"Good evening Sir." The guy behind the counter welcomed us.

It was Saturday night and both Jason and my first time in a place like that.

The foyer looked like the reception area of an upper-class lawyer's office, dark wooden counter, four antique chairs and thick carpets. It's only the guy behind the counter that does not belong in the reception area of a lawyer's office.

He was about 20 years old, very short blond hair and well-muscled like a young bodybuilder. The rest of his body was hairless. He was dressed in a posing pants made of soft black leather held in place by thongs knotted on the sides. The front of the pants was cut very low so that the root of his cock, encircled by a shining silver cock and ball ring, was sticking out. Around his neck he had a thick shining silver slave collar with the name Dean engraved in large Roman letters and around his wrists he had matching wrist cuffs. The most obvious on his stunning body was a tattoo of a dragon in black, turquoise and red.

The dragon tattoo covered his whole lover abb area from just under his bellybutton. The expression on the dragon's face was that of a warning not to get to close. The claws went in under the low cut leather pants and the tail was curled around his left hip, just above the hip bone and onto his left glutes.

I have once seen a similar tattoo on the internet and wondered if Dean could be the guy in that pic. That dragon had the guy's dick in one claw, like he was wanking the guy, while the other claw was cupping the guy's nuts as if ready to crunch it if the guy does not co-operate.

Dean looked at Jason, scanning him up and down, like he was trying to undress Jason with his eyes. Eventually he and Jason looked each other in the eyes, just like two cocky jocks in a standoff. They remained like that for a few seconds before the guy turned to me and lowered his eyes.

'Sir, I'm sorry, but underage boys are not allowed into the Silver Stud."

"How old do you judge him, Dean?" I asked the guy.

When I said his name, he jerked his head back, looked for a split second in my eyes and then he looked down again.

"Please forgive me Sir. I did not mean to be rude."

"You were not rude. Now tell me, how old do you judge him." I said while indicating to Jason.

"Seventeen Sir?" Dean gave his verdict like a question.

"Nineteen." I corrected him.

"Ahh.... I'm sorry Sir, but I have to see your boy's ID, Sir."

"Jason, show him your ID." I instructed Jason.

While Dean checked Jason's ID I could not help but to fantasise how hot it will be to see Dean and Jason fucking each other senseless in my cabin..... or the two of them controlling me.... or Dean fucking Jason..... no, Dean watching while I take Jason's virgin ass like he took mine the previous evening. Fuck man, the possible scenarios were endless!

At that point my dick was rock hard, causing the tight tri-circle cock and ball ring to choke my balls and dick to an almost painful sensation. My still sensitive tit piercing of the morning was like fuel on the fire to make me even more horny. Dean with his cock and ball ring and Jason with his ring and tit piercing like mine, must have had the same feeling by then. Show me a hot blooded muscle stud in that situation that will not be horny.

But at least Jason passed his first test after Len worked on him. Dean reckoned Jason to be seventeen..... perfect!! A "seventeen" year old muscle stud as my boyfriend, thanks to the artistic skills of Len - WOW!!!

There was only one problem to be solved - he fucked my virgin ass and I must still return him the favour. It should have been that Saturday morning....

The previous night, Jason stayed over at my place after he fucked my virgin ass. (All about how Jacques and Jason met and Jacques losing his virgin can be found in Confession of a Bodybuilder at

That morning, as we walked back into the house, Jason put his hand on my firm ass. I looked at him and smile.

"Sorry." Jason said and let go of my ass.

"It's yours, you own it. You conquer it last night, remember? So you can do with it what you want, where you want and whenever you want."

"You know what?" Jason said to me, "I think it's unfair that I own all the asses around here. Don't you think it's time we get even?"

Eventually we were ready to continue our hot sex of the previous night – only this time I was going to pop his cherry on the worktop in the kitchen, but things turned out somewhat differently than I planned for the Saturday morning. We were first interrupted by the old guy that took care of my dad's ranch and then by Len.

