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Bath House Bait features horny, hunky guys sucking, fucking, jerking, and shooting their loads at the bathhouse, in locker rooms, and at spas. The men here are mostly in their twenties and thirties, handsome and well-built with muscular, gym-built bodies, hard cocks, and great asses. Some are porn stars or performers you may have seen before including Bryce Star, JT Knightly, and self-professed bottom king Jessie Colter. Some of the guys are smooth, a few are hairy and some are tattooed.

Some of the action here does take place in the bathhouse, often in groups. And who doesn't love watching men in towels finding other guys, discarding their towels, and feasting on cocks, fucking ass, and shooting hot cum on each other's faces or asses? But while you'll also find gay sex going on in locker rooms and the sauna, some of the action takes place outdoors, at the pool, in the shower, or in an apartment.

Bath House Bait offers 39 exclusive videos offered in DRM-free MP4 format, and some are offered in additional formats as well. All the vids are offered for download in MP4 format; these are good quality and sized at 720x404 which should play on most mobiles. Some vids are also available in MPG format at 1920x1080 and a few in WMV format as well. On our last visit, some vids were sized at 1280x720, and while some could still be offered at that size, I couldn't find any. All the videos can be streamed in MP4 format in two quality levels, too, and the HD version enlarges to full screen pretty well.

Each video comes with two picture sets. First is a set of good quality digital stills sized at 1000x1500, although they may be shown smaller on the page unless you expand them. The pic sets can be downloaded as zip files or you can save the ones you like individually. Each episode also includes a set of screencaps that are sized at 1280x720, and these are actually good amateur quality. While the screencaps are not offered in zip files, you can save your favorites individually.

Bath House Bait is part of the Gay Room network, so full members get access to 12 network bonus sites, five more than there were on our last visit. The network offers over 1,400 additional downloadable movies in niches including interracial, big cocks, office sex, fetish, and massage. The network adds two updates per week from six of the sites that each update between once and three times per month.

Now let's talk about about updates. First off, while the network still updates, Bath House Bait itself stopped updating in 2013, then they added some fresh updates in early 2015 and stopped updating again; it's been two and a half years since they last added any new content.

There are some more issues to discuss as well. There's a pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) on the right side of the billing page, and it's easy to miss if you're not looking for it. Trial members get limited access to the site's content and to the bonus sites. Trial memberships rebill at $10 more per month than the cost of a recurring monthly membership, and the yearly and monthly recurring memberships have both gone up in price. There are ads in the members area that could be mistaken for content, and there's no info or profiles for the models. I was unable to get the link to Epoch (the secondary processor) to work, but the primary processor works fine.

There are two last things I wanted to mention. At the time of this review, Bath House Bait charges $29.95 for a monthly membership while the network itself, GayRoom, costs $17.95 for access to the same sites. Also, there are no direct links to the bonus sites inside Bath House Bait, while if you join the network you can browse each site without having to type in the web addresses and logins. I'd suggest you join via GayRoom instead of this site as it's not only cheaper but easier to navigate to the other sites.

Bath House Bait is one of the few sites that focuses on guys getting it on at the baths in threesomes and groups. The men here are well-built hunks and porn performers (as well as some smooth slender guys) who really know how to fuck, and production values are good, showing off the action well. The site offers 39 exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobile, and each comes with two sets of pics. While the site itself no longer updates, full members get access to an updating network of 12 gay porn sites that add over 1,400 bonus video. While the site isn't perfect, the men of Bath House Bait are mouthwatering, and the shower and bath-house action is definitely hot.

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