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Toe Sucking Guys puts the focus on twinks and other guys in their twenties playing with, sucking, licking toes and feet, as well as cock sucking, footjobs and fucking. Some of the guys are boyish and cute while others aren't particularly boyish but most are still slim; there are also guys with athletic or defined bodies. Most of the performers are smooth and clean-shaven, although there are a couple guys with facial hair, and you'll find a number with tattoos or hairy legs. A little over half of the videos were filmed in the U.S. and the other half were shot in Poland, and of course the Polish guys are sporting uncut cocks.

If the guys here aren't into feet, you'd never know it. There are solos with the guys smelling, rubbing and licking their bare feet, but they also use their socks and sneakers as sex toys or snort them to get a whiff of their own foot smell. I saw guys fucking their shoes and slipping their sweaty socks onto their cocks and jacking off. After one guy shoots his wad all over his sneakers, he scoops his jizz up in his fingers and rubs it between his toes. Yowzah!

The guy/guy action at Toe Sucking Guys varies from a performer lying back and stroking while his buddy worships his feet with his tongue and hands to guys paying attention to each others' feet, not to mention the footjobs. In most scenes the worshiper gives his buddy a helping foot and either rubs his bare sole against his partner's stiff cock or holds his feet together and lets his buddy fuck them. Even when the foot worshiper is sucking, he maintains a connection with the guy's feet, although in some of the newer fuck sessions the site sometimes becomes less foot-focused. Still, there's a lot of foot-centric stuff here; one cocksucker weaves his fingers through his friend's toes, another caresses them. There are guys who pull off their buddies' shoes or socks, and yes, there are plenty sucking their buddies' toes.

Toe Sucking Guys now offers 101 DRM-free videos that you can download in three sizes of MP4: 320x180, 640x360 and 1280x720. These have respectable bitrates and play back smoothly at good amateur quality or better. About a third or more of the videos are European productions that also come in a full HD version that plays at 1920x1080 at around 8 Mbps or more. Because of the large file size of the full HD vids, those with older computers or slower connections may want to download the HD rather than full HD versions. The videos can also be streamed at 1140x640, and you can select three or four different speeds with the HD or full HD being the best, especially if you want to go full screen. The smaller downloads are compatible with most mobiles, the medium sized with tablets and newer phones.

Each video also has a picture set linked from the video page, or you can find all the pic sets in the PHOTOS section. These photos are displayed at 900x1200; some are fairly good quality digital stills, but others might be pretty good screencaps. You can view them in a thumbnail gallery, and the pictures pop up in a viewer with forward and backward controls, but it's not hands-free. You can save the pictures individually or download each set as a zip file. There are from 50 to over 140 pictures per set.

Members get access to five streaming bonus videos from another site. They aren't foot fetish videos, but there are some hunky Latin guys as well as a daddy and a twink, and there's a focus on uncut cocks. There are no dates, so I can't tell whether the videos rotate in and out or whether they're always the same videos.

Now let's talk about updates. There are no dates on the episodes, and the site has added only 19 videos and 19 picture sets in the last two years. The site sends out content for webmasters when new episodes are released, so I checked the dates on these for clarification; it appears the site is still updating but irregularly. They've added one episode this month, one last month and two the month before that (which was December 2017). There were no updates in November and October 2017, and before that updates happened periodically. So at this point you can expect an update once a month on average.

If you love male foot play, I think that Toe Sucking Guys will deliver what you're looking for, especially the European productions which have more than typical foot rubbing, licking and toe sucking, although the U.S. productions are hot, too. And like I said, if these guys aren't really into foot play, you wouldn't know it because whether they're being worshiped or doing the licking and rubbing, they're obviously turned on. The site offers 101 videos that you can download, stream or view on most mobiles, and updates seem to occur once a month, give or take. Toe Sucking Guys delivers a mix of foot worship and foot play along with horny guys sucking and fucking or jerking off in videos that are well worth saving for later.

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