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Property POV is a reality porn site that parodies those real-estate shows where a buyer is shown various properties and has to decide which one to buy. Except in these scenes the real-estate agent entices the client to sign on the dotted line with an offer for sex. One episode features a contractor who is giving a quote on renovation work, and two others deal with a property manager trying to appease an angry tenant. This is the third site from Fetish Network who has recently launched two other reality sites called Helpless Boys and Busted Boys. The first two sites had fun themes, so let's see what's going on with Property POV.

The guys in these episodes are all in the twenties with fit bodies, some a little more muscular than others. Two of them are known performers, Guy Lima and Cesar Rosi. The others may be porn regulars, as well, but I wasn't familiar with them: Dylan Drive, Wes Kraves, Markus Kors, Valentino Nappi and Justin Bold. All of the guys are Caucasian except Bold, who is black. The guys tend not to be overly hairy, but I did spot some furry patches on some of the guys. Many are sporting a bit of face scruff, but usually just a couple of day's of growth; only a couple had anything I'd call a beard.

As indicated by the site's name, these scenes are filmed POV - or point-of-view style - which means the guy wanting to buy the house, for example, is holding the camera and films the real estate agent as he shows the house. At some point the buyer balks at the price and, after some back and forth, the buyer will either ask for head or the agent will suggest it. The buyer continues filming as the agent sucks his cock, and as he fucks the agent, he holds the camera while the agent rides his cock. Sometimes when the bottom is getting fucked on his back, we get a better view of the top's body and sometimes part of his face creep into the frame. At that point it's obvious that the camera is on a tripod or there's someone holding it, so it's no longer POV. As far as I could see, the bottoms do all of the work and the tops don't do any dick sucking, although they do fondle and finger the guys. And by the way, all of the fucking happens with condoms.

Aside from the real estate sales set-up, there are some other situations. In "Serving the Tenant", Wes Kraves plays a property manager dealing with a tenant who is upset with the condition of the place he's just rented. For the next few minutes, the tenant shows Wes all of the problems and listens to a barrage of excuses. Finally, the property manager agrees to take $500 off the rent and promises to get everything fixed within the next three months. The tenant agrees and says that if he throws in a blowjob, he has a deal. After getting his dick sucked for several minutes, the tenant wants to change the terms of their agreement – he wants to fuck the property manager.

Property POV offers 10 exclusive, DRM-free videos. You can downloaded them in four sizes: 854x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080, and a huge 4K version at 3840x2160 that's upwards of 40 Mbps. The videos downloaded quickly for me on my high-speed cable connection - even the 4K video didn't take long at all. However if you have a slower internet connection, you'll likely want to stick to the smaller sizes, which are also good for mobiles. The videos here are good quality, they're bright and crisp and play well. Because of the POV style there's a bit of jostling of the camera, but that's to be expected. You can also stream the videos on the site at 1108x624. There are four speeds available but they all play at the same size, although the quality improves as you move up to the full HD and 4K versions.

There's also a photo set for each of the episodes. These are good quality screencaps of the action that display at 1600x900. The pics display in thumbnail galleries with forward and back controls. Unfortunately, there's no hands-free slideshow, and while you can save the pictures one at a time, there's no downloadable zip files. Each set has around 100 pictures.

Members of Property POV get access to both Helpless Boys, which has 14 videos, and Busted Boys which offers 10 scenes. So altogether you're getting 34 videos across three different themes. That's not bad, but I still find it meager considering the $39.95 price tag.

Now let's talk about updates. For a while, the site didn't add any new content, stalling out at only seven videos, but recently that's changed. The site added an update in September, October and November of 2018, which not only brings the total videos to 10 but also gives us reason to hope for continued updates in the future. 

Are there other issues? Well, on the join page, everything except the monthly option shows a per month price but not the full price you'll be paying, so a 90-day membership is listed as $23.95 monthly but doesn't show a total cost. Also we've had complaints from members about this company's cancellation policies. First, memberships need to be cancelled 72 hours before they expire, and second, you must do so by emailing their support department directly. The catch here is that email support is only available Monday to Friday between 9-5 PST, so if you email outside of those times you can expect a delayed response.

Property POV is a porn site offering parodies of real estate reality shows. It's fun watching the buyer and real-estate agent haggle over the price and finally come to an agreeable solution – some dick sucking and ass fucking. I've seen some real-estate agents in my time that I would have loved to bone. The site is small with 10 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and there's been one update per month for the past three months. There are also 24 bonus scenes from two other reality-style sites in the same network. The videos are well-produced, the acting is good and believable, and the guys and sex are hot.

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