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Club Bang Boys is a gay porn network offering access to five sites that film in the Czech Republic. Gay Bang Boy features rowdy naked guys letting loose at parties or clubs; they drink, smoke, get naked and suck cock and fuck on the dance floor. Gay Public Hardcore has guys having sex in public places. Boys Club for Men pairs up guys in their twenties with older men in their thirties and forties; Bareback Boy Bangers features 18 to twenty-something twinks, jocks and amateurs in raw action. And last is All BareBacked, featuring more condom-free action.

There's a variety of European men here; you'll find lots of athletic jocks and average guys, as well as twinks, daddies, muscle hunks and some slender guys who aren't cute or young enough to be twinks. Some of the performers are clean-cut with a collegiate look, others are more "regular guy" types, and while some of the guys have tattoos, there are less on display here than I find at a lot of sites. Since the performers here are European, you can expect plenty of uncut cocks. And whether they're muscled or slim, most of the guys here have smooth chests.

Since the sites offer a variety of themes, you can expect a good mix of action. There are large sex parties where the guys kiss and grope each other and someone gets on his knees and blows another clothed stud. Everyone can watch each other cavorting and having sex. Then there are those public sex videos, and these are my favorites. There are blowjobs and asses getting fucked in the woods, groups of guys getting it on in public restrooms, a guy sucking cock on an outdoor staircase and another getting boned in the car by the side of the road. There are two bareback sites where all kinds of guys fuck raw in duos, threesomes and larger groups. And there's inter-generational cock riding, ass fingering, blowjobs and rimming at Boys Club for Men.

Club Bang Boys offers 285 exclusive DRM-free videos. Bareback Boy Bangers offers 162 episodes, Gay Bang Boy has 32, Gay Public Hardcore has 57, Boys Club for Men has 28 videos, and the newest site All BareBacked has six vids. There are also 92 streaming-only bonus vids from other sites from the same company, BiMaxxx and Guys Go Crazy, and there are more bonus vids from sites including Arm Wrestling,

The actual Club Bang Boys site videos are offered in MP4 format, the newer at 1920x1080 with two smaller sizes and the oldest at 720x576 plus one smaller size. The smaller versions are compatible with most mobiles, and there are also streaming versions sized at 1140x606 at three quality levels. The videos are fairly good amateur quality, but sometimes the camera gets jostled while shooting or there may be someone briefly getting in the way. The Club Bang Boys videos are each only part of a full scene, and while you can download each 20-minute part, there's no way to download the whole thing in one shot. The other sites' videos are full scenes.

Each scene comes with pictures. Some sets contain good amateur quality digital stills but others may offer better-than-average screencaps - it's hard to tell for sure. When viewing the photos on the site, they're scaled to fit your browser window, but if you save them individually, they're a massive 3696x2448 or even a little larger. You can view the pics as a hands-free slideshow or download entire sets in zip files, but there's no gallery so when browsing the pictures on the site you can't preview them and choose to see only the ones that interest you.

Now let's talk about updates, which aren't as regular as I'd like to see. Gay Public Hardcore updates are added anywhere from four to 14 days apart, while Gay Bang Boy updates twice a month and last added a video 16 days ago. Bareback Boy Bangers last updated 12 days ago, although they had been updating regularly every week before that, and a couple months before twice a month. Boys Club for Men last updated about two and a half months ago. Last, All BareBacked has only six videos so far, but they show their latest video was added only two days ago. And I suspect that some updates in some of the sites are being recycled, as the sites haven't grown that much in over a year but are showing frequent update dates.

There are some issues worth talking about. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for an additional recurring site membership. The prices on the join page are given only in Euros, but don't worry - they're also displayed in dollars on the billing page. The bonus videos supplied by other sites aren't offered for download and the download link is there to upsell you to join those sites. I didn't like that each guy's party in Gay Bang Boy is broken into multiple parts - six updates to add one scene, no matter how long each part is, is definitely dragging things out. There's a multi-part banner at the bottom of the pages that could be mistaken for a category list. And last, while download speeds weren't actually slow, they were fairly lackluster.

Club Bang Boys is a fun network that offers wild sex parties, public suck and fuck action and daddy/boy sex between guys in their twenties and men in their late thirties and forties, as well as barebacking in duos and threesomes. The performers are also a mix, as you'll find average guys, cute twinks and college types, jocks, daddies and muscle hunks, all from Europe, so you can expect plenty of uncut cocks. The network has grown to offer 285 exclusive videos to download, stream or watch on your mobiles plus there are 92 streaming bonus vids in the mix. While updates are irregular, and one site has stopped updating, there are enough new videos being added currently to keep members happy. And fans of uncut cocks, barebacking and group sex will probably like what they find at Club Bang Boys.

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