Jason and I were still giggling about the close call we had when the old guy nearly caught us red-handed when Len arrived.

Like always Len arrived with a monologue – all useless information.

"Jacques ! How are you boy? All these weddings on one day! Just interfering with my organised weekend schedule. Sorry I didn't call but we have to do you early.... The first wedding is at tree.... And one at four..... o shit, maybe I must check on the grooms as well..... They must make a law that no guy may marry unless he had sex with another guy..... that will prevent......" Len stopped in mid-sentence and looked at Jason. "Who is he!??"

"Hi Len." I welcomed him.

"Why don't I know him.... I haven't seen him before.... Where did you get him... You see, I told you before - Life is a bitch, and then you die! Here is the evidence and no-one believes me....."



"Shut up, will you?"

Len is a real drama queen, as gay as you can get them. We met two weeks before I took the under twenty one bodybuilding champion title. I was leaving the gym when I bumped into him...........

"Sorry Dude." I apologised to him.

Len scanned me from top to bottom, then without introducing himself he said: "You're not going to make it the way you look."

"What?" I was totally overwhelmed by his approach.

"Who's prepping you? We better do something about it if you want to take the title. You are going to stand in the competition, aren't you? Not that I can do anything about your muscles.... That you have enough of..... your looks.... you need a pretty boy look.... Your tan and some makeup..... shadows at the right places to enhance the look of your muscles.... You know the optical illusion.... And your hair! Unacceptable! Disgusting to say the least. "

"What do you know about bodybuilding?" I was rude but for fuck sakes, a guy that obviously has never seen the inside of a gym telling me what to do in preparation for a bodybuilding championship.

"Nothing. I'm a drama student and I can help you with the stuff that all bodybuilders neglect.... The final touch to give you the edge over your rivals. Let's go to your place, we have work to do".......

Since that day Len is my self-appointed makeup and fashion specialist. Every second Saturday Len will visit me to make sure that I look perfect to stand in a bodybuilding championship in less than an hour's notice.

"OK. I shut up. Now what?"

"Len, this is Jason. Jason this is Len, the best fashion and makeup wizard around."

"Your boy looks terrible! We must do something about it.... You can't show him off like this.... Absolutely disgusting.... How can you allow him to go around like this.... Haven't you learnt anything Jacques? I'm sure he has a bush... disgusting! A bodybuilder don't have a bush, it hides the most stunning part of his body..... it must go. We'll give him a total body shave like you..... and he must have an ugly tan line... they all have.....we must get rid of it... and his hair.... We'll do it like yours... short, gel, spikey.... A bit of highlights." Ignoring Jason, Len addressed me.

"What the fuck....don't I have a say in this? Who said...." Jason tried to stand his ground but Len did not allow him to finish his sentence.

"You see, I'm right! I'm always right.... And your boy is out of control Jacques! You better do something about it before he becomes an embarrassment. I'll go and get my stuff while you discipline him."

As soon as Len disappeared behind his car, Jason boiled over. "That fuckin fag is not going to touch me! Who the fuck is he to call me 'Boy'. The fucken pervert! Jacques, I'm telling you now.... He's not coming near me! I'll..... I'll fucken assault him if he touches me!"

"Calm down, man! He's not going to take advantage of you. He sees you as my boy and respects you as mine. He won't do anything, trust me. He is the best. Please, let him give you a make-over." I kept my voice down so that Len could not hear.

"You don't leave me alone with him...and tell him to STOP FUCKING CALLING ME BOY!.... and he......" Jason was now near screaming.

Just then Len returned with his stuff. "Is he under control?.... Why is he yelling like that?"

"Len, I prefer you speak directly to Jason, ask his opinion, tell him what you propose to improve his looks.... the way you always involved me with what you do. I'm sure he will appreciate your artist skills.... even more than I do..... and please call him Jason."

"Ok.....Ok..... if you think it's the way you want me to treat him.... I'll do it."

"Jacques....." Jason was still not satisfied but I cut him short.

