(In this chapter some of the guys from G.Y.M. return to the story – Marc, the hot stud in chapter 1 is one of the G.Y.M. guys. All about them can be found in G.Y.M. at http://www.gaydemon.com/stories/authors/quwedri/)

"Hey Guys, see you boys later." Rocco shouted from the patio door.

"Don't drown and don't be naughty." Sean chuckled his good-bye's to me and Shawn where we were busy fooling around in the pool.

"You mean don't fuck.... Just look at the kids, nude in the pool! What became of morality in this house?" Rocco tried to sound like a concerned dad.

"Yea Dad, we will be good boys, enjoy your evening and set a good example ... don't call us to bail you out." I laughed in reply.

"So, first time we're alone at home. What you say we order a pizza and just chill?" Shawn was not in a party mood after a hectic week at the varsity.

"Yea, we have much to catch up about each other." Since we moved in together I was looking forward to quality time with Shawn.

Shawn was the first out of the pool. He looked at me with his awesome smile. Water was dripping from his hot muscled body and it made him even more handsome. "You come?"

"Give me a hand." I said and held my hand out to him.

Shawn pulled me out of the pool and in the same motion he pulled me close to him. Immediately we embraced each other.

"I love you so much babe." Shawn said as he kissed me.

"I love you too and I want to share the rest of my life with you."

"You know, if it was not for Marc that stopped me from running away that day......"

"Yea, he and Sean played it so cool to make you jealous."

"And it work... I owe them big time." Shawn confessed to me.

"Come let me dry you."

We spent a few minutes to dry each other. By the time we had all the water off our bodies we were rock hard. Shawn took my hand and we went inside the house. While he ordered the pizza I opened a bottle of wine and lit a few candles in the living room to set a romantic atmosphere.

I was just about done when the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it." Still in the nude, Shawn passed me on his way to the front door.

I just smiled, wandering what the pizza guy would think when a nude guy opens the door.

Nudity was a normal thing and within the house rules. What else could be expected with six hot, horny muscle jocks in one house?

The house rules were quite simple and were all agreed on during the first two days after Marc, Rico, Sean, Rocco and Shawn moved in with me. The rules were all mandatory and also applied to guests, unless stated otherwise. Known as the 7 golden rules of the house, they were:

1. All boys will go commando

2. Clothes are optional in and around the house – nudity preferred

3. No solo j/o – a buddy must give you a hand and he is compelled to do it whenever asked to assist

4. Sex where ever and whenever you want – also allowed with any house member

5. No single showers allowed and it's everyone's duty to wash another guy

6. No knocking on doors – walk into a room whenever you want

7. If walking in on guys having sex, you may stay and watch or join – depending on the mood of the guys involved.

I could hear some serious conversation at the door. After some time, Shawn returned with the pizza and joined me where I was sitting on the floor with my back against the couch.

"You know the guy?" I asked Shawn while handing him a glass of wine.

"One of the team members."

"Must I be jealous?"

"Wellllll........ mmm.... The way he looked at me....." Shawn smiled.

"What did he say?"

"Invited me to spend next weekend with him..... just the two of us.... In a cabin.... On the lake.... To know each other better......" Shawn was now teasing me.

"And are you going?" I played along.

"Depends....." Again Shawn's awesome smile.

"That will be a big mistake."


"He can't give you what I can."

"Well.... Maybe I must find out what he can offer."

"Then you will never know what I can offer you." I tried to fake a spiteful attitude.

"To risky.... Maybe I must find out what you have to offer."

"And then try him out as well?"

"Depends on how good you are." Shawn enjoyed teasing me.

"Ok.... Come let me show you." I spread my legs and tapped my hand on the carpet between my legs, indicating to Shawn to come and sit between my legs.

As soon as Shawn was between my legs I put my arms around him, with my hands cupping his hard pecs. Shawn' body was perfect! Hard muscles, soft skin.....

I played a bit with his nips then slowly moved one hand down his rock hard eight pack abbs till I reached his dick. All the time that I felt him up, my tongue was caressing his neck. My dick was rock hard between our bodies and was leaking pre-cum like a faucet.

"You like it?" I whispered in Shawn's ear.

"So hot babe...... aauuwwww.... just don't stop"

I took Shawn's earlobe between my lips and nibbled on it. A quiver went through his body and I could feel the goose pimples started to cover his entire body.

"You gonna make me come without touching my dick..... o fuck man!"

"Not yet, babe..... not yet." With my most seductive voice I whispered in his ear.

"Make me cum.... Please."

"Later, babe...... later." I said as I took his throbbing dick in my hand.

"Don't do that..... you make me suffer, babe."

"Just a taste of what I'm capable of." I put my thumb on his sensitive dickhead and lightly rubbed it.

"O fuck!!!! O Shit!!! Don't torture me! Fuck!!!" By that time Shawn was so horny that I could make him do anything I wanted.

