While Colt and I drove back to my place, he told me how he and Blain teamed up. (See first part in previous chapter)

"As I said, only a few guys ever visited the secluded beach and Blain told me it's he, the marine in the canteen and the CO's driver. On occasion Blain joined one of them.

Blain mentioned that the spot never show up on satellite photos. That only raised my suspicion about Blain and the other guys. Why would a marine prefer to spent time with his buddies at a place hidden from satellite– unless they wanne do things that are not acceptable by the military.

After a while Blain turned onto his back and told me to do the same. I was not use to tanning in a tropical environment and was in no mood to suffer from over doing it the first day, so I followed his example.

Even with my sunglasses on, the sun was intense and I had my eyes closed. After a while my curiosity got the better of me and I took a peek at Blains dick. What I saw made my dick hard in seconds - Blain was busy playing with himself.

I lifted my head to get a better look. "You always wank when you are with other guys?"


"On what?"

"The situation – the guys I'm with, where I am and if the guys will be offended."

"What if I'm offended?"

"If you were offended by nudity, you would have instructed me not to tan in the nude when I stripped and you would not have followed me, or now, you will tell me that I must leave my dick and put my pants back on. But, it seems you actually like watching me." Blain looked at my dick and smiled.

"Lieutenant, you are out of line! Put on your pants." I said as I took my pants and stood up from the towel.

Blain immediately reacted on my instruction. Just as he put his pants on I said to him: "Don't be fucken ridiculous Blain. I don't have a problem to tan in the nude with a buddy.... or with you wanking. Put down your pants. I was just joking."

"For a moment I thought I fucked up our relationship."

"Let's do something to keep your mind away from your dick. Truth or Dare." I chuckled.

"Yea cool, but let's make it interesting. If a guy can do the dare, the asker must also do the dare."

"Cool. Truth or dare?" I made the first call.

"Truth." Blain made his choice.

"When was the last time you were part of a circle jerk off and with whom?"

"Fuck! You do ask embarrassing questions. It was with my school football team." Blain chuckled. "Truth or dare?"

It went on like that for some time. After a couple of Tequila shots the questions became more embarrassing and the dares became more exciting.

It was again my turn to choose. "Dare." I said.

Blain went down on his towel and lay on his back. "Ok wet my throat with your tongue, then put salt on the wet spot. Put a slice of lime between my pecs and pour as much booze in my abs as you can. Then lick it up..... first salt, tequila then the lime."

"Fuck Blain!"

"Ok sorry, let me think of something else."

"No, a dare is a dare. I'll do it." I said as I kneeled next to Blain.

I succeeded with the dare and it was Blain's turn to do the same. Instead of lime between my pecs, he squashed the lime and put some on both my nips. Needless to tell you, but we were both rock hard.

"That's not fair! My shot is more than yours. Don't flex your abs to create more space for the Tequila." Blain laughed.

"Sorry to hear about your shit! It was your call in the first place, so don't try to get out of it now." I laughed.

"Cool." Blain poured the Tequila in my abs. "And some for the small guy." Blain chuckled as he poured some Tequila over my dick.

"Fuck, now you have to lick that as well." It was the Tequila talking.

"Mmmmmm.... Thought you'll never asked." Without further talk, Blain straddled my thighs, then leaned forward and pressed with his hands next to my shoulders.

With our faces almost touching, we looked in each other's eyes for a while. All inhibitions were gone... I didn't care a fuck what we were doing. All that mattered was to satisfy my sexual desires.

Blain went down on my throat and slowly licked the salt. My whole body was trembling with the most intense sensation – something that I have never experienced before, a guy licking my throat. Instead of moving directly to my abs, Blain licked his way down my body till he reached the Tequila in my abs. His tongue all over my abs was even hotter than when he was licking my throat.

I nearly lost it when he stuck his tongue in my bellybut to get the booze out. "O Fuck Blain! You driving me insane man!" I wanted to tell him that it was fucken hot, but I was not sure how he would react.

Without answering me, Blain finished his shot then went for the lime.