"Jason!!" I gave him that warning look that most dads mastered soon after their first boy reached the teenager stage.

"Ok, but tell me what this is all about." Jason said.

"I'm here to take care of Jacques' looks. That's what it's all about. Any more questions?"

"No, and thank you for the information." Jason responded on the information Len gave him.

"You're welcome and as soon as we're done with Jacques, I'll take care of you as well."

We helped Len to get his stuff in the cabin and while he and Jason arranged his lotions and other stuff, I wet and warmed up the towels in the microwave.

While Len gave me a makeover, I tried to convince Jason to let Len give him also a makeover. At last Len was done with me and without even asking Jason, Len proceeded with the preparations for Jason's makeover.

"Strip." Len instructed Jason.

To my surprise Jason did not argue and stripped right away. It must have been that I looked super-hot after the treatment that finally convinced Jason.

"Get on the table, face down.... And put that steel fuck rod up against our abs! I don't want a hole in my table."

"You like it?" Jason's cocky side was emerging.

I turned to look at the developing confrontation. Jason was making himself comfortable while Len look at him, nodding his head in approval.

Len took about ten minutes to shave the back of Jason's legs and arms.

"Jacques, will you please warm up the towels, and you..... you can turn around so I can do your front."

Just as I put the towels in the microwave, Len did what I was waiting for. I knew it would happen because he once did it with me.

"Let me put his cloth over your eyes, it will help you to relax. Take your hands of your dick! Are you ashamed of its size or what?"

"No, I just don't want you to lose concentration on your work." Jason chuckled.

"Ok fair enough, but I have to shave your dick and balls, so be a good boy and put your hands where they can't obstruct my work. Bend your elbows and let your arms hang off the edge of the table past your head then hold on to the hand grips on the table legs. That way your pits will also be nice and open so I can shave them."

Unaware of Len's real intention, Jason did as instructed. While he was busy to make himself comfortable, Len retrieved a set of modified police cuffs from one of his bags, a set with a longer chain between the cuffs.

"Are you comfortable?" Len asked while moving to the head side of the table where he kneeled. While telling Jason to stretch more and to get a proper grip on the hand grips, he put the chain around a horizontal support between the table legs.

"That's just how I want you, perfect. You sure you are comfortable? You are going to be in this position for some time."

"Yea, I'm cool."

"Good." Len said and looked at me for approval to cuff Jason.

As much as I wanted Jason to be cuffed, I shook my head to indicate to Len not to do it. "Hurry up Len, there's little time left before you have to go and you still have a lot to do to get Jason decent."

Len was not very pleased with my rejection of his idea to cuff Jason. To counter for it he took the cuffs and put it on Jason's abbs. "If you don't behave I'll cuff you. Is that clear?"

Jason just inhaled sharply. The cold cuffs on Jason's abbs and Len's threat had the desired effect. Within seconds Jason's dick was rock hard and throbbing. I was surprised that Len could work on Jason without going down on his dick, but then some guys like artist have more professional control like other people.

After the shaving Len rubbed some oil remover into Jason's skin. Every part of his body, even in his ass crack, was covered. Len really enjoyed handling Jason's hot body. At some point it looked as if he was wanking Jason, the way Jason reacted to it.

"Now go take a shower. Don't use soap and don't dry yourself. This stuff is to remove the natural oil from your skin. When you're done come outside so I can spray you with the "bottle tan". Come Jacques, let's get the tan ready."

While Jason was in the shower, I helped Len to put his stuff back in his car. After we were done, Len said to me: "Take Jason to my brother's boutique. I'll phone him to tell him what to get ready for Jason. We're going to make you two look like stars!"

"I feel guilty about this.... I mean we can't just have all the clothes for free."

"It's not for free. You pose as a model for my brother... and so is Jason going to do... just think of those stunning posters in his boutique. Two muscle studs only in jeans.... and your nips pierced.... and an ear stud... and...."