"Mmmmm.... What did you say that other dude wanted from you?" I played hard to get.

"Fuck this shit!" Shawn cried and in one swift move he pinned me on my back, with him straddling me. With only one hand he held both my hands tight to the floor above my head and with the other hand he tickled me.


"Who's the bos?"

"I'm the bos!"

"Realy?" Shawn tickled me with even more determination.

It was just too much for me and with all my strength and effort I freed myself from his grip. We wrestled and grabbled till we were both exhausted.

Shawn was the first to negotiate. "I offer you my peace."

"On condition you admit I'm the best."

"Uhhhh.... Ok, you're nearly as good as I am."

"No, we are at least equal."


"And what are your plans for next weekend?" I did not admit it to him, but I was a bit jealous.

"Mmmm let me see..... I'm going to spend the weekend with my hot boyfriend..... and I'm going to allow him to do whatever he wants to do with me."

"Even fuck your hot ass?" I was craving to fuck Shawn, but too late I realised that I've touched a sensitive issue. After the incident at G.Y.M. Shawn was still sensitive about bottoming and if I would ever have the honour to have a go at his hot jock ass.....well that remains to be seen.

Shawn just looked at me without saying a word.

"I'm sorry, I did not....."

Shawn cut me short. "I said whatever he wants to do with me. After those guys raped me, your brother said to me: 'To be fucked in the ass doesn't make you less of a man.... It's actually hot to go both ways'.... and I'm ready to submit to the only guy I love."

I took Shawn in my arms. "I love you and I will help you to get over it."

"Love you to, babe."

The remainder of the evening we fed each other pizza, chat about a lot of stuff, decided on having a house warming party for the guys and eventually about how hot it will be to have our own "Rent a Jock" business where we can entertain guys that crave to feel up hot muscle college jocks.

By midnight we were making out and well on our way to great sex when Rico entered the living room.

Just after midnight I arrived home from my brother's place and entered the living room where the two boys, Shawn and Rudi, where making out on the floor.

"Hi Rabbits. Fuck, you two just can't get enough! Sex will never go out of fashion. You can save some for another day." I smiled at the two boys going for it.

Referring to Rudi and Shawn as the Rabbits stuck after Marc once said they fuck nonstop like rabbits.

Earlier the evening I decided to collect the last of my stuff from my brother's place. After I left, the two hot muscle boys were alone home. What could two young muscle boys in love do besides making out? When I walked in on them they were well on their way to a good fuck. Not that it would have been a problem. Sex in the living room was allowed.

"You're welcome to join us in practising for our new business, unless my bro drained you."

"Yea Rudi and I came up with an idea - now that G.Y.M. closed its doors, there's a gap in the market that we can fill. Something like "HOT COLLEGE MUSCLE BOYS FOR RENT" to guys paying for kinky sex." Shawn informed me.

"It can work, it worked for my bro and his buddies. What do you say, you guys willing to join us in the business?" Rudi was just as excited as Shawn.

"I'm up for some draining right now, but I'll rather practise with Marc, by the way where's Marc?" I was horny like always and returned home early, looking forward to some hot sex with Marc.

"Don't tell me you lost Marc." Shawn chuckled.

"Uuuuhh..... no..... I left him here with you two for safe keeping..... don't tell me you two rabbits exhausted him."

"Tell you the truth, I won't mind draining that stud, but he left with you." Shawn said to me.

"You guys sure he's not here?"

"Positive. He left when you left so we thought he went with you." Rudi said as he went down on Shawn's hard pecs.

"Ok I'll give him a call to find out what he is up to." I was a bit concerned but did not want Rudi to know and left the living room to call Marc.

When Marc's cell was still on voicemail after the third attempt, I became worried and gave Rocco a call.

"Hi bro, waz up man?" Rocco answered with his personal trademark.

"Cool bro. Is Marc with you guys?"

"No.... where's Rudi?" Rocco became factual when he realised I was looking for Marc.

"He's ok, fucking Shawn in the living room, do you think......" I was interrupted by Rocco.

"No.... we'll be home in thirty minutes."

"No need to..."Again I was not allowed to finish.

"See you in thirty and don't leave Rudi." Rocco did not give me the opportunity to respond, but end the call.

As soon as Rocco and Sean arrived home they check on Rudi in the living room, then joined me in the kitchen.

"Do the Rabbits expect something?" Sean wanted to know from me.


"Let's keep it that way..... for now. Did Marc mentioned anything, or gave you any hint?" Rocco was the practical guy and the one that systematically started to gather facts.

"He received a sms earlier and just said 'fuck' when he checked it. Nothing more... wait, later he said something about..... we must lookout for Rudi.... Then when I said we must go and get the last of my stuff at my brother's place, he said he had to take care of some stuff and can't go with me."

