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Busted Boys is a reality gay porn site that has cops in a large American city going undercover to "clean up the streets one rent boy at a time". This squad of vice cops sets up in a motel room, then one undercover officer arranges a meet with a male escort while another observes from the adjoining room on his surveillance equipment. When the rent boy names his price, the second officer bursts in and puts the him in handcuffs. And this is where the fun begins - well, fun for the police officers who use their power to get their rocks off. Sounds hot, doesn't it? Join me while I check out this new site.

The rent boys are played by guys in their twenties who are sporting athletic or muscular bodies. They're usually smooth and most are clean shaven, although one wears a full beard and another has a bit of face scruff. The guys are not A-list performers, but they are known or up-and-comer guys including Damien Nichols, Gabriel Knight, Conner Mason, Javier Cruz and Aaron Perez.

The cops are a little older than the rent boys but not by much, and most appear to be in their late twenties or early thirties. They're a mix of Caucasian, black and Latin men who are often wearing beards, as you might expect undercover cops to do. They're also in good shape and a couple are pretty muscular. I wasn't familiar with all of them, but recognized a couple from another site, and performer Dustin Steele appears here. While each rent boy appears in a single scene, the "cops" sometimes appear in a couple of scenes.

So as I mentioned up top, the sting is set up in a motel room where the undercover cop meets with the escort, and they chit-chat and eventually get around to talk about what the officer is looking for. When the rent boy names his price, the police officer who has been hiding in the adjoining room bursts in and puts the escort in handcuffs. The undercover cop usually excuses himself to go start the paperwork or call in for back up to take the perp off to jail. This leaves the uniformed cop alone in the motel room with the rent boy.

In one scene, the escort tells the cop that he's been in this situation before and that the undercover accepted a blowjob and let him off with a warning. Office Steele says to Gabriel Knight "So why don't you get on your fucking knees then?" And Gabriel mouths of, "Then why don't you fucking make me?" The cop does exact that, pulling the rent boy off his chair and onto his knees, then he pushes Gabriel over the coffee table and ties his feet to his handcuffed hands. The cop moves to the escort's head, holds it and throat-fucks him roughly. Steele eventually moves Knight to the bedroom where his hands are tied and his mouth is duct taped and then the cop gives him a rough fuck. When he's had his fun with the boy's ass, he lets the escort cum but makes him eat his own load, then the officer jacks off all over his face.

All the scenes pretty much pan out this way; the escorts are restrained with handcuffs, but sometimes later they're removed and the guy's hands are tied behind his back. There's a lot pushing and rough talk where the cop threatens to haul the guy off to jail if he doesn't do what he's told or even if he doesn't do a good enough job. There's lots of dick sucking with the officer throat-fucking and choking the escort with his hard dick. The fucking is intense, hard and rough, and the guys wear condoms. And as a final act of humiliation, the escort gets his face creamed.

Busted Boys offers 10 exclusive videos in MP4 format. You can download them in four sizes at 854x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080 and 3840x2160. They're good quality with good lighting and sound so we can hear all the dialogue well, and they downloaded quickly for me on my high-speed cable connection. Streaming the videos was effortless; they're offered in four speeds and all speeds play at 1108x624. While the viewing size remains the same, the picture quality increases as you go from lowest up to the 4K speed. There's also a full-screen feature and the highest quality versions fare best, but even the lowest one is pretty good. The very largest size is huge in file size, so downloading it on low-speed connections isn't recommended. The two smaller sizes should be good for most mobiles.

Each episode has a photo gallery with between 50 and 75 good quality screencaps that capture the action well. Their actual size is 1600x900, but they're resized to fit in your browser. The pics are arranged in thumbnail galleries and you can enlarge them one at time or save them individually, however there's no downloadable zip files. There are forward and back controls on the viewer for easy navigation, but there's no hands-free slideshows.

Let's talk about updates. The site launched in June 2018, but for some time it didn't update. Then it started updating in September, and has added one video each month for the past three months. While I'd love it if this site offered weekly updates, I'm happy it's started adding new content.

Members also get access to two more gay reality sites. Helpless Boys features guys stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken down car or perhaps they've been abandoned by their friends. A kind stranger eventually comes along and picks them up, but this car ride isn't going to be free. The stranded lad is going to pay with his mouth and ass. There are 14 videos available here with all the same download and streaming options. And the newer site is called Property POV, where realtors, owners and house flippers will lower their asking price if the buyer will service their dicks. This site offers 10 videos.

There are some issues I want to mention. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that you'll want to opt out of if you're not interested, and you probably won't be since it's a straight porn site. The free trial probably gives very limited access, and the trial billing page doesn't list the price it recurs at. I can't tell about the limitations or price for the trial because there's nothing about the trial on the site's terms and conditions page at all. Pricing on the join page for the three-month and yearly options displays as a per-month rate than a total for the whole time frame. Finally, the site is expensive given the number of videos inside, even if you include the bonus sites.

Busted Boys takes the ambush theme to exciting new levels. Escorts make arrangements to meet an undercover cop at a motel, and when the negotiations are done the rent boy finds himself in handcuffs. If they want to avoid being booked and taken off to jail, these escorts take care of the arresting officer's cock all while with their hands restrained. While the site is small, offering 10 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and it's currently updating once a month. Members also get access two small bonus sites, one showing hitchhiking guys getting a ride and forced to put out, and the other is a reality show parody. The acting is good, so the sessions seem authentic, and there's lots of sucking, fucking, rough sex with bondage and facial cumshots. Busted Boys is worth checking out.

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