"Ok, I get the message." I said before Len went on to describe some hot sex scene that he obviously pictured in his mind.

"That stud is one hot fuck. So bad you are straight. When are you going to have your nips pierced..... you and Jason will look stunning.... The right nip.... Yea that's it, will give that perception that a strong muscle hunk wants to be dominated.... Must be the right nip, you know perception is that right is the dominant side and with a right nip piercing you indicate that you want a guy to control your strong side and your left ear pierced...... left is the feminine side.... Will be a contrast..... strong muscle stud with something soft – a stud in his left ear..... awesome, man, awesome...."



"I'm straight. I'm not going to..."

"To bad. Any slut you fuck can use that tit piercing to control you... will be awesome, a muscle stud like you dominated and controlled.... And not to say you're gay if you fuck a guy, have a tit or ear piercing.... most straight guys have fucked a buddy.... And have piercings..... You and Jason..."

"Len, shut up!"

"I have something for you and Jason." Len said while retrieving a rather large jewellery box from his car.

"What's it?" I asked as I took it from Len.

"You can open it when I'm gone. You and Jason will like it. May be a bit tight but once on you will battle to take it off...... but I'm sure you wouldn't want to take it off. By the way, you must take Jason to the Silver Stud tonight. You two will drive the gay community nuts.... I can see how they will....."

Just then Jason emerged from the cabin. He looked awesome!.... so fuckable. If Len was not present I would have fucked him senseless on the spot!

Len did not waste more time with his talking and within half an hour Jason was transformed into a life statue of a light bronze muscle god. The shadows that Len applied with the airbrush made Jason's muscles and dick looked even bigger.

"Perfect, absolutely perfect!! Now you can show off your boy without shame. As I've said, take him to.... O, before I forget, this stuff is quick dry but don't take a shower before tonight and your skin will tan quickly.... In the nude tan every day, in two weeks you will be perfect without this bottle tan.... Jacques, you must make sure that your boy tan everyday... let him come and tan here.... And control your boy before......."

Jason had enough of the "Boy" issue and lost it. "I'm not his boy!!! I fucked his virgin ass last night... I made him beg me to fuck him... I even restrained him with a slave collar and cuffs before I fucked him senseless.... Big muscle boy is my bitch!!! I'm not his boy!!"

For the first time I saw Len speechless. His mouth was gaping like a fish trying to breath out of the water. He looked at Jason then at me and after a minute or so he at last regained control.

"O MY FUCK, o my fuck!! And all the time I thought you were straight..... I don't believe it... the guys won't believe me.... O my fuck!!... a young muscle boy fucked you!!! O fuck..."

"Fuck you Len!" I was furious.

"I'm gone.... I'm late.... Bye..." Len could not get away fast enough..... to spread the news that the unconquered muscle stud Jacques was at last conquered by a young teenager or......... maybe he fear something violent to happen within the next few minutes.

I entered my cabin without looking at Jason.

"I'm sorry, I fucked up." From the tone in Jason's voice I could hear he felt bad about the whole thing.

Without answering him I picked up my jeans from where I dropped it earlier and dressed myself.

"I said I'm sorry!" Jason was really desperate to clear up the issue but I was too pissed off to say anything.

I picked up his jeans and as I passed him on my way to the kitchen, I just stuffed it into his hands without looking at him.

In the kitchen I poured myself some coffee and staring through the window I sipped from the cup.

"Jacques, please, I said I'm sorry. Just say something..... please."

"Help yourself with breakfast. There's cereal in the cupboard."

"I'm not hungry."

"Suit yourself."

"What must I do to proof to you that I'm sorry? Crawl to you or what?"

I put the cup down and turned to face Jason. "You're sorry, you're sorry?! I trusted you and you fucked up big time and all you say is I'm sorry. Do you realise that by now half the city will know that you have fucked me.... No, that you made me your bitch! Do you realise what will happen to me? Jacque, the lecturer, fucked by one of his freshmen, the lecturer having a sexual relationship, no, a gay relationship with a student. Or even better, he took advantage of a barely legal aged male student! You fucked up my life and all you have to say is 'I'm sorry'. I should have listened to Dillon."