It was the first time I experienced the sensation of tit sucking and it was awesome to realize that it had the same erotic sensation than playing with my dick. "Fuck...FUCK..... AUWWWWW!! SHIT!!" Was all I dared to say not to reveal my desire for more.

After Blain had licked up all the lime we just stared in each other's eyes. Blain was smiling, I had no expression on my face. My mind was in overdrive... what we did was gay..... but why did I like it.... What if I'm gay.... Was this just guy stuff, or two buddies having fun.... What if Blain was just testing me.... How will it be to kiss a guy.... What will sex with a guy be like.....?

"I'm sorry, I should not have done it." Blain said as he lifted himself from my thighs.

I grabbed his wrists and held him back. "Blain, are you gay?"

"Yes I am. And now you're going to expose me."

"Why will I do that? It's..... actually hot to have a gay buddy.... someone that's so masculine that no one will ever expect that he's gay..... a buddy that can help me to..... experience what it's like to be..... gay."

Well that was it..... I admitted to Blain that I was interested.... Or more likely that I was willing to find out if I'm gay.

We made out for a long time there on the beach, exploring each other's hot bodies..... and yea we ended up in a 69 and blow each other. During our stay on the island Blain and I slept together at least three times a week and we visited Eden a number of times. The only marine that expected something was the guy that worked in the canteen.

Blain returned to the mainland and a month later I joined him. The CO thinks we're a great team so he assigned us to the same unit."

As we turned off of the main road into the ranch, Colt changed the topic and asked me questions about the ranch. My question of earlier about them having sex remained unanswered.

Jason and Blain were already inside when we parked the LUV at the front door of my cabin. The cabin is an open plan layout. Even the shower, a glass cubical, is part of the open plan. Only the toilet is in a separate room. The loft is open, overlooking the ground floor and serves as the bedroom.

After we have made Marc comfortable on the couch in my living room, Jason and Blain brewed us some coffee while I took Colt upstairs to my bedroom.

"You and Blain can sleep here. Give me a hand with the clean bedding." I said while I took clean bedding from the cupboard.

"Where are you guys going to sleep if we take your bed?"

"Downstairs with Marc, on air mattresses."

"No fucken ways, we are marines, we are used to sleep on the hard ground, we'll sleep downstairs."

"Sorry buddy, my place, my rules. You guys enjoy it up here."

"Yea, but...."

"No buts and don't worry about us."

After we have made the bed, I open the drawer of the nightstand next to the side of the bed where I usually sleep.

"Here is some stuff you guys can use if you like too." I said to Colt as I put the contents on the bed for him to see.

"WOW!!! Nice! I wondered about those steel rings on the headboard. Now I get it. You guys like to play kinky." Colt said as he picked up the wrist cuffs.

"Enjoy, bro. Come let's go and have some coffee." I said and went downstairs.

About half an hour later Colt and Blain excused themselves. The way Colt winked at me was enough indication of what he was planning.

"So what did you and Colt talked about?" Jason asked as soon as we were alone.

"Just how he and Blain met." I said as I gave him a kiss.

"Mmmm, sounds interesting. Where are we going to sleep?"

"On air mattresses. Come, give me a hand." I said as I left to fetch the mattresses and sleeping bags from the store room.

Jason turned out to be very experienced with camping gear, something that scored him even more points with me. Just as we were done with the bed, he hugged me from behind and slipped his hands in under my T shirt, one on my abbs and the other one cupping my right pec.

"Thanx." He whispered in my neck.

"For making the bed? You assisted." I chuckled.

"No, for choosing me... and for making me feel special."

I turned around to face Jason. "You remember what I said last night about not saying things you're not sure about?"


"You.... you still feel the same about me?" I slipped my hands under his T. Jason was so close to me that I could smell his breath.

"Even more than last night. I love you man!"

"I love you too and I want you to be my boyfriend."

"You already told four guys that I'm your boyfriend, too late to ask now."

"Then let's make it official. Jason, will you be my boyfriend? Please?"

Without answering me, Jason pulled my T over my head. After I did the same with his, we made out for a while before we got rid of each other's jeans.

"Sit with your back against the wall." Jason said as he pushed me backwards to sit on the air mattresses.

