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Locker Room Boys is a new site featuring horny guys in their twenties sucking and fucking in gym and locker room scenes. The site just opened in April 2019, and it's from the producer of Fight and Fuck, a popular submission wrestling site. I always love checking out new sites, so let's jump inside and see what they have to offer.

The guys here are in their twenties with slim to athletic bodies. There are a couple of guys packing well-built physiques, but most are sporting gym-fit bodies, and a few are more what I'd call twinks. The guys here are largely smooth and free of tattoos, although one guy did have quite a bit of ink on his arms. The performers are from Eastern Europe, mainly the Czech Republic, and many I recognize as porn regulars including Corey Law, Vitali Kutcher, Jamie Oliver, Florian Mraz, Dom Uly, Thomas Fiaty, and more.

The guys at Locker Room Boys suck and fuck in duos, and the videos follow a couple of story lines. The guys wear sportswear like soccer shorts and colorful athletic socks. One series of videos has one guy massaging another on a proper massage table in a locker room. They're realistic, and the guy getting massaged usually starts clothed, however throughout the rubdown he removes his socks and shirt (or the masseur does), and eventually the shorts come off, too. These aren't quick "rub rub oh look you've got a hard-on" massages, either; they're the real deal, although the masseurs don't appear to be properly trained.

I watched one 18-minute video where the guy's shorts didn't come off until the 10-minute mark, so that's a lot of massage action. Then the masseur pays attention to his buddy's uncut cock. He stiffens it up with a squirt of oil. Once hard (and this one's a good size with a flared helmet), he sucks it and continues stroking. Eventually, the guy wraps his own fist around his dick while his buddy plays with his balls, and they continue like this until he shoots his load.

Sometimes a guy thinks he's alone in a locker room and pulls out his dick for a jack-off session. One blond guy is snorting on a pair of underwear with his hand down his pants when another athlete enters the locker room and says, "What the fuck! What are you doing?" He pulls down his track pants saying, "You want some cock?" Another scene has two guys in the locker room, one sitting on a bench watching another walks around doing some stretches. The lad on the bench is groping his crotch, which eventually catches the attention of the other one, and they get started.

In another scene, two guys are working out in the gym area when one heads to the adjacent locker room and sits on the bench tugging his bulge. The other is soon peeking around the corner to see what's going on and joins his workout buddy. The guys end up swapping head and one or both of them get fucked. The anal sex was mostly bareback, although I did see one scene with a guy wearing a condom. The guys fuck on the floor, on the massage table, or against the lockers until they're ready to shoot, and they usually blow their creamy cum on the bottom's ass or belly. All of the scenes feature sucking and fucking except that one massage video that had no anal sex.

Locker Room Boys just opened with 12 exclusive videos offered in MP4 format, and they're available to download in four sizes. First, there's a massive 4K video at 3840x2160, then three smaller sizes from 1920x1080 to 854x720. The video quality is fairly good, although sometimes I found the lighting a little dim, but overall the videos were enjoyable. They downloaded quickly, even the 4K vid, which is over 2 GB. You can also stream the videos in three sizes from 978x550 to 854x480. They played well, and I had no problem jumping ahead before the vids had loaded. And the videos played fine on my Android phone.

Each episode has a picture set with anywhere from 35 to 155 pictures, give or take. These are digital stills that you can view in galleries on the site. The picture quality is good, however, like the videos, sometimes the lighting is a bit dim. You can save the pictures individually, and there are also several zip download options. Two offer pictures at 768x1024 and 960x1280, and there are two offering full-sized pics at 3456x4608, one set with watermarks, the other without. Having said that, about half of the photo sets only offered the two largest sized zips (both watermarked and not) with no smaller pics offered. There's a hands-free slideshow or you can use the viewer's manual controls. The pictures show the action well, although some of the larger sets could be cut down a bit to avoid repetition.

Let's talk about issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but opting out if you're not interested is easy. The non-recurring month membership costs $10 more than the recurring monthly membership. Inside the members area there are a number of banner ads which are easy to spot, and a couple of things on the navbar (Discounts and Store) that will take you offsite to buy other memberships or products. The episodes aren't dated, although the tour promises weekly updates, but we'll check back to make sure this is happening. Only two scenes have a written description, although all models in every scene are named. One thing that isn't mentioned in the site terms or anywhere else is whether trial members get limited access; this is the case with most sites that offer trials, but not all.

Locker Room Boys offers a good variety of sessions that start off with a massage or find one guy discovering another playing with himself and he joins in. The guys start off in soccer uniforms with baggy shorts, shirts and knee-high athletic socks, and they're usually wearing jockstraps underneath. While they end up naked, some of the guys leave their socks on, which in these cases is a plus. The guys suck and fuck their way to a creamy conclusion. The site is new, offering 12 videos, and promises weekly updates. Featuring sexy Euro boys, locker room fans will want to check this new site out.

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