Without a word and only tears in his eyes, Jason turned around and left. After a few minutes he returned. At that time I was in the shower. When I stepped out of the shower I saw Jason on the couch, watching me while I dried myself.

As I walked past him to the steps leading to my bedroom Jason said: "Can you please move your car."

I stopped and turn to him. "No, not before we have sorted out this shit. Now it's my turn to say I'm sorry. I was upset and acted like a jerk."

"What ever. Please move your car. I want to go home."

"Ok, now let's do this properly like big guys. Here are my rules, you accept it or you fuck off. And once you're out of that door, it's over for good. Now – One - what happens in this house stays in this house. You will not mention it to anyone. Two – you will not turn your back on me whenever we are in an argument. You will remain till we have sorted out the shit."

"Ok and here are my rules you either accept them or tell me to fuck off. Now – One – When I apologise, you accept it, you forgive me and you forget about the issue, or you tell me to fuck out of your life – no in-between. Two – we are equal in this relationship – don't let other people treat me like I'm your boy or little puppy."

We looked at each other for a while without saying a word. Then I broke the deadlock. "Ok. Your rule one accepted, on condition it applies to both of us."

"Cool. Same with your rules one and two..... applicable to both of us."

"Cool. Your second rule needs to be amended, but in principal acceptable."

"I'm listening." Jason said after thinking it over for a few seconds.

"Roleplaying, here, when we are alone can be initiated by anyone ...... or when we go out or with other guys only when we both agree to it."

"Ok, I can live with that." Jason said after considering my proposal.

"Then we are cool?"

"Yea, we're cool." Jason confirmed.

I walked over to him and we hugged like old lovers.

"Jacques, I'm really sorry, and I mean it. It's.... It's just that...."

"I forgave you and you can tell me when you are ready.... And I'm also sorry that I acted like a jerk." I realised something terrible must have happened in Jason's past..... something with a horrible connotation to be a "Boy"."

After I have dressed, we left for town. At Len's brother's place the clothes ordered by Len were ready for us. The jeans and T-shirts were as I have expected, a number to small so it could show off Jason's muscular body. To dress up, a leather jacket was added to the outfits.

Next we went to a jewellery shop where I bought a set of diamond ear studs, followed by a visit to a body piercing studio where, to my delight, Jason was game to have his ear and one tit pierced like mine.

"Sir, Sir...." I was brought back to reality when Dean addressed me.


"Thank you Sir, your boy may go in with you. The dress code is leather, Sir. Here is a catalogue with leathers that we sell, if you do not have your own with you, Sir. May I recommend something like I'm wearing, for you, Sir. There's a wide range of harnesses, collars and cuffs for your boy. They will all leave his dick uncovered for you to show him off to the other master's, Sir."

Remembering our fight of earlier, I said to Dean: "It's a secret, but he's not my boy, he's my boyfriend.... Don't tell anyone."

There was fear all over Dean's face when he apologised for his mistake. Jason however put him at ease: "We're cool, Dude. You're the first one to know."

"Dean, would you like to join me and my boyfriend when you get off duty?" I still hanged on to the idea of a hot threesome between us.

"I must join my master, Sir."

"Will he allow you?" Jason asked him, obviously with the same idea that I had.

"If it's my masters will, I will do it, Sir."

"You top or bottom?" I asked Dean.

"I was a top when my master found me, Sir."

"So..... now you just bottom?"

"Yes, Sir"

"Where do you stay?" It was Jason's turn to ask a question.

"This is my home, Sir"

"And your master? What's his name and where can I find him?" I was curious about Dean's master..... maybe I can get him to allow Dean to visit us some time..... even if it's just as a friend.

"My master is a bouncer, Sir. His name is JC. He is a blond bodybuilder..... tonight he is dressed like I am, Sir."

