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Raw Euro is a new gay porn site featuring European twinks and jocks in bareback sucking and fucking action. The guys are mostly Eastern Europeans in their twenties, a mix of twinks and jocks, or at least what people generally call twinks these days, i.e. slim guys in their early twenties. But really, most of the guys are sporting athletic bodies, although I did see two performers, Arny Donan and Nico LaCosty, who are quite muscular, as well as a few who are very cute. The guys are primarily smooth except for the odd one with a light shadow of fuzz on their chest. And of course there's plenty of uncut cocks as Europeans tend to be uncircumcised.

The guys here are mostly Czech and Russian, although I saw a couple of Slovaks, a Ukrainian, and a French dude. Each model has a profile page detailing his stats and giving a brief paragraph about him, and you'll find all of his scenes listed on his page. I recognized a lot of them, but Eastern European performers often work under numerous porn names, but I did recognize Johannes Lars, Dmitry Olsen, Matin Muse, Nick Vargas, and the late Denis Reed; I also recognized many more faces but not their names.

There are five threeways, and the rest of the action happens in duos; it's all raw, so there's no fucking with condoms here. There may be a bit of a story line like in "Peaking Boner" where two guys notice their sleeping friend's morning wood is popping out of his underwear, they kneel at the edge of the bed and one of the boys puts it in his mouth and wakes up the fellow. The two guys carry on servicing his big uncut cock, and the brunette is lucky enough to get fucked. (BTW, it should have been called "Peeking Boner.") So there's nothing too complicated, just a little fun to get the guys to the sucking and fucking. Some of the sessions are more passionate with kissing and caressing, but when it comes right down to it, these boys love enjoying each other's uncut dicks.

Raw Euro offers 58 videos that are available in MP4 format. The downloadable versions come in three or four sizes; 1920x1080 and two smaller ones at 1280x720 and 640x360; many of the newer ones also have 4K versions. The videos are good amateur quality with sound, and the ones I watched had English subtitles. You can also stream the videos on the site and they're offered in the same speeds as the downloads. The site uses an adaptive player, so on my 26-inch monitor they played at 1640x900 and the highest quality was pretty good quality. There's also a full-screen option available and I'd recommend using the highest quality video for that. 

The site was quite fast on my Android cellphone - I was quite impressed really. And the videos played with no problem and looked quite good on my phone and tablet. Gosh, we're so lucky these days - I remember having to order VHS tapes online and waiting for them to arrive in the mail. Now, a couple of clicks and I'm watching hot Euro boys fucking on my phone.

There are also 58 standalone photo galleries offering good quality digital stills that display at 889x1300 (portrait) or 2000x1333 (landscape). In these galleries you can save the pictures individually or download zip files. There are 50 or more pics in each gallery. Each video also has five screencaps that preview the action; you can enlarge each one, but only to 455x255. Unsurprisingly, the screencap galleries don't have downloadable zip files, but they can be saved one at a time if you want. All the pictures come in a viewer with forward and back controls, but there's no hands-free slideshows.

Now let's talk about updates. The videos aren't precisely dated, but instead say that they were added "1 week ago" or "4 weeks ago" and as such, they seem to be adding a new scene every week, although they could be added on different days of the week. The important thing is that they are updating.

Members get access to a bonus section of 1,229 DVDs, and they feature all kinds of guys and niches. You can watch these online or download one version of them in MP4 format; sizes range from 640x480 to 1024x576 depending on the DVD, and they're decent quality. It appears that there are the same number of DVDs that there were on our last visit, but there's a lot of them so it's not really an issue.

Are there any problems here? Well, the tour says that the videos are exclusive, but at least some aren't. I can't be sure about every one because those pesky aliases make it difficult to cross reference videos, but at least some of them have appeared on another European site named Doggy Boys. The tour also offers 4K videos, but while the newer videos are indeed 4K, the oldest videos aren't available in 4K although they are available in full HD.  I don't have any other complaints.

Raw Euro features hot European twinks and jocks in raw suck and fuck action. The site just launched with 34 videos but has grown to 58 vids already thanks to weekly updates. The videos are available to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles. I found the guys were generally pretty cute, and I love uncut dick so I was pretty happy here, especially since many of these cocks were fairly big. Lots of hot boys riding on big cocks - what more could a porn hog ask for? If you love barebacking and European twinks, I suggest you check Raw Euro out - I think you'll like it.

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