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Live Muscle Show delivers live bodybuilders in all their glory, including IFBB pros, semi pros, fitness models and some serious beefcake. The men here have massive physiques with bulging biceps, massive shoulders and pecs, huge thighs and hard, muscled asses. Some are ripped and some are big and beefy, and it's quite obvious every one of the models here spends plenty of time sweating in the gym. A lot of the performers here are guys I've watched in videos on other sites including Muscle Hunk or Power Men, which are sites from the same company.

The men are not only hot and well-built, they're very accommodating. I got Carin Cameron to peel off his shirt and show off some muscles, and masculine Lucas Diangelo put on a one hell of a show including stroking his enormous pecs and some hot naked posing; all I had to do was let him know in chat what I wanted to see next and he did it. Ripped and sexy Fritz Helm blew me away with his most muscular pose, and when he stripped down to his jock strap and played with his hard cock as he showed off his powerful biceps, I was in muscle-worship heaven.

Live Muscle Show has 4 to 9 live bodybuilders on whenever I checked. They were available for free chat with some posing, and were also available for live one-on-one or group shows for a per-minute charge. The live shows stream at around 470x350 and can be enlarged to bigger sizes. Quality varies from average to good depending on the model's webcam, and while most of the guys have sound in their shows, one I visited didn't. There's chat to the right of the screen, but I'm guessing that guests chat with the performers privately, so you may notice the models reading and responding to comments you can't see. You can also send a private message to the performers who can send them back to you.

While the live shows are the centerpiece of the site, that's not all they have to offer. The site also offers profiles and pic sets from 223 models, some of whom may tell us a bit about themselves and a few even blog. Some have free pics, some charge per set, and there's 19,675 pay-to-own videos, as well, 9,120 of which are archived live shows and 10,555 are home videos and videos taken at the gym.

It's worth noting that there are well over a thousand more videos than there were a year ago, and that 122 video updates (78 archived live shows and 44 home/gym vids) have been added in the last week! Keep in mind, though, that many of these updates are only half a full scene; even so, that's a LOT of updates. And five picture updates have been added, as well. Since the bodybuilders get a percentage of their video and picture sales, they seem to be motivated to add plenty of content.

The Live Muscle Show videos are DRM-free; all are offered in Flash, and the newer ones are also available for download in MP4 format in 2 sizes including one for mobiles, as well as in WMV format. You can see what formats are available before you buy a video, and once you pay for it, you can immediately download it or stream it if you prefer. Like the live shows, the archived live shows are available in a variety of qualities, and while most have sound, some don't. The newer archived shows are sized at 636x476, the older at 320x240, while the newer vids from Pics & Videos are sized at up to 796x448. The videos in the Pics & Videos section are sometimes short clips of the guys working out, or there are longer vids of naked posing or jackoff sessions.

Live Muscle Show also offers 735 photo sets, 229 more than there were a year ago. These are mostly digital stills, shot either with a camera or a webcam, but taken as stills. The older pics are sized around 500x750, the newer ones larger at around 640x1136, but sizes and qualities can vary - one of the newer sets I bought has pics that are 3456x5184. Some of the models offer free pics you can view without paying for, but many sets require payment and can be downloaded in zip files or viewed in thumbnailed galleries. While some photo sets offer over 30 pics, some only offer a couple, and prices vary from $1 per set to over $19.

Were there things I didn't like? Some of the videos are on the short side because they're only part of a scene or recorded show. I would have liked to have the option to buy an entire scene or live show rather than a clip. I also felt that the prices for the shorter downloadable videos and the smaller pic sets were on the high side and are not very consistent. One 12-picture set cost $24.99, a two-photo set cost $2.99 while another cost $5.01. A 21-second workout video cost $4.99 while a an almost-nine minute video cost the same. I guess this is because the performers are setting the prices.

I did run into one other issue, but it's easy to avoid. When browsing the PICS & VIDEOS section, if you don't select a type of content - videos, photos or blogs - you may find yourself looking at the same content over and over on various pages. Just select a type of content before you browse and you won't run into this problem. If you try and search all types of content together, the script will tell you there are 2881 pieces of content, which is way less than the real total.

Live Muscle Show offers you the chance to interact with real bodybuilders live - many are competition class men of muscle, some monster huge, others very well built. Most of the guys I watched put on a great show, particularly in private shows, and the screen is enlargeable. The site also offers a jaw-dropping 19,675 download-to-own video clips with new clips added daily; while some were quite short, some were satisfying and all are DRM-free. It's fun to browse the current and previous models' profiles, see some free pics (or buy a pic set here or there), and overall I had a great time. Live Muscle Show offers the kind of men you'll see in muscle magazines and websites, only here you can get your own private naked muscle show!

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