Clint awoke the next morning and found both he and Don uncovered. He immediately began thinking of the events of the night before when Don, his brother, revealed that he was gay and gave Clint his first male blow job.

He remembered how erotic it had been to watch his cock disappear down his brother's throat and how great it had felt. His cock immediately began to stiffen. Now however, a new curiosity had been awakened. He was wanting to suck Don's cock. Never before had the thought entered his mind, but now for some unknown reason, he knew he had to taste a man's cock and his love juice.

Slowly, as not to wake Don, he eased around in bed and brought his face clost to Don's soft man tool. Easing his hand around it, he lifted it and began licking the head. The cock began to stiffen and as it did, Don stired slightly.

As the cock reach 'half staff' Clint opened his mouth and slowly began swallowing as much as he could of Don's cock. As he began sucking, Don opened his eyes and smiled.

'What a fucking wonderful way to be waked up, but you know you don't have to do that,' Don told Clint.

Taking the fully erect cock out of his mouth, Clint looked at Don and said, 'Yes I do. I have to know what it's like to suck a guys cock. Last night made me even more curious and I have to get it out of my system while I'm here with you. I don't think I could do any of this for the first time with a stranger.'

Clint returned to sucking his brother's cock. Don lay back and enjoyed the servicing he was receiving. Clint remembered what Don had done to him and in turn did it back to Don. The longer he sucked the more he realized that he was totally enjoying it. Was he gay also and just didn't realize it before?

Soon, Don began breathing heavily and warned Clint of his approaching climax. Clint's heart beat faster as he know he was about to be fed Don's huge load and he knew that he had to swallow it no matter what.

Clint sucked with even more energy and soon Don screamed softly, 'Oh, fuck, bro, I'm cumming. Aghhhhh! NOW!'

Huge, thick ropes of thick creamy cum shot into Clint's mouth and down his throat. He collected it and swallowed. It was immediately replaced by more of Don's cum. Again he swallowed, and his mouth was again filled. Damn, how much cum can he shoot? thought Clint.

When it was over, Clint slowly let the softening cock slip from his mouth and eased up in bed to kiss Don. As their lips met, Don opened his mouth inviting Clint in then slowly ran his tongue over Clint's lips. Clint accepted the invitation and opened his mouth letting Don's tongue in. Soon his own tongue was eaploring Don's mouth. Clint found that he liked it and that it was even more exciting, hot and erotic that it had been with some of the girls he had dated. They kissed like two long lost lover, seeing each other after a long seperation.

When it was over, Don smiled and asked, 'Damn, Clint, are you sure that was your first time sucking cock? You were fantastic.'

'Yes, I'm sure. But what I'm not sure about is if it will be my last.'

'What makes you say that? I thought you were just experimenting?'

'Don, I loved it and the taste of cum. I wanted you to keep feeding me your load.'

'I see. Have you ever had those thoughts before?'

'Not until that guy approached me. Then I began noticing the other guys cocks in the barracks. Just checking them out some. I never had a reaction but I was facinated just looking at them and trying to imagine what they looked like hard.'

'Clint, may I be honest with you?'


'Well, if that's the case and you really enjoyed sucking mine and eating my load and want more, then I personally think that you have had those desires hidden and they are just now coming to the surface.'

'You may be right. Don, while I'm here, I want you to show me all about man to man sex, what ever that might entail.'

'Including fucking and getting fucked, and eating a man's ass out?

'Yes, I want to experience it all and see if I like it.'

'Well, okay, but if there is anything we start to do and you don't like it or want to do it, just say so. I'll stop.'

'Deal,' Clint answered.

'Would you like another blow job this morning?'

'Fuck yea!' exclaimed Clint.

Don got into position and began sucking his younger brother's cock. Taking his time, he didn't just suck it, he made love to it. But Clint had problems holding back and was soon feeding Don his huge load. Don took and swallowed most of it, but held the last mouthful and came up and kissed Clint.