As soon as I was in a sitting position with my legs stretched out, Jason went down on his knees with his ass on my thighs, while straddling me.

"It's an honor to be your boyfriend." Jason said with tears in his eyes.

"I love you, J.... and I want you to know that I will always be there for you." I put my one hand behind his neck and pulled him closer for a kiss but Jason had other ideas and started to kiss my throat.

"MMM you're making me horny." I tossed my head back to give him unrestricted access to my throat.

"That's how I want you, rock hard and horny as hell." Jason said as he took my tit ring between his thumb and index finger.

"UHHhhh... fuck!"


"Yea fuck man! But go for it. Turn that ring so it don't get stuck. I don't want scar tissue."

"Yea, same here. Take mine and do me as well."

We turned and work each other's rings as was instructed by the piercer. After a while Jason moved his hands slowly to the thongs that held my leather posing pants in place and untied them, just like Dean did to JC.

"You learned some tricks from Dean tonight." I said as, like JC earlier the evening, I reached forward to untie Jason's thongs and in the process my dick, that was getting harder all the time, got rid of my leather posing pants.

"Yea, he's hot. I must hangout with him. I'm sure he can teach me some more hot tricks."

"Just don't let him fuck you."

"Someone is jealous." Jason chuckled.

"I'm not!" I said as I roll Jason over to pin him down under me.

Before Jason could continue mocking me I start kissing him. It was not long before we were in a 69 and rewarding each other with hot muscle boy cum. Jason was the first to move to a comfortable position with his head on my bicep and his one arm draped over my chest.

The next morning I woke up with Jason's head in the same position on me, the only difference – he had moved his hand while we were asleep and was holding my rock hard dick in his hand. Obviously I returned the favor and woke him with the same out of this world sensation by rubbing his hard dick head.

"Hey." I said to him when he showed the first signs of returning from dreamland.


"Love you." I had that same intense feeling I had before we fall asleep .... that feeling to protect Jason against the cruel world.

"WOW!! You two studs are really in love." It was Colt that brought Jason with a bang back to reality.

"O fuck!" Jason whispered when he realized that some other guys were checking us out.

"You're a fucking amazing stud, just don't act embarrassed.... Give them a show." I whispered in Jason's ear to encourage him.

Jason turned his head to look at Colt where he and Blain were sitting with Marc. "Don't you guys agree that I'm the luckiest boy to wake up next to the most awesome stud in the world and that while he plays with my dick?"

"No, I'm the lucky one to have Jason as my boyfriend."

"Well, while the two of you decide who the lucky one is, we'll get our stuff. Blain and I still have things to do at the base."

"Yea and I must also get my ass back home to face my shit for leaving without telling my boyfriend and kid bro." Marc said as he stood up from the bed.

"Before you guys go, I want your cell numbers." I stood up from the air mattress and putt my jean on – commando as usual.

After exchanging the cell numbers, Marc, Colt and Blain left. Jason left shortly after them, with the excuse that he still has to do an assignment.

After the guys have left, I check my e-mail. Having nothing else to do, I decided to surf the web..... and as can be expected from a horny muscle guy it was not long before I was checking out a website that advertised body jewelry. I was hard in no time and then I came across a pair of titanium cock and ball cinch rings – advertised as "a pair for the lover boys". Inspired by the nice tight feeling of the tri-circle cock and ball ring that was still encaging my hard cock and nuts, I ordered it online.

The next week was hell. Jason and I had to pretend not to blow our secret. I went out of my way to avoid him at varsity. I even went to the private gym just so I don't have to work out with the students.

The Tuesday morning I took our cinch rings to a jeweler to have it engraved – Jason on mine and Jacques on Jason's ring. The afternoon at the private gym was like the "old days" when Rudi and I worked out like the time we were partners. Late the evening I received a call from Rudi.

"Hey! Zup stud? How's it hanging bro?" I answered his cell.

"Cool man! Was awesome to workout with you. Thanx again."

"Yea, always nice to workout with you. Thanx man." I returned the thanx.