"If you have a choice, will you join us..... and top one of us?" Jason's question surprised me.

"You are both very hot, Sir.... And....." Dean did not complete the answer but looked up at a new guy that has entered the reception area.

"Good evening, Sir. Welcome at the Silver Stud. How may I assist you, Sir."

"Hi, I received a sms to be here at eleven." The guy said with a slight nervousness in his voice.

The guy looked awesome.... bodybuilder... tight fitting clothes.... Two tit rings noticeable under his T-shirt. Something about the guy looked familiar.... as if we have met before, but I just could not place him......

Dean retrieved a photo from under the counter, studied it and then compared it to the guys face.

"Marc?" Dean asked to make sure it's the right guy.

"Yea, Marc" The guy confirmed his name.

Dean retrieved a canvas bag from under the counter and emptied its contents on the counter. In it was six small padlocks, a studded black slave collar, a set of matching wrist and ankle cuffs and a curved steel cock cage with its cock and ball ring.

"This is your dress for the evening. Your master selected it." Dean said with sympathy in his voice.

"Do you know him?" Marc asked Dean.

"Never seen him before, but it looked as if he has only one mission and that's to make your life hell tonight."

"I'll handle it."

"I'm sure you will. He left specific instructions for you. You must fit the cuffs and collar tightly – he said he don't want it to come off when you fight your restraints. Once fitted, you must secure each one with a padlock. He has the only key for the padlocks, so only close the locks when you secure the cock cage, collar and cuffs."

"Anything else?" Marc asked Dead.

"This stuff is going to be hell, trust me, I had it on one night. Take my advice and first fit the cuffs, then the cock cage and last of all, the collar. As you can see the collar is wide and you won't be able to bend your neck to see what you do when you fit the cage."

"This stuff don't look to vicious." Marc picked up the slave collar and looked at it.

"It's cruel devices. You see that inner strap with the "D" shackles attached to the ends and sticking through the slits in the collar? You must fit the collar with its buckle at the back of your neck. The inner strap must be in front of your neck, with the studs pressing against your throat. This curved, almost three quarter circular formed hard metal plate in the middle of the strap, must fit onto your Adam's apple. Now you can see the purpose of the strap. Once your wrists are attached to the "D" shackles on the strap and you pull your arms away from your neck in an effort to break free, you will choke yourself. First the metal plate will press onto your Adam's apple and if you continue to struggle the curved plate will slip over your Adam's apple, creating the sensation like someone is choking you – and you won't be able to get it off, it will remain there till the collar is removed."

"Fuck!" Was Marc's only response to the information.

"And this cock cage, it's a device from hell." Dean said as he opened the cock cage.

The cage looked like a curved cylinder and consists of a top and a bottom half, connected at the front end with a thin metal rod that acted like a hinge to allow the cylinder to be opened. Connected to the "hinge rod" was a rather thick sound with the same curve as the cage and when closed, the sound was inside the cylinder. The inside surface of the cage was covered with sharp studs. Two half circular brackets attached to the bottom half, at the opposite side than the hinge rod, folds over the top half to keep the top and bottom sides together when the cage has been closed. Each of the circular brackets had a hole at the end that overlap when the brackets are in the closed position, so that the brackets can be locked in the closed position.

"When you fit this torture device, you must act fast because you won't get it closed when your dick is hard. First insert the sound then close it and hold it close. You see the top part of the cage is open above your dick head – that's to allow your master free access to your dick head while you are enclosed. This is your cock and ball ring, a rather tight one. It's in two parts, attached to each other with a pin so you can fit it around your cock and nuts with ease. Put it around your cock and balls and close it. You see these two rods that have been cut in length,...... here at the open ends of the ring? When closed, these two rods will form a round bar, the same diameter as the holes in the brackets of the cage. Stick the round bar through the holes, then lock it with a padlock through this hole in the round bar. Once done, your cock will be in hell, and only your master will be able to free it. O, and one last thing, once you stick the round bar through the holes in the brackets of the cage, it will close an electric circuit...... the sound will then release electric pulses inside your dick that will make and keep you rock hard..... and will drive you crazy after some time."