As Clint opened his mouth to kiss Don, their lips met and Don opened his mouth and shared the mouthful of cum with Clint. Clint eagerly accepted it and after swapping it back and forth for a few saeconds they each swallowed their share.

'Damn, that was hot eating my own,' Clint said.

'Bro, I do it all the time when I jerk off.'

'What?' asked Clint.

'When I jerk off, I'll either catch it in my hand or shoot out on the desk then lick it up. There is no need in wasting good cum.'

Clint began laughing and said, 'Now that's something I'd like to watch.'

'No problem. Later we can both stroke off and you can watch me shoot off on your chest then lick it up and eat it.'

'Deal,' Clint responded.

They got up, and as Don headed for the shower, Clint followed him into the bathroom. Don turned on the shower and stepped in. After a couple of seconds, Clint asked, 'May I join you?'

'By all means.'

They showered together then went in to fix breakfast, both remaining nude. After breakfast, they stepped out onto Don's private balcony with their coffee.

As they sat there Clint looked at don and asked, 'Don, what all do you do with another man when you meet one?'

'Well, it depends on what he likes to do. As for myself, I like it all. Some of this might sound gross to you but you asked. I like to suck, get sucked, fuck him in the ass, love getting fucked in mine, rimming each other's ass, licking and sucking his armpits and toes, and if he is into it I even like drinking his piss for him.'

'Holy shit! You drink piss?'

'Yea, I do. I love for a guy to slip his cock into my mouth and let the flow start. I love it.'

'How the fuck did that start?'

'Well, before mom and dad died, dad and I had made plans to go to a home builders convention in Austin, Texas. We had gone over What we wanted to check out regarding construction techniques, cost savings and the like.

'We had two room reserved, but after the accident, I of course cancelled dad's. I didn't want to go but I knew it meant a lot to him to learn all the latest procedures and such so I went. I had heard about a nude beach out on the lake outside of town and went to check it out.

'There were a few couples and numerous single guys. I got there, spread my blanket and stripped down. Soon, another guy spread his blanket near me. Man was he hot. He was in his late thirties, built and damn good looking and had a very nice sausage between his legs.

'We got to talking and it turned out that he was there for the convention also and we were staying at the same hotel. He commented on my build and asked if I was married. I said no and asked if he was and he said his wife was but he wasn't. We laughed about it and then he commented about my cock size, saying he bet I drove the girls wild. I told him that I didn't because I didn't have time.

'Anyway, he invited me to meet him in his room at six and we'd go to dinner together. I agreed. All the time I was there, I noticed that he kept looking at my cock, and licking his lips. I knew what he wanted.

I met him at his room and when I got there he was naked, saying that he was running behind. his cock began to get hard and when I saw it mine got hard. He noticed and one thing led to another and soon I was naked and we were in bed having sex. After sucking each other then fucking each other we decided to shower then go to dinner. While in the shower, he asked me to suck him some more. I went down and started sucking him and he was holding my head. Suddenly he began pissing and I had no choice but to swallow. I found that it eas very erotic and that I liked it. By the time he finished, I was eagerly taking it.

'After dinner we returned to his room for more sex and I drank his piss again, this time willingly. Then he drank mine. Been at it ever since.'

'Have you seen him since then?'

'Just once. He came to visit one weekend. Told his wife he had another meeting.'

Don looked at Clint and noticed that Clint cock was again hard.

'Lwt's go in and jerk off. You can watch me eat my on.'

They went inside and lay ack on the sofa and began stroking. Clint held back, but Don went at it full force. Soon he stood and straddled Clint's legs and shot his load out onto Clint's stomach and chest. When done, he knelt and Licked Clint clean, swallowing every drop of his own cum.

'That was fucking hot,' Clint told him as he began stroking hisa with more enthusiasm. Don leaned back to watch and when Clint neared his climax, he pushed Don down onto the floor and shot his load on Don's stomach. Quickly, he knelt down and licked up his own cum smiling at Don as he swallowed it.