"What you doing Friday evening? Having a welcome home party for my bro and I want him to meet the guy that looked out for me while he was away."

"Awesome man! Yea, I'll love to meet him. You mind if I bring someone with?"

"Uhh....." Rudi was uncomfortable. "It will only be the guys that stay here. There will be no girls to keep your girlfriend company..... we..... we are all couples, we're gay."


"Sorry Jacques, I did not mean to offend you... it's ok if you don't wane come... better you know before you find out from someone else."

"Rudi..." I wanted to tell him it's cool and that I am just surprised because I never expected a straight acting guy like him to be gay.

"Sorry man, I should not have invited you to a gay party. I must go now." Rudi ended the call without me telling him that I'm cool with him and that I'm also in a relationship with a guy.

I tried to call Rudi several times but he did not answer my calls and even ignored my SMS's.

Friday morning after class I asked Jason to come and see me in my office. One of the privileges of a lecturer to call a student to his office.....

As soon as Jason closed the door behind him, we were in each other's arms, making out as if it's the last thing we will ever do.

"I missed you so much. This week was to long without you and the nights were awful and lonely without you in my arms." Jason said in between our kissing.

"Yea, it's awful! Why don't you come and sleep with me some nights during the week? We can work something out so the other guys don't discover our secret."

"And after the initiation at the Frat.... I can move in with you?"

"That's the best idea I've heard in a long time. This weekend..... you have something going at the House? We've been invited to a party at my best buds place – tonight at eight. I want you to be with me as all the other guys will be couples."

"The normal shit with the seniors, but my boyfriend is a very important person at the Frat, I'm sure he can get me out." Jason smiled at me.

"Did that cocky Sam guy gave you any shit?" I asked Jason as I was expecting some sort of shit from Sam because of Jason's connections with me. (All about Jacques getting Jason out of the Frat the first time can be read in "Confession of a Bodybuilder" Chapter 3)

"No, just wanted to know how come I received such privileged treatment from a Brother like you."

"Cool, and you spin him some shit?"

"Cause man, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed."

"Don't be fooled Bro, it's difficult to tell.... who knows, maybe he also likes guys, I mean he has what it takes looks wise. I'm going to make it official with a letter this time to get you out for the weekend. We mustn't push our luck with me calling them after hours every time. "

I printed a standard letter on a varsity letterhead while I told Jason to be at my place at six pm so we can do some touchups on our looks – shaving our bodies, pumping our muscles and so on. Jason told me that he spent an hour per day on a sunbed to work on his tan, something I forgot about. I told him to remind me to give him a key to my place so he can come and go as he likes and so he can tan in the nude instead of using a sunbed.

As agreed, Jason was at my place at six pm. He was dressed in an outfit that Len's brother picked for him.... a black T that fitted him like a glove. Every muscle was visible on his awesome body. The number too small Levi's left nothing to the imagination and the leather jacket provided the perfect final touch.

As soon as he arrived, we stripped and went into the shower to shave each other. I was glad to see that Jason was going commando. It was hard not to fuck - with the utmost self-control we managed to get through the preparations with only feeling each other up and some hot kissing and making out.

At one time, just as Jason was at the point of losing it, he left the house, for what I reckoned to be some time to cool down. When he returned he had something in his hand.

"Here, I bought you something." Jason handed me a small wrapped jewelry box.

"It's not my birthday." I chuckled.

"I know.... I want you to wear it.... to remind you of last Friday night. Open it." Jason said with a smile.

I opened the box..... inside was a silver set of real thumb cuffs. The cuffs were cuffed onto a strong but not too thick silver neck chain with the key. I removed it from the box and looked at it. It was the most awesome piece of jewelry. The pair of cinch rings that I bought will have to wait for another time.

"Wow!! This is kinky.... and you want me to wear it .... so that you always have cuffs available when you want to cuff and fuck me?" I looked from the cuffs in my hand to Jason's face and smile.

Jason looked down – embarrassed. "It's.... sorry Jacques.... I did not.... It was stupid of me to..... it's not that I want to...."