Sean looked at Rocco when he asked about something that was worrying him for some time: "Do Marc..... and you have enemies.... Or ex clients that would like to..... you know, have you in private?"

"Why do you ask that?"

"What you did at G.Y.M. – not your average clients ......sorry Rico.... I know you were also one of their clients, but I mean .... "

"I'm cool bro, and yes, their clients cannot all be classified as cool." I responded.

"So...." Sean looked at Rocco, waiting for an answer.

"Ex clients.... Many that would not mind to have one of us alone for a workout, enemies.... not that I know of..... only one guy that was pissed off with Marc... but clients, no..... they are all stinking rich and can pay to have any of us.... Sorry Rico"

"Fuck! Will you guys stop apologising? I am rich and I used to be a G.Y.M. client, but I'm one of you guys now."

"Who is the guy you think is pissed off with Marc?" Sean kept the focus on the issue.

"That one guy at the games..... the one that tried his luck with Rex. He made some shit comments during the games when Rex and Marc were fooling around. Marc at some point said to me that he doesn't trust the guy....."

"You mean that asshole Marco?" I also remembered that Marc said something about not trusting the guy.

"Yea, him. He said something like I'll get you and your family...." Rocco was interrupted by me.

"Ok. Let's assume its Marco. Where can we start looking?"

"They can be any place. I say we wait here." Sean offered.

"I'll call John. He is our only hope to find Marc." Rocco took his cell to call John.

"How can he help us to find Marc?" Sean said just as the Rabbits entered the kitchen.

"Where's my brother? What's wrong?" Rudi for the first time realised something was wrong when he heard Sean.

"Nothing is wrong and we're trying to get hold of Marc but his cell is on voice mail." I tried not to tell Rudi that we were concerned.

"I'm going to look for him." Rudi said as he turned around to leave.

"You just stay here! We don't want to look for you as well." Rocco tried to stop Rudi.

"I'm going....."

"You're not a kid. Now listen to me, dammit! We don't know where Marc is and we don't know where to start looking for him. So just stay here – we don't have resources to split, looking for both of you." Rocco decided the only way to stop Rudi was to tell him what was going on.

Rocco made the call to John, informing him about the disappearance of Marc. As their former employer and buddy, John still regard them as his boys and within minutes he had his entire network of contacts on the hunt for Marc. The only place they were not looking was The Silver Stud – JC, his contact in the Silver Stud was on duty and his cell phone was in his locker.

In the Silver Stud, Jacques and Jason were surprised when they entered what they thought would be a dungeon. The inside of the Silver Stud looked like an upper class gay club. Some guys were dancing while others were just chilling. Everyone was in a relaxed mood – even the blond bouncer who were leaning against the bar counter, thinking about what surprise his boy would come up with when they fool around like every other Saturday evening.

"I can't see Marc."

"Fuck man, check all these guys. They are fucking hot bro." Jason was more interested in the hot guys than in finding Marc.

"Yea, but we must first find Marc then we can have fun."

"We will find him. You wanne dance?" Jason put his arm around me and pulled me into a tight embrace.

While we were moving on the dance floor, I noticed how well behaved the guys were. Not even one guy was trying to feel up his partner. It looked like we were in the middle of a primary school dance hall.

It was by coincidence that I noted guys coming and going from a dark area in one corner of the dance hall.

"I think I know where Marc may be. Just check the corner behind me then you will see how guys come and go from there." I told Jason.

After a few more turns Jason confirmed my suspicion. "You right, let's go and check it out. Where's that blond guy that was leaning against the counter when we came in?"

"Don't know. He looked like a bouncer. Maybe he moved on when he realised we were checking him out."

Jason and I moved towards the dark area where we discovered a door that was almost invisible in a wooden wall panel. As we passed through the door, the guy we earlier saw at the counter was there, looking at the door as if he was expecting us.

"That guy is checking us out the whole time. Wonder what his problem is." Jason said to me.

"He must be a bouncer, checking us out to see if we want to make trouble. Just don't offend anyone, I'm not in a mood for a fight."

It took a while for our eyes to get use to the dark red light inside the room. During that time we were only aware of the smell of sex, testosterone and the groaning of guys fucking their lungs out. Gradually the images of hot guys in various sexual activities became clear.

Against the one wall were three guys, spread-eagled with their legs restrained in shackles bolted to the concrete floor and their hands cuffed to chains from the ceiling. Various guys were standing around them, taking turns to edge them.

"Fuck Jacques, check that muscle guy on the cross! He is really suffering! Look how he is fighting the restraints. Dude, that is fucking hot!!"

"You want to go and check him out?"

"Fuck, yea man. Why not?"

"Just don't get ideas. You're not going to bring a cross into my house." I chuckled.

"Well...... we can always negotiate about it."

