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Bolatino is packed with Latin men from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean and this theater has almost doubled in size since we reviewed it just over two years ago. I have a thing for Latin and Mediterranean men, I love the myriad skin tones from light beige to dark chocolate, and I go nuts for big cocks and foreskin. I could easily get lost on Bolatino for a long time before satiating my appetite, and with nearly twice as many videos, I've got a lot of catching up to do.

Bolatino brings together guys filmed by several different studios from around the world, so there are all different types of guys on the site. Bolatino has a twink section, but honestly they subscribe to the notion that any slim guy under 25 years of age is a twink, so don't expect a lot of real twinks. What you will find are lots of guys in their twenties with slender and smooth bodies, plenty of guys with athletic bodies, jocks, and muscle boys, men with hot gym bodies, and a few bodybuilders or beefcake men. You'll find every color from creamy browns to dark coffees, and there are black studs too. Most of the models are smooth, but there are some hairy guys and a few with facial hair. And Latin men are among the best hung in the world, so there are plenty of big dicks and lots of foreskin.

Bolatino is one of 19 sites run by Studio Presse, a French gay porn company that not only produces its own content, but also brings together DVD content from a large number of producers. In Bolatino's case, this includes Alexander Pictures, JNRC, Latinoguys, PitBull, Flava Men, and several other producers. More recently Studio Presse set up a theatre featuring Brazilian hunk Paulo Massa and his monster cock, but while the hunk has his own theater, his videos also appear in the Bolatino theater.

Of the 1,158 videos on Bolatino, 183 of them are solo jack-off sessions. The remaining videos are hardcore suck and fuck action in duos, threeways, and small groups. There are 212 videos in the site's gangbang section, but most of these are threeways. The sex on Bolatino is hot, with lots of kissing, touching, cock sucking, rimming, and ass fucking. There are also a couple of dozen videos in their "straight" category, which features mostly guys jacking off, but several getting their dicks serviced too. You'll also find interracial action with both white and black guys having sex with Latino men. If you like watching men getting off outdoors, there's plenty that as well.

All 1,158 videos are available as streaming vids that play at from 640x480 to 1026x578, but there may be other sizes. The site's streaming system is robust and I didn't have typical problems with waiting for videos to buffer; they played quite smoothly and you can jump forward and back with no difficulty. You can also download many of the videos, although not all of them, and these play at 640x480 or 852x480, but again, there may be other sizes. The videos are generally pretty clear, but they're also filmed by a variety of producers and in different locations, so some videos have lighting issues or could be a little sharper. Many didn't suffer much loss in quality in full-screen mode, but others were disappointing.

There are no picture galleries, but each scene has a small collection of pictures displaying at 480x360 that allow you to preview the men and the action. But they aren't galleries where the pictures can be enlarged or viewed in a slideshow.

Bolatino is a pay-per-view theater where you purchase and redeem tickets to watch or download the videos you want. Tickets run from $5 for 5 tickets up to $50 for 100 tickets and it generally costs 4 tickets to watch a full scene and downloads are usually 6 tickets. But there's no clear-cut rationale as to why some videos can be downloaded and others can only be streamed. But the good news is that your Bolatino tickets can be used on any of the 19 Studio Presse sites. And something that is new since our last review is that you can also purchase an unlimited streaming membership that lets you watch whatever you want without all the ticket bother, but downloads aren't included in this membership.

The only caveat I have is that the Bolatino tour says that there are 9,000 videos on the site and they add 15 new ones per week, but both claims pertain to the entire Studio Presse network and not Bolatino specifically. The videos on Bolatino aren't dated, although you can sort them by date added, but I can't give you any information about their update schedule. But as I have mentioned already they have jumped from 606 movies in April 2013 to 1,158 in July 2015, which means they've added 552 videos in a little over 2 years, so they're definitely updating the site. As well, since movies can appear in more than one theater, the 9,000 video count is exaggerated. Finally, I found that their categories and tagging system isn't as good as it could be. For instance, I particularly love Brazilian men, and Bolatino does feature lots of them, but all their videos are tagged with "Latino men," which isn't very helpful if you're looking for Brazilians, or even Spanish or Mexican guys specifically.

If you like Latin men as much as I do, I think you'll be pretty happy with Bolatino. There's a hot collection of all kinds of men from guys with slender and athletic bodies to hunks with rolling muscles. I guess the only thing the site really lacks are true Latin twinks and thugs, which we often see on Latino porn sites. But with 1,158 videos on the site, I certainly didn't have trouble finding lots of beautiful men to watch and heaps of big uncut cocks to ogle. Bolatino has grown quite a bit since our last review with over 550 new videos added in the last two years. You really can't go wrong here, so I highly recommend that you check out the sexy Latino men on Bolatino.

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