I grabbed Jason and pull him in a tight embrace. "I want to wear them.... to be reminded that you own me.... and I want you to always have them available whenever you want to cuff and fuck me..... please hang your cuffs around my neck....." I kissed Jason before he could say something.

Jason was full of smiles when I let go off him. He took the necklace and hanged it around my neck. "You look stunning.... and kinky.... I will have a hard time to keep the guys away from you tonight."

"Yea.... Just remember to stand your turf when you use those cuffs on me tonight. I don't want other guys to fuck me."

"What!..... Uhh will there be ..... we can't fuck with all the guys there!!!"

"Helloooooo!!!!!...... We're not going to a Sunday school picnic. Those guys are hot studs and super horny..... without a doubt there will be fucking tonight!"


"Hey!.... we're not virgins - we're hot muscle boys. So stop whining. We are going to have fun tonight.... and you are going to show the guys what you're made of..... I want to be proud of you. Come we're running late..... and I don't want to lose out on the fun. O and one other thing – now that we are an item, whatever you do to me, do for me or do with me are ok. Don't apologize again."

It was just past eight pm when we arrived at Rudi's place. We did not wait long before the door was opened – to our surprise, by Marc.

We just stared at each other for a moment. "Uhh.... Are we... at the right address?" It was Jason who reacted first.

"You're Rudi's brother!..... something about you looked familiar.... Now I know what it is." The family resemblance was clear to me.

"And you are the guy that looked out for Rudi in my absence. He told me all about you, even how pissed off you were when he came out to you. He thinks he lost you as a friend. He will be surprise to see you. Come in."

"So how did Rudi react when you told him about last Saturday?" I asked Marc as we entered the house.

"I did not tell him everything."

"Maybe you should, just in case one of us is not close by to cover his back." We were in the living room before we could finalize the issue and with all the other guys in the room I decided to drop the issue till later.

"Guys this is Rudi's buddy Jacques and his boyfriend Jason. This stud is my boyfriend Rico and the two other guys that share the place with us, Sean and Rocco." Marc introduced us as we entered the living room.

Rocco scanned my body then said: "Welcome guys. So this is Jacques, the awesome guy that Rudi told us about. Man will he be glad to see you. He is in a state of depression since Tuesday."

"Yea, thanks for coming. The atmosphere in the house is unbearable with Rudi's mood. You better go and say hey to him. Get rid of your leathers. As you can see we are laidback here." Sean also welcomed us.

Rico was the last guy to welcome us. "As Rudi's best buddy, you are regarded part of the household and so is your boyfriend. Rudi and his boyfriend are in the pool."

"Thanx guys. Jason, will you give me a minute with Rudi, then come and join me at the pool."

On my way to the pool I took my leather vest off. Earlier the day I had Len's bro sent over two leather vests, sleeveless and open fronts, one for Jason and one for me. Jason and I made a real statement as we only wear it on our bare skin - no T under it. The feeling of the leather on my bare skin was awesome, but one can't have everything at the same time – either the feeling of leather or showing off an awesome muscle body. I decided to follow the example of the other guys – show off my muscles.

Rudi, with his back towards me, and his boyfriend were making out in the pool. Unaware of my presence, they continue while I enjoyed their show for a while.

"Hey." I said to draw their attention.

Rudi froze for a few seconds before he turned around to look at me.

"I was invited to a party..... that's if it's still ok with you?" I tried to get a conversation going.

"I thought you don't wane have anything to do with ....... A gay guy like me." Rudi looked at me with expectation.

"Where did you get that fucked up idea?" I asked him.

"The way you reacted when I came out to you." Rudi looked at me before he moved closer to Shawn, obviously for moral support.

"Your imagination got the better of you buddy. That stud next to you? You gonna introduce me to him or what?"

"He ..... It's Shawn.... My boyfriend..... Jacques, my best buddy." Rudi introduced us.

"Shawn? You... not the former first team quarterback.... Captain..... ?"

"That's me.... And you are a lecturer at the sports science department. You helped me with a workout program last season." Shawn confirmed that we have met earlier.

