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Fight and Fuck features Eastern European guys in wrestling sessions followed by sucking and fucking with the loser taking the winner's cock up his ass. I was pretty excited to be reviewing this one because we hadn't had a site offering fighting and sex in a while, and it's been more than six months since the site launched, so I can't wait to see what's been happening since our last visit

This site films its content in Prague, so most of the guys here are Czech or Slovak with some Hungarians, and possibly other Eastern Euro guys. I recognized many of the guys as regular porn performers, guys including Dom Ully, Lucs Morrison, Nick Vargas, Luke Ward, Tim Law, Rado Zuska, and more. The guys range through their twenties and feature a variety of body types from slim to muscular, although the performers in the latest updates are all slender and twinks or at least twink-like. They're generally smooth and have shaved or trimmed pubes, and of course Europeans usually have uncut cocks so expect lots of foreskin.

The scenes jump right into the fighting with the guys wrestling on mats that have been set up in the attic of a home. A couple of other scenes are filmed in a small room, but so far none of the fighting happens in a gym or actual wrestling ring. I talked to the site's marketing representative, and he said the producer is setting up a gym, but several months later it's still guys in basements or similar locations. Which doesn't mean the site isn't hot; the guys wear tight shorts or singlets, and some of the outfits are assless, which makes getting into the sex quick and fun.

The performers wrestle, struggle, and roll around the mats and get sweaty. Sometimes one of the guys starts popping a boner under his singlet, sometimes both guys do. When one of them decides that he's had enough and has won the match, he plants his bare foot on his opponent's chest and grunts, "Suck my dick." The loser blows the winner, and they usually jump right into the fucking, but I didn't watch every scene, so there may be reciprocal oral action and rimming. The anal sex is bareback and ends with the guys shooting their cum loads, usually on the bottom.

Fight and Fuck offers 33 exclusive DRM-free videos in MP4 format. You can download the videos in one of four sizes, the two largest playing in HD at 1280x720 and 1920x1080, and either of the two smaller sizes would be perfect for mobiles. You can stream the videos in any of four speeds, but as the player remains fixed at 1140x640, the two smaller videos are stretched so that the quality isn't great (unless you watch on smaller screens like phones); the two larger sized versions are crisp and play well and even hold up very well at full-screen mode. The videos are good amateur productions with lighting and sound.

All but one episode has a gallery of digital sills. These are good quality and big, sized at 4608x3456, although when viewing them online in the thumbnail galleries, the pictures are re-sized to fit your browser window. If you save the pictures individually or download each set's zip file, you'll get the full-sized version. There's no hands-free slideshow, but there are forward and back controls on the viewer to ease navigation. There are usually around 150 pics or slightly more and they take you through the fighting and fucking.

Now let's talk about updates. While the site had started off with weekly updates and each update was dated. After that, updates became less frequent and less regular. Now the episode dates have been removed, and there's only been three videos added in over five weeks, so either updates are now slow or have stopped. Since there are no dates, I can't really tell.

Are there any other drawbacks? There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page, but it's easy to opt out of it. Trial members are limited to four scenes and picture sets, and can download or stream the four videos. The non-recurring 30-day membership costs $10 more than the recurring monthly version. Once you log in, there's a banner at the top of the home page above the content. Each scene has detailed description of the guys and the action, but the models themselves don't have profiles, not an issue but profiles would have been a plus.

I did talk to the site's marketing guy about the fighting aspect of the scenes because right now the wrestling is a bit short, only up to four minutes per scene and sometimes less. The rep told me me that they were in the process of tweaking the wrestling portion to make it longer, and as I mentioned earlier, he said that the producer is setting up a gym, but as of this writing, over seven months since we heard from the rep, there's no gym set up, and the two most recent videos have less than four minutes each of actual wrestling before we get to other things.

At less than a year old, Fight and Fuck is the newest fighting sites in Pornland, and the others have stopped producing. The guys are pretty sexy, and those assless singlets get my cock stirring. Add to this some horny dick sucking, bareback fucking, and uncut cocks, and these sessions are hot to watch. There are 33 large, exclusive videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, but updates have slowed, and there's no way to know when they're added without dates. Still, if you love twinks and jocks in singlets, wrestling and gay sex, I recommend checking this one out.

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