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Man Up focuses on hot guys, kink, some BDSM and more. You can expect edging, super heroes, tickling sessions, foot play and ball busting, guys getting wedgies and lots of domination and bondage. The site is run by Lance Hart, and he plays around with a lot of the guys on his site, but he's not featured in every scene. It's been a while since we last reviewed the site, and it's gone through some changes, so it's time to see what's new.

On our last visit Man Up offered clips for sale, but a big - and welcome - change is that the site is now a subscription website that gives access to all the videos rather than making you buy them one at a time. We'll go into the details shortly, but members can download and stream all the videos.

The men are a mix. You'll find well built hunks, including some with sixpack abs, slim and athletic guys, a couple who are on the twink side of things and a few average "regular guy" types, as well as some men over 40. Most of the performers have tattoos, some just a couple while others are quite inked, and while some guys are clean-shaven, others sport facial hair from scruff to neatly trimmed beards. There are some single name amateurs here, but there are also familiar faces including Casey Everett, Brock Avery, Christian Wilde and Sebastian Keys. I was happy to see some hunky porn star daddies including Rocco Steele, D Arclyte, Trenton Ducati and Jessie Colter.

The action on Man Up is pretty kinky, and each scene usually has some kind of a story line. I watched one where a guy has been leaving his dirty underwear all over the house, and his roommate (who's sexy, bearded and aggressive) has had enough. He makes his lazy roommate try on various pairs of dirty briefs, then gives him painful wedgies, pulling up hard on the underwear so the undies go up his lazy roommate's crack and push hard on his balls. There's some light spanking in this video, and the lazy roommate ends up with dirty underwear in his mouth and up his butt crack, looking bullied and helpless.

There are plenty of super hero videos, too. You'll find Superman humiliated by Zod (remember him from Superman 2?), forced to worship his feet and finally his super cock is milked. In my personal favorite, dirty cop Buck Wright is captured and tied to a chair, and then Batman begins his interogation. He tickles his feet, strokes his cock and demands to know what he's doing with the Riddler. Batman edges the dirty cop, bringing him right to the edge of cumming over and over, but only lets him cum after he's told everything he knows. You'll also find plenty of Robin including Robin VS Bane and Nightwing VS Robin.

There's a heavy emphasis on foot play here - foot jobs, foot worship, licking and sucking toes, rubbing and tickling. The site owner is also really into ball busting so you'll find lots of guys getting their nuts punched, squeezed and kicked. A lot of the scenes involve bondage followed by domination, spanking, tease and denial play, wrestling and ruined or denied orgasms. Ruined orgasms was new to me and involves a guy's cock jacked until he starts to cum, then his tormentor starts tickling him to ruin the pleasure of his orgasm. And there's plenty of cock sucking and handjobs, usually in the middle of a kinky scenario, and there are eight episodes that include fucking.

Man Up offers 144 exclusive videos. Some of them are full scenes, others are partial scenes of a longer session. Updates are frequent, a new one added every one to four days. The downloadable videos are usually offered in several sizes, the largest at 1920x1080, and quality is usually good. The smallest vids are sized at 854x480, and play on most mobiles, although it's worth noting that a few of the newest videos are only available at the smaller size, which looks pretty good but may not enlarge to full screen that well, partly depending on the size of your monitor. And if you prefer, you can stream the videos at 980x550 - if you want to go full screen, I'd suggest the highest quality as it enlarges beautifully.

Another improvement is that the site now offers picture sets - 138 of them. These seem to be digital stills, although some could go very good quality screencaps, and there are usually seven to 12 pics in each set. While shown online to fit your browser, each picture set is offered in several different downloadable zip files, each offering pics in a different size. The sizes offered aren't actually the sizes I found in the zip files, but sizes I found included 1105x711, 1626x958 and 1024x581, although a couple sets lacked clarity at their largest size, but most were pretty good. While the pics aren't offered for individual download, each set can also be viewed as a hands-free slideshow.

There's not a lot of extras here, but there is a very helpful category list that are also listed on each episode, to help you find more of what you want whether it's CBT, domination, anal or cosplay, to name just a few. And there's also the blog. The blog is available in both the member area and on the tour, but it doesn't talk about the men or updates; it focuses on site news. Still, if you want to know what's happening when it comes to updates, site design or something else, this is well worth reading.

And reading the blog explains that the current updates are recycled older updates... sort of. The original version of the site was pay-per-clip, while the current version gives members run of the house. So while the updates are from the previous version of the site, they weren't available unless you paid to own them. So I wouldn't consider them recycling updates so much as adding previously shot content to the member area that most of us haven't seen before.

Does the site have any issues? Well, some of the photos' largest sizes are probably upsized from their originals, so the largest sizes aren't very sharp; most of the pics' largest sizes look good, though. There's an extra step for each download, but while it's a bit clunky, it's pretty easy. Most videos can be downloaded in several sizes, but the names are the same, so if you want to save two sizes, be sure and rename one of them. Btw, Each model's page has room for a profile, but there's nothing in that space and no model info of any kind, even for the porn stars. Since the current design is just over a month old, Lance may be working on those model profiles - I sure hope so!

Man Up is a breath of fresh air with unique themes and good execution. I found the videos were both fun and a turn-on to watch. If you like guys in kinky play, you'll find lots here to keep you watching. And I haven't found a site out there yet that offers so much ball busting content, and this combined with all the various foot play scenes, super hero humiliation and punishment, spanking, edging and more gives you some very focused and kinky content. There are 144 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and I felt like the guys were getting off on what they were doing, not just going through the motions. There are also picture sets. If you like kink and gay porn stars, you'll want to check out Man Up; it's a bizarre, fun and hot fetish site.

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