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Helpless Boys is a reality fetish site that sees stranded travelers hitchhiking or waving down vehicles to get a ride to the closest town. These guys really are out in the middle of nowhere with broken down cars or empty gas tanks, so they're desperate. But nothing in life is free, and these guys learn soon enough that this ride is going to cost them. Dearly. This is the first gay site from a company that has produced over 40 straight porn sites, and I'm looking forward to getting inside to see what happens to these stranded guys.

The guys here are a mix of some established gay porn stars as well as lesser-known or first-timers. I saw performers Dustin Steele and Damien Nichols in videos; the rest were unknown to me, but I found a couple of others had done a few other scenes in Pornland when I googled them.

Let's talk about the helpless guys first. They're a mix of white, black and Latin guys who all appear to be in their twenties. They have slim or athletic bodies, and they're mostly smooth and generally clean shaven, although a couple have a bit of face scruff. The drivers are likewise a mix of white, black and Latin men who appear to be in their late twenties or early thirties. A couple are bearded and not particularly hairy, but not completely smooth, either. They're in good shape with a couple more muscular than the others and they look menacing; a couple look particularly rednecky.

The set-up for the scenes is that a guy is stranded on the side of the road for one reason or another; maybe his car broke down or he ran out of gas or maybe he's just lost. He waves down a van and pleads with the driver to give him with a ride to the closest town. This is where it gets interesting. The driver either asks for gas money outright or begins to barter, asking "What's in it for me?" Then he grabs the hitchhiker and either ties his wrists or pushes the helpless guy into his crotch. One driver just pulls the guy out of his car and throws him in the back of van. There may be some initial cock sucking in the front of the van, but the guys are fucked in the back or sometimes over the back bumper if the door is left open. So far all of the fucking is with condoms, and the guys usually get a facial cumshot as a bit of extra humiliation.

In "Broken By BBC" Lorenzo Ferraz waves down a van; he's been stranded on the road for a couple of hours and his phone died so he couldn't even call an Uber. Kenny, the driver, listens to Lorenzo's sob story then tells him to hop in. They drive for a bit then Kenny asks where Lorenzo is going. "The airport?" "Well, that's going to cost me about $80 is gas" Kenny says. Lorenzo breaks down at the thought of being dumped at the side of road and starts crying that he'll do anything. Kenny grabs Lorenzo with both hands, pulls him out of his seat and holds him in a head lock. He pulls off Lorenzo's shirt, then binds his hands with rope. The driver pulls out his cock - it's big - and forces Lorenzo to start sucking. Kenny eventually drags the lad into the back of the van where he face fucks him some more before fucking his ass. The session ends with the hitchhiker leaning over the wheel well as the driver throat-fucks him until he blasts cum all over Lorenzo's face.

Helpless Boys offers 12 exclusive videos in MP4 format, and they can be downloaded in four sizes: 854x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080 and at 4k at 3840x2160. They're good quality and downloaded quickly for me on my high-speed cable connection. The videos are bright and crisp and played well, and the smaller versions worked well on my mobiles. You can also stream the videos in four speeds, but they all play at 1108x624 with increasingly better picture quality from lowest to 4k speed. There's also a full-screen option; the highest qualities fare best, but even the lowest one isn't bad. I should mention that the 4k videos are quite large, so at 3840x2160 I wouldn't recommend downloading it on low-speed internet connections.

There's a photo set for each episode, and each has between 50 and 75 good quality screencaps of the action sized at 1600x900. The pics are offered in thumbnail galleries; you enlarge them one at time and they resize to fit in your browser. There are forward and back controls to ease navigation, but there are no hands-free slideshows. You can save the pictures individually, but there's no downloadable zip files offered.

Members do get access to two bonus site, and although they're small, they deliver. One has a similar theme featuring guys lured to a hotel room by a couple of undercover police officers and with the suspect cornered, these dirty cops have their fun. The other features real estate agents who will do anything to make a sale. 

Now let's talk about updates. For months after this site launched, it didn't add new videos. Then unexpectedly it's started adding new videos. It added two updates in October 2018 and has added two in November, and the month isn't over yet. Let's hope they keep the updates going!

There are a number of other problems when it comes to pricing and billing. The free two-day membership is limited, but there's no information about what those limitations might be. Also no recurring rate is posted, so I have no idea how much you'll be paying after the free membership converts to a monthly membership. I'm assuming it's $39.95, but that's a guess. Furthermore, the 90 day and one year memberships list what they cost per month, but there's no exact charge listed on showing the total amount you'll be billed, so it says $24/mo for a 90-day membership or $16.67/mo for the annual option. And there's no clarifying information in the terms and conditions about the trial's recurring price or limitations, but the join page does mention the other memberships recur.

Aside from that, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that signs you up for a straight fetish site if you don't untick it. And the site is small with only 12 videos, but hopefully it will keep updating. And given the size of the site and the monthly price of $39.95, I find it quite expensive. We've received a couple of complaints from our readers reporting billing issues, as well.

Helpless Boys is a porn site with a wickedly fun and kinky theme. There's nothing like a guy stranded in the middle of nowhere to add new meaning to "I'll do anything." The hitchhikers are forced to suck the driver's cock before they're wrists are roped and they're thrown in the back of the van for some ass fucking. These men definitely aren't Good Samaritans. The site offers 12 exclusive videos, and members get access to two bonus in the same network with reality themes. The videos are well produced, the acting is quite believable, and the sex is hot with lots of throat fucking and ass pounding.

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