'Way to go, Bro,' Don said with a smile. 'Next time we'll shoot in our hands and eat it together.'

And that they did. A few hours later, they were again stroking off and each caught their load in their hand and looking at each other licked their own hand clean at the same time.

'You know,' Clint said, 'the more i eat the better I like it.'

'It's addictive isn't it?'

'It certainly is,' replied Clint.

After lunch they drove around, finally visiting their parents grave. Afterwards, they went to dinner then back to Don's condo.

As they stripped down, Don looked at Clint and said, 'Bro, I'd love to fuck your ass if you'd let me.'

'Well, I did say I wanted to try it all, didn't I?'

'Clint, let me warn you. This first time will hurt like hell for a while but that will pass and it will feel fantastic.'

'I can take it. I know you'll go easy on me. Let's do it. Fuck my brains out,' Clint said with a slight laugh.

They got in bed with Clint on his back. Don produced the lube but before opening it he lifted Clint's legs and went for the soft pink hole with his tongue. Clint let out a loud moan of pleasure. Don slowly began pulling the cheeks of Clint's ass farther and farther apart, opening the hole so that his tongue could go deeper.

'That's called rimming,' Don said.

'I don't give a fuck what it's called. Keep doing it.'

Don returned to eating his brother's ass. Soon he uncapped the lube and put some on his fingers and Clint's hole. He started with one finger. Clint flintched a bit but accepted it. Once the hole relaxed, Don slipped in a second finger, then a third. Clint's hole was open some and Don greased up his cock and added more to Clint's ass.

'Ready, Bro?'

'Yea, fuck me.'

Don positioned the head of his cock against Clint's hole and slowly pushed, telling Clint to relax and go with it.

Soon the mushroom head of Don's cock popped in and when it did, Clint screamed out 'Oh fuck!'

Don froze and asked Clint if he wanted him to stop.

'No. I can do this.'

Don held his position in the virgin hole and after a couple of minutes, Clint said, 'It's easing up. Go on.'

Slowly Don slipped in further, paused, then pulled back some. He repeated this procedure over and over. At one point, Clint felt like an electric shock went through him.

'What the fuck was that? What did you do?'

'I hit your prostate. We callit a man's love button. It's like a woman's clit.'

Don continued working in and out. after a couple of minutes, he looked down into Clint's face and asked 'How's it feeling Bro?'

'Much better. There is still some discomfort but it's more like being stuffed.'

'Well, you are. Bro, you got it all up you.'

'Fuck man, that whole thing is up my ass?'

'Yep. Now let me show you what it's like to be fucked.'

Don began slowly sliding in and out of Clint's ass, making sure he rubbed Clint's prostate. As he did, soon Clint began to moan, not in pain, but from pleasure.

'Damn, Don, I never dreamed that having a guy's cock up your ass could feel so fucking good.'

'You like that Bro?'

'Hell yea. Fuck me. I want to feel you shoot.'

Don picked up his speed and as he did Clint repeatedly said 'Fuck me. Fuck that virgin ass. Yea, fuck me Don.'

Don had not told Clint that on most occasions getting fucked will make you cum without stroking off. He could tell Clint was getting close. Clint suddenly said, 'Don, I feel like I'm about to shoot.'

'You are baby. Just let it go and I'll go with you.'

Suddenly, Clint's cock exploded and shot huge volleys out onto his chest and stomach, the first shot hitting him square on the lips. As he began licking it off he felt Don explode up his ass. Shot after shot of hot thick cum filled his intestine.

'Fuck, Don, I feel it shooting. Damn that feels fantastic. Don't take it out. Keep fucking me.'

But Don's cock began to soften and slowly slipped out of Clint's hole.

'Lick me clean, Don, then kiss me and share it with me.'

Don did just that. Afterwards, he asked Clint about how he liked getting fucked.

'Damn, man, I love it. Never did I ever think that something like that would feel so good.'

'Well, when you have a chance to reload, I want you to fuck me.'

'You got it.'