As we moved to the cross, we saw Marc on a small stage in the middle of the floor. His hands were cuffed to the slave collar round his neck. With him was a muscle guy that was obviously enjoying his control over Marc. We decided to check out the rest of the place while Marc was still ok.

It took us the best part of two hours to move through the dungeon. Eventually we ended up near the entrance door from where we had a good view on Marc who was in our opinion near exhaustion – only a matter of time.....

We were still discussing Marc and why the guy still hasn't fucked him, when Dean entered the dungeon. He looked around and then walked over to the blond bouncer, I assumed must be JC. JC did not show any reaction, he just watched Dean as he walked towards him.

"Jason, look, there's Dean going to his master."

"I wonder how he will treat Dean. Back in the reception area I got the idea that Dean is nothing more than a fuck toy for the guy...... you know, the way Dean responded to our questions..... 'I must join my master...... if it's my masters will', you know, all that shit that he has no say in."

"Mmm, maybe it's just a very dependant love relationship between them..... one where Dean loves it when his master is in control of his life..... you know there are guys like that."

When Dean reached JC, it was like two lovers meeting after weeks of separation. Dean took the initiative and immediately sucked JC's hot pecs followed by a hot muscle worshipping show. After a while JC put his one hand under Dean's chin and lifted his head. They looked each other in the eyes for a while, then it was JC who kissed Dean. While they were kissing JC put his hands around Dean, one hand moved down to caress Dean's hot muscle butt while with his other hand, JC stroked his back.

Eventually Dean broke the kiss, took JC by the hand and led him to a chair that was near where we were standing. The chair had a rather high back, was without arm-rests and looked like a throne from the Dark Ages.

When they reached the chair, Dean lightly pushed JC down, followed by a repetition of tit sucking and feeling each other up. From where we stood, I could see Dean's hands moving slowly down JC's sides till he found the thongs of the leather posing pants. JC did not stop him when Dean untied the thongs. With the posing pants now loose, Dean stood up straight, waiting on JC's move.

It was a real hot situation with the master vulnerable – if he moves, his pants will fall off. JC reached forward to untie Dean's thongs and in the process his dick, that was getting harder all the time, got rid of the leather posing pants.

I inhaled sharply and in a whisper, not to draw JC's attention, I said to Jason: "Dude, that must be JC. Check that silver cock and ball ring, it's similar than Dean's. Fuck, that dude is built like a log.....DAMM!!!!"

The master was now undressed while the boy was sill clothed. We could see JC's rock-hard throbbing dick when he reached forward to untie Dean's thongs. Like us, JC was shaved and cut.

With the thongs untied, JC let the leather pants dropped and said with a seductive voice to Dean: "Go ahead Boy, you know my weakness."

Dean stepped forward, straddled JC's thighs, took his left hand and lifted it to just above and to the side of JC's head. I only realised the leather cuffs attached with short lengths of chain behind the chair's back, when Dean retrieved one and cuffed JC's wrist. JC did not resist, in fact he acted like someone wanted to be cuffed when Dean also cuffed his other wrist with another cuff. I wondered if that was the weakness that JC referred to – his fantasy to be restrained by a younger guy.

"Yea pretty boy, now your master is in chains, vulnerable, like a mortal under your control." Again JC's seductive voice while he flexed his muscles as he tested the bonds that have changed the super boy into a mortal.

"Tell me I'm hallucinating, fuck, it can't be true!" Jason whispered to me.

"Fuck, it's so hot to see a big muscle guy restrained by a little guy. I'm blowing my nuts just looking at it." I commented on the hot scene in front of me.

"JC is fucken hot, Bro, when will I ever look like him?" Jason was clearly impressed by JC's hot muscles.

"Well just stick with me and one day you will look just as good. But right now I'm the one that is embarrassed."

"Bull shit! You can't compare yourself to him. He is taller than you. But you will win the competition in the dick division, trust me, I had a close inspection last night." Jason slapped my ass as he said it.

JC was my new definition of eye candy. He was ripped like I have never seen before. Every muscle in his body was hard, perfectly defined and in proportion with the other muscles in his body – he was the ultimate walking wet dream if there was ever one. His rock hard cock and low hangers were in perfect balance with the rest of his body. Like someone who has nothing to hide, JC's body was shaved all over and had a perfect tan with no tan line. The silver cock and ball ring complimented his stunning cock and balls and looked like a permanent piece of jewellery on him. He and Dean was an unmistakable pair with their matching rings.

"Fuck that hot ass on my dick, Boy." JC's instruction to Dean was so fucken hot - a restrained muscle god still issuing instructions to his boy who restrained him.

Instead of fucking himself on JC's throbbing dick, Dean climbed off from JC's lap, spread JC's legs and kneeled between them. Just as he was about to gone down on JC's dick for a deep throat, Dean said: "This is just the beginning.... I have a surprise that's gonne blow your brains......



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