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Mister Male is a site from French production company Studio Presse, and it's one of 26 theaters in their network. Each tries to have its own flavor of men and action, but sometimes there's quite a bit of crossover. Mister Male offers us "Muscled straight-looking gay men, macho sportsmen and top alpha men in gay porn". We reviewed this site when it first opened back in 2015; it's doubled in size since then, so it's time to head back and get a fresh look.

The videos on Mister Male come from DVDs produced by a number of different European and British companies including Butch Dixon, Alpha Males, UK Naked Men, as well as American producers like Naked Sword Originals, Titan Men, Raging Stallion, and Jet Set Men. While there's quite a bit of variety, most of the men in these videos are masculine hunks in their mid-twenties to thirties including lots of hairy men packing well-built bodies, and you'll find a mix of cut and uncut cocks. Lots of the men are sporting facial hairy and/or tattoos, but there are many who are clean-shaven with no ink.

Most of the action is men sucking and fucking in duos, threeways, or a few in small groups. It's an odd mix of action and doesn't seem to have much rhyme or reason. One movie features hairy men in their thirties fucking around in a locker room or bedroom, another has scallies banging in a pool hall, then a third will have a bunch of rugby players ganging up on a horny bottom taking turns feeding their dicks to his mouth and ass. There was even one with six wrestlers fucking a seventh in the ring - apparently he lost the match and this was supposed to be his punishment.

One of my favorite newer releases is "My Red Hair Cum-Dump" featuring Pig Boy Ruben bareback fucking a ginger bottom. Pig Boy Ruben is a heavily-inked man with a beefy body and a big dick, and he loves to fuck. Hard. And he's featured in three videos.

Mister Male has 740 videos, which is just over double what they had two years ago. The vids are pulled from 181 DVDs as well as from some of the other network theaters. Members stream the videos on the site at 1024x576, and most come in three speeds including an HD and mobile version, but I can't be sure that all do. And while there is full-screen mode, there are varying results depending on the production company and age of the video. For those who buy tickets, the downloadable MP4 videos play at 960x540, but some may come in a larger size of 1280x720 (I had a limited number of tickets so I couldn't do an exhaustive check), and those network videos may be even smaller at 640x480.

Many videos come with six medium-sized thumbs previewing the action. These are pretty decent quality screencaps sized at 480x300, but they can't be enlarged; they can, however, be downloaded individually. Since there are only six pics per set, it's not really an issue that there are no slideshows or zip files.

Mister Male and the whole Studio Presse network give you a few different ways to enjoy their videos. There's a monthly membership that allows you run of the house where you can stream as much as you want, but this option doesn't include any downloads, you need those tickets for that. You can buy packages of five to 100 tickets costing from $5 to $50; then you redeem a certain number of tickets to download or stream a scene, but some videos can only be streamed. The good news is that the purchased tickets and unlimited streaming membership can be used on any of the 26 theaters in the network. And in the DVD section there's also the option to watch or download full DVDs, but they cost extra money above and beyond the streaming membership or your purchased tickets.

Now let's talk about updates. There's no way to be sure how regular updates are as nothing is dated, but there are 373 more videos than there were 29 months ago, which averages almost 13 new videos per month. Of course, updates could have been more frequent originally and could have slowed - there's no way to know - but the site is currently updating. By the way, the network claims to add more than 120 monthly updates, although again, nothing is dated.

The whole network claims to have 12,000 videos, but one video can appear in multiple theaters and is counted multiple times, so the count is exaggerated. And then, some videos can be downloaded or streamed, others are offered in streaming only and the videos come in either individual scenes or entire DVDs.

I noticed this time around that some of the new releases on Mister Male aren't new productions, but they're movies that have already been featured in some of the networks other theaters and when I downloaded one of these it was much smaller at 640x480. And there's no way of knowing what you're getting in advance.

Mister Male mostly lives up to the "alpha males in gay porn" moniker, giving you lots of well-built men getting off together in a variety of settings. The site itself has 740 videos for members to stream on their desktops and mobiles, and you can also download many of the movies using tickets - both membership and tickets can be used on the entire network. And there's such a variety of stuff to see on the entire network that you shouldn't have trouble keeping yourself turned on. The content is pretty good, so it's best to visit the site and poke around to see if it appeals to you.

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