"Cool. Now you have probably heard this before, but just to make sure you have no doubts what so ever..... If you let my buddy get hurt in whatever way, I'll personally come after you... and trust me, you don't wane experience that." I made it clear to the guys that I have a soft spot for Rudi.

"Well, to be honest, I never had such intentions but now that I've seen the guy that Rudi worship as a demi-god, I will never get such intentions." Shawn took Rudi in his arms and smiled at me.

Just then Jason joined me at the pool. I put my arm around him and pulled him into a close embrace. Jason took the initiative and gave me a long passionate kiss. After a while I pulled away and looked at Rudi.

"You guys, meet my boyfriend Jason. Jason, that's Rudi and his boyfriend Shawn."

"Hey guys. Wazup?"

"Cool man." Was Shawn's response. Rudi just stared at us with a gaping mouth.

"So what you think of my boyfriend Budd? Isn't he gorgeous?" I asked Rudi.

"But..... you are straight!" Was Rudi's response.

"Was, or so I thought, till I met Jason." I said to a surprised Rudi.

"Ok, you two studs can sort out the logistics at some other time. Why don't you studs join us in the pool?" Shawn invited us to swim with them.

"We did not bring anything to swim in...." Jason tried some lame excuse.

"Well that's perfect!" Rudi counter Jason's excuse. "We don't allow clothes in the pool – one of several house rules you as our friends will have to follow if you wane hangout with us.

I winked at Jason as Rudi and Shawn filled us in on the house rules. The rules were all mandatory and also applied to guests, unless stated otherwise. Known as the 7 golden rules of the house, they were:

1. All boys will go commando

2. Clothes are optional in and around the house – nudity preferred

3. No solo j/o – a buddy must give you a hand and he is compelled to do it whenever asked to assist

4. Sex where ever and whenever you want – also allowed with any house member

5. No single showers allowed and it's everyone's duty to wash another guy

6. No knocking on doors – walk into a room whenever you want

7. If walking in on guys having sex, you may stay and watch or join – depending on the mood of the guys involved.

"I like that, awesome! Let's join them." Without waiting on Jason I stripped and jumped into the water.

We had an awesome time playing and fooling around. One by one the rest of the guys joined us in the pool. It was not long before Marc lift himself out of the pool to sit on the edge, with his feet hanging in the water. Without hesitation Rico went over to him and began to blow Marc's rock hard dick. It was the most natural thing to follow their example and soon everyone was rock hard and busy to work over his boyfriend.

"Rudi, fill us in about your idea of 'Rent a College Jock'. My opinion is that we can make a kill now that G.Y.M. stopped doing business. What do you guys think about Rudi's idea?" Rocco said in-between kissing his boyfriend Sean. ( You can read about G.Y.M. in my other story called G.Y.M)

"Fuck Rocco, I wane fuck Marc's hot muscle ass. Don't you have something better to do like fucking Sean, instead of talking about 'Rent a Jock Boy' shit?" Rico said to everyone's amusement.

"What's this...... 'Rent a Jock Boy' thing that you guys talking about?" Marc looked at Rocco then at Rudi.

"Rudi, it's your idea. Fill your bro in." Rocco looked at Rudi and gave him a thumb up.

"Well actually its sort of the same thing you guys did at G.Y.M...... guys pay to check us out while we perform in the nude..... and .... To feel us up or what ever." Rudi shared his idea with us.

"And we give live fuck shows.... . Not so Rudi? And do we call ourselves?" Rocco add to what Rudi has told us about his idea.

"Yea... and what about RENT A JOCK?"

"4 RENT – COLLEGE MUSCLE JOCKS. Fuck boys!!" Marc laughed. "I'm away for a few hours and when I walk into the house I have to discover my kid bro is a pimp!"

Everyone was laughing at Marc's comment and after shooting some shit about it Marc and Rocco told us what they did at G.Y.M.

At the end Marc said: "So we need 12 guys to make it worth the effort and we are six."

"Count me and Jason in." I volunteered.

"You know of other guys that will join us?" Marc looked at me.

"If we can work out something to protect their identities, yea I'm sure I can get 4 more." I was referring to Colt and Blain the two marines and JC and his boyfriend Dean.

To be continued.



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