They cuddled and kissed for a long while and Don noticed Clint's cock rising.

'Ready to fuck me?'

'You bet.'

With the roles reversed, Clint fucked his brother, soon filling hos chute with his hot thick cum.

Later, Clint got out of bed and headed for the bathroom. 'Where you going?' asked Don.

'I gotta piss.'

'May I have it?' asked Don.

'Sure,' Clint said and turned and walked up to Don. Don took the cock in his mouth and after a moment the flow began. Don drank it all as Clint watched him. Soon, they were again laying side by side in bed, soon to drift off into blissful slumber wrapped in each others arms.

They next morning Clint awoke and began thinking. In a little over twenty-four hours, he had been sucked, sucked his first cock, been fucked for the first time, fucked and had his piss drank. He smiled as he realized that he had loved it all and wanted more.

Don awoke and smiled at him. They kissed passionately, then Don asked, 'How about a good sixty-nine.'

'You're on,' answered Clint as he sat up and spun around into position. Within seconds they were devouring each others cocks, and soon swallowing each others loads.

After breakfast, Don said, 'I need to check out some of the sites. You want to go with me?'

'Of course. After all, I am the Vice-president.'

'Yes you are and I can't wait for you to come back permanantly.'

Clint smiled, knowing that Don meant that they could have sex every night.

They checked on several of the sites and as they left one site, Don asked, 'Has your cock gone soft at all today?'

'Not much. Seeing these studs at the sites has kept me hard. I know now that I'm just as gay as you are and that I need to learn to control my thoughts, but some of those guys really turned me on seeing them in tight jeans and no shirts.'

'I know, and several that I introduced you to are just as gay/'

'What? Which ones?'

Don began to name them. Clint couldn't believe that these masculine studs were gay.

'It just proves that you never know about a guy. Not all gays are the screaming flaming nellies most people associate with being gay.'

'How true.'

'Say, Jim, the first one you met has a camp up on the lake that we all go to sometimes on weekends for orgies. Want me to call him ands see if he wants to get together this coming weekend?'

'How many will there be? Will everyone be naked? Will they all be gay?'

'Including me and you there will be eight and yes and yes.'

'Let's do it.'

Don grabbed his cell phone and called Jim. Clint listened as Don made the proposal to Jim.

He then heard Don say, 'Don't you worry about Clint. I think you might be pleasantly surprised.'

After a few more seconds, Don said, 'I'll see to it. See you saturday.'

'It's all set, but Jim made one stipulation.'

'What's that?'

'You have to wear your uniform and he gets to strip you in front of the others. He said he's always wanted to strip a Marine.'

'It's okay by me,' Clint said with a laugh.

Clint and Don sucked and fucked morning and night, taking care of business during the day. Clint found out what his duties would be when he was out of the Marines and began working on them. One would be to go from job site to job site and check things out.

'And there is always some place to go on the sites for some hot sex,' Don told him. I'll fill you in when the time comes. I've even walked in on guys having sex that I didn't know were into the male thing.'

The weekend arrived and Saturday morning Clint put on his uniform.

'Just bring something to wear home. We'll all be naked the rest of the time.' Don told him.

After stopping to pick up a supply of beer, which was Don's responsibility, they headed out.

Clint remembered Jim. He was a god. He was six-four, black hair, beard and moustache and hairy, and loaded with muscles.

They arrived and Don handed Clint a key to the gate. 'Everyone that's part of the group has one,' he said. Clint unlocked and opened the gate and relocked it after Don drove through.

They pulled up to the cabin to find the other six sitting around naked, waiting on them, a couple already stroking.

Everyone helped unload the beer and then Don stripped. Clint looked at Jim and said, 'I'm all yours.'

Jim's cock began to rise as he began removing Clint's uniform. Soon, Clint was nude from the waist up. Jim then removed his shoes and socks then began work on his pants. Clint now stood in his boxers, which wete tented out.

Slowly, Jim slid the boxers down and when Clint's huge cock sprang up, Jim gasped and said, 'Holy fuck. Look at that monster.'

