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After more than three years on auto pilot, Straight Guys for Gay Eyes has started updating again with real straight guys doing what they love the most. Generally a man doesn't figure prominently in straight porn - he's just the dick and most of the focus is on the woman. But SG4GE is different: the camera work focuses on the guy so gay fans can get turned on by his muscled body tensing and dripping with sweat as he fucks. There's also a few male-male-female bisexual shoots, and there are some male solos, as well. The site has redesigned their tour and member area, so let's take a fresh look.

The male performers range throughout their twenties with some in their thirties. They generally have gym-fit to muscular bodies, but there are some who are very well built. There's a mix of smooth and hairy bodies and most of the men are clean shaven, although some are sporting a couple of days worth of stubble. I'm not familiar with straight porn, so I don't know if the guys are known in that arena, however I do recognize a lot of performers from various gay porn sites: Robert Axel, Johnny Castle, Connor Maguire, Leo Giamani, Bo Dean, Zeb Atlas, Girth Brooks, Johnny Torque and the late Arpad Miklos. You'll also find some solo shoots, but most of the action here is hardcore.

Straight Guys for Gay Eyes offers 436 exclusive videos, and the good news is that this site has moved back into production - Jake Cruise tells me that he plans to add a new scene at least every two weeks. Now let's talk videos. The newer downloadable vids are MP4s available in two large sizes of 1920x1080 and 1280x720 and there are two smaller options, too. The smallest is ideal for cell phones, but all videos are mobile compatible. The older videos come in three sizes the largest at 960x720. They're all good amateur quality, although the newest production are better; I'm afraid the older ones lack a little sharpness by today's standards. And you can stream the videos at three speeds in a player at 1400x790 or 1048x790, depending on the age of the video.

Each episode also comes with a description of the action and a set of pics. In most sets the pics are good amateur digital stills sized at 960x640, although a few of the oldest photo sets offer average quality screencaps. And in all sets, the cumshots are usually screencaps taken from the videos. The pic sets don't display in typical gallery format; instead there's a View button that opens the first picture and you move through them one at a time with the forward button, as there's no hands-free slideshow. This isn't ideal, but the good news is that there's a downloadable zip file so you can browse the pictures easily offline. You're also able to save pictures individually, if you want.

While the site has only just started updating after more than a three year break, today was the second of the new updates, right on time. The non-recurring memberships cost more than the recurring versions; the monthly non-recurring membership costs $10 more than the recurring and the non-recurring quarterly membership costs a full $25 more than the recurring version.

The initial price of a monthly membership has increased by $5, but that's because the price decreased when updates stopped. There are a couple of navigation issues, too. You can only browse the video pages one at a time, and while there is a box where you can enter a page number and jump ahead, how does one know exactly how many pages there are? (There are 19, by the way.) There is a navbar link that leads you to a cam-sex site that will cost you extra, but that's pretty standard.

If you're looking for real straight guys, including some porn stars and hunks, in action, Straight Guys for Gay Eyes is definitely worth checking out. The guys are horny and delicious and the camera work definitely captures those muscular bodies and hard cocks. The site has just started production again, and there are 436 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile. Straight Guys for Gay Eyes delivers on their promises of horny straight men in action, and if you love real straight cock, you'll want to check this site out.

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