'

'What did you do?'

'I started walking to the bus station to see what a ticket back to the base would cost. I had my bags and while I walked a guy offered me a ride. I accepted and told him where I was going and why. He took me to the station and said he'd wait to make sure everything was okay. Well, the ticket was more than I had. I walked out and he was waiting and asked me if I had my ticket. I explained things to him and he told me to get back in the car. I did and he headed out of town. I realized later that we were on the highway to the base which was about two hours away. I asked where we were going and he said he was taking me to the base. I offered him the cash I had and he refused.'

'What happened then?'

'After about an hour he pulled off the highway into a rest area and said very calmly that if I wanted to pay him he had a price. I asked what it was. He told me that I was damn goodlooking and that the only thing he asked was to let him give me a blow job. I was shocked. He said that he expected nothing in return. I thought about it and I declined. I thanked him for the offer but said that I had never done anything like that before and said that I would try and get a ride from there. He said that he understood and started the car up and took me to the base.'

'So nothing happened?'

'No, but Don I have to admit that I was curious as to how it would feel.'

'It feels great, better than any woman could do.'

'Have you had guys suck you?'

'Yes, I have. I like getting sucked.'

There was no more conversation. They simply jerked their cocks off, watching each other. When they climaxed, both shot their loads out onto their stomachs and chest.

'Man, you shot a huge fucking load,' Don said.

'They are usually all like that,' Clint said with a laugh.

'Shit, that load could drown a guy.'

They bot up and went to the bath and cleaned themselves up and returned to bed. Soon both were sound asleep. Clint awoke later, remembering how Don's cock looked as it shot it's load. He began to get hard again, but forced the picture from his head and went back to sleep.

The next morning he awoke to find Don laying against him with his arm across his chest and Don's hard cock against his leg. He slipped out of bed and after slipping on his boxers, he went into the kitchen and started coffee.

Soon Don strolled in nude, and noticing Clint in his boxers laughed and said, 'Bro, when I'm home, I live in the nude, but you can do whatever you want.'

Clint realized that he was stealing glimpses of Don's cock whenever he could, but couldn't figure out why.

Later they dressed and headed for the office. It was Clint's first time there since the funeral. As they walked through the officed, Clint suddenly stopped, looking at a door. On a plaque next to it was lettering that read, 'Clint Davis..Vice President.'

'That is your office when you get here. We'll sit down then and divide duties.'

Don took care of some business then they headed out. Don was going to spend as much time with Clint as possible. He had to find the right time to talk to him.

That afternoon they returned to Don's condo and after entering, Don headed to the bedroom and returned nude. Clint laughed and said, 'Damn, you were serious weren't you?'

'Yes, I was. I love being nude.'

After a while, Clint disappeared and when he returned nude. Don smiled.

That night as they lay in bed watching TV, Don said, 'Another round?'

'Sure, why not.'

They began stroking and as they did, Don asked, 'You want to switch hands for the hell of it?'

'Do what?'

'Switch hands. You stroke mine and I'll stroke yours.'

'Okay, I guess. We did it as kids.'

They began stroking each others cocks and Clint found that it excited him to feel and stroke his brothers cock.

After they both climazed and cleaned up, Don asked, 'Clint, do you ever regret not letting that guy give you a blow job?'

'I've thought about it. I'm curious as to how it would feel. Why?'

'Would you like me to show you?'

TO BE CONTINUED...........



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