As Clint stepped out of his boxers, Jim began to devour Clint's cock. Clint was immediately turned on by the fact that the others were watching.

Soon though, they all wanted to watch the to brothers get it on together. Clint and Don oblidged, sucking and fucking each other to the whoops and hollers of the audience.

Saturday and Sunday until time to leave was one big suck and fuck fest. Clint lost count of the number of loads he had swallowed or the number of times he had been fucked. He had been sucked and fucked others asses just as much.

One of the guys laughed and said, 'I wonder how many guys can say that they've been sucked and fucked by the president and vice-president oc the company or done the same to them?'

Everyone laughed and as they all began departing, they wished Clint safe journey and said that they looked forward to working with him.

All too soon, the day arrived for Clint to leave for his new duty station. AS they waited at the airport for time for him to depart, Clint looked at Don and said, 'Man, this is wild. I arrived for a visit as a straight Marine and I'm leaving as a gay Marine.'

'You'd have figured it out sooner or later. I'm just glad it was with me, though,' said Don.

Clint noticed an airline pilot in uniform looking at him and Don as they hugged farewell. Clint wanted to kiss Don but couldn't here in public. The pilot continued to watch and smile as Clint did manage to put a light kiss on Don's cheek.

Clint walked to the gate and as he passed the pilot, the pilot said, 'Good friend or family?'

'Huh? Oh, my brother.'

'Nice. My co-pilot and flight engineer are close like that, almost like brothers,' he said with a wink. 'After we're in flight. how would you like to make a visit to the cockpit and find out?' He licked his lips slowly.

Clint smiled and said 'Sound nice.' He wondered if the three of them were as close as he and Don.

It was a three hour flight and after about an hour the male flight attendent came up to Clint and with a smile said, 'Sir, the captain would like to see you up front.'

Clint followed and the flight engineer unlocked the cockpit door to allow him in, relocking it behind him. As Clint stepped forward, he noticed that both the captain and co pilot were both stroking their cocks.

'Care to join us? This is something you can't do back there in the cabin.'

Clint looked back to the flight engineer and noticed that he had his pants down around his ankles and was stroking.

'I think I just might,' Clint said as he quickly dropped his uniform pants and sat on a small stool that was there.

The captain turned, saw Clint's cock and smiled. 'I think I have to have a taste of that,' he said. Climbing from his seat he knelt between Clint's legs and began sucking him. The flight engineer stood and walked over to watch and when close enough, Clint began sucking him. fter getting him off the co-pilot came over. Clint looked at the two empty seats.

'It's okay. We're on auto-pilot.'

The co-pilot begfan sucking Clint as he sucked off the pilot. then the engineer took his turn on Clint as Clint sucked off the co-pilot.

Thje pilot smiled and said, 'I get his load guys but I'll gladly share it with you.'

Clint had sucked and swallowed all three and now the captain was back on his cock, sucking away. Soon, Clint climaxed and smiled as he watched the pilot feed part of his load to his two fellow crew mwmbers.

when everyone was presentable again, the captain smiled and thanked Clint for coming up nd wished him well. When he left the cockpit, the flight attendent met him and put him in first class instead of back in his coach seat.

Clint called and told Don that he had arrived and about his experience. Don laughed. 'Nice going, Bro.'

They talked almost daily and before long, Clint was telling Don about his company clerk and their sexual activities. By the time Clint was ready to get out, he was having regular sex with seven other Marines, a couple of them officers.

Clint got out and returned home to live with Don. The moved into a two bedroom condo. They had sex regularly but were each free to bring home partners and have their privacy.

Clint did manage sex two to three times a week out at the sites, even catching two new employees sucking each other in a private area. Both were in their teens and were afraid of loosing their jobs until Clint dropped his pants and had one fuck him while he sucked the other.

After about a year and a half, Clint and Don decided to become lovers but with an open relationship. They remain that to this day.

Hope you enjoyed A Brother's revelation.



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