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Mister Male is a new site from French production company Studio Presse. This is one of 19 theaters in their network, and each tries to have it's own flavor of men and action, but sometimes there's quite a bit of crossover. Mister Male offers us "hard muscles and hard dicks," which is vague, so let's head inside and check things out.

The videos on Mister Male come from 82 DVDs produced by a number of different European companies like Butch Dixon, Alpha Males, UK Naked Men, Triga Films and American producers like Channel 1 Releasing, Naked Sword Originals, Titan Men, Raging Stallion, and Jet Set Men. And while there's quite a bit of variety, most of the men in these videos are masculine hunks in their mid-twenties to thirties with lots of hairy men packing well-built bodies and a mix of cut and uncut cocks.

The Triga line of DVDs included on Mister Male stands out in that it features more rough-looking men like beefy, bald rugby players, street trade, chavs and even some skinheads. And a few of the other DVD lines also through some younger guys in the mix, lads in their early twenties with slim or athletic bodies and usually smooth.

Most of the action is men sucking and fucking in duos, threeways, or a few in small groups. But again, the Triga DVDs are different, with more fetish action, rough sex, piss play, and lots of guys in sports gear fucking around. It's an odd mix of action and doesn't seem to have much rhyme or reason: one movie features hairy men in their thirties fucking around in a locker room or bedroom, another has scallies banging in a pool hall, then a third will have a bunch of rugby players ganging up on a horny bottom taking turns feeding their dicks in his mouth and ass.

A video count reveals there are 367 videos pulled from 82 DVDs; some can be downloaded or streamed as individual scenes, some can only be streamed and others are only available to watch as an entire DVD. The downloadable MP4 videos play at 960x540, but some may come in a larger size of 1280x720 (I had a limited number of tickets so I couldn't do an exhaustive check). The videos also stream on the site at 1026x578, and while there is full-screen mode, there are varying results depending on the production company and age of the video. Many videos have six medium-sized pictures previewing the action but they can't be enlarged, so there are no real picture galleries here.

Mister Male and the whole Studio Presse network give you a few different ways to enjoy their videos, but honestly, I find it confusing. You can buy packages of five to 100 tickets costing from $5 to $50; then you redeem a certain number of tickets to download or stream a scene, but some videos can only be streamed, others can only be viewed as an entire DVD, but they seem to cost extra money above and beyond your purchased tickets. And there are a few DVDs, mainly Raging Stallion and Titan Men, that are listed in the catalog of videos, but there's no way to download, stream, or buy them at all.

If you don't like dealing with tickets, there's an unlimited streaming membership. At $60 for the month it seems expensive, but when you compare it with $50 for 100 tickets, and an average videos cost four to six tickets to watch a video, it's actually a pretty good deal. But this membership doesn't allow you to download anything. The good news is that the purchased tickets or unlimited streaming membership can be used on any of the 19 theaters in this network.

I find Studio Presse, and Mister Male specifically, confounding. The whole network claims to have 9,000 videos, but one video can appear in multiple theaters, so the count is truly exaggerated. Mister Male also includes videos from European producer Triga, but these videos aren't in the same general theme as the others, and Triga has its own theater, so this is a head scratcher. There's no way to be sure how often the site updates are because although the network claims to add more than 60 monthly updates, nothing is dated; good news is that this site itself has added 6 videos in the past 20 days. And then, some videos can be downloaded or streamed, others are offered in streaming only and the videos come in either individual scenes or entire DVDs.

Mister Male mostly lives up to the "hard muscles and hard dicks" moniker, giving you lots of well-built men getting off together in a variety of settings, and there's such a variety of stuff to see on the entire network that you shouldn't have trouble keeping yourself turned on. But there are a number of confusing elements here, which is a shame because the content is actually pretty good, so it's best to visit the site and poke around to see if it appeals to you.

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