"Fuck! That's cruel, but I'll love to see you perform in that stuff. Does the guy own you or what? I'll tell him to fuck off if I were you." I checked Marc out while I voiced my opinion.

Marc checked me out like all bodybuilders check other bodybuilder before he replied. "I can't. I have to do this. I'm Marc." He introduced himself.

"Jacques, and this is my boyfriend, Jason." I introduced us to Marc.

"Do you have someone inside to lookout for you?" Jason joined the discussion.


"Well we can lookout for you." I was also concerned about Marc's safety.

"Thanx, but just don't get involved..... I'm not supposed to have anyone with me."

"And if you get wasted? Someone must intervene and stop it." Jason was still not convinced to stay out of it.

"If you do get involved, other people will pay, so please don't."

I could sense it was a serious situation and made a last effort, to assist without creating the idea that Marc couldn't take care of himself. "And if you get wasted?"

"Then please get me in my car. My key will be in my jean pocket. My car is in the parking lot across the road. It's a black LUV. I will set the combination of the lock on the locker to 2020.... It's locker number 20."

"Ok, see you inside." I was more than excited to witness the torturing of that hot muscle stud.

"Here, your master said you must drink this. You won't get any other water for the remainder of the night." Dean put the bottled water on the counter.

Without questioning it, Marc emptied the bottle, took his gear and went into the locker room.

I was in a hurry to get into the locker room to check Marc out. "Ok, let's have those leather pants you recommended." I said to Dean.

A few minutes later we were in the locker room where Marc has just fitted the cock ring. Fuck, he was a real pretty boy bodybuilder. I just wanted to fuck him! We could see that the cock cage was working it's magic with the electric shocks down Marc's dick, but that was not all. Marc was battling with something else as well.

The temptation was just too much for me and I walked up to Marc and took his nip rings in my hands and turn it to torture him. Without hesitation Marc put his hands behind his head and spread his legs, offering me free and unrestricted access to his muscled body. This guy must have had some serious training, not only in the gym, but also as a sub, as a submissive butty boy to please a dom. A strange feeling of power came over me, that feeling of control over another muscle stud. I dropped my one hand to his encaged cock and with my thumb I worked his sensitive dickhead till his whole body was quivering. The whole time Jason was watching me.

After having my way with his rock hard dick, I started to feel him up – all his muscles were hard, a sign of little body fat. Eventually Marc's breathing changed.

"You have a problem boy? You wanne suck my dick or you want me and my partner to fuck you?" Although I wanted to fuck him, I know that I will not do it..... because I want Jason to be my first and because I don't want to take advantage of a strange guy. I wondered what Jason was thinking.

"Yes Sir, you and your partner are hot... but please don't fuck me, my master will see that as interference with his plans for me.

"Ok, feeling you up was hot but don't call me sir. Is something wrong? Why did your breathing change?" I asked Marc.

"The water ..... it was spiked.... I can feel the effect...... may I please go now?"

"Yea, good luck buddy..... you are a hot stud, make us proud..... and we will be there for you.... Don't worry."

"Thanx, I really need the support from you and Jason. Would like to meet up with you guys some time."

"Yea that will be cool. Good luck bro!" Jason had the last word before Marc left through the door into the dungeon.

Marc had the same effect on Jason's dick than on mine. It took us some time to get soft and into the leather posing pants we got from Dean.

We entered the dungeon with great expectation......only to discover that Marc was not in the crowd..........

Ps. Those of you who have followed my stories on Gaydemon will realise who Marc is and will remember his wild sex as one of the G.Y.M. studs .... the other guys who don't realise Marc, you can catch up on Marc's background by reading G.Y.M at

Overall, it may be a good idea to read both G.Y.M. and Confession of a Bodybuilder as the guys in those two stories are going to become real close to each other in this story......... ok enough said



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