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Power Men is packed with muscle men who have massive and beautifully sculpted bodies. If you're a muscle fan, you probably love watching bodybuilding competitions where the men strut, pose, flex and show off all of their hard work. But the bodybuilders here go a few steps further, showing off their nude bodies as they flex and pose, then following that up with private jack-off sessions.

Power Men features an international cast of bodybuilders from Europe, America and South America, and they're impressive. These muscle men range from big to HUGE - these aren't your typical gym boys; these men live the bodybuilding lifestyle and everything they do has one focus - creating a strong, big and beautiful body. You can browse the 272 hunky men by a number of different categories like Eastern Europeans, Blond Boys, Pretty Boys, Big and Hung, Latino Bodies, Muscle Daddies and Black Muscle Men. There are 146 Latin men, 35 black bodybuilders, and 55 Eastern European muscle hunks, the rest are Caucasian men from various parts of the world. And their looks range from cute muscle jocks to powerful muscle daddies.

Each bodybuilder's video gives us a long, luxurious look at his incredible body from every possible angle as he flexes and pumps up his muscles so we can see every detail. The men start off clothed; they titillate us with seductive stripteases and give us a chance to admire every inch of their massive physiques. Sometimes the guys do a bit of working out to show off their strength, but lots of others just let us enjoy their bulging chests and shoulders, massive biceps and powerful thighs and those rock-hard asses.

The videos are a mix of indoor shoots in a variety of settings including hotel rooms, bedrooms and stage sets, as well as outdoor shoots on the beach, in lush gardens or in the rain forest. There are 10 wrestling videos where you'll see these hunks pinning each other to the mats and working up a sweat as well as 7 group scenes featuring three or more bodybuilders posing, flexing and jacking together. There's no man-on-man sex on Power Men, as this site is about pure muscle so we can admire and drool over the men and their gorgeous bodies, then watch them pump out their loads of creamy cum.

There are 272 competition-level bodybuilders on Power Men, each of which has his own exclusive video clips and most have pics as well as a little info about him. The videos are available in WMV clips that you can download or stream, and they vary in size from 480x360 (older) to 960x540 (newer). Older videos are also available in a QuickTime version and newer ones are offered in streaming Flash. All the vids are good amateur quality or better with decent sound, and there's no DRM on the site.

All but a handful of videos come with picture sets. These are digital stills ranging in size from 400x600 to 600x900 depending on the age of the set, and quality is good amateur or better; many of the pics are easily magazine quality, although some are less well-lit. There are from 10 to over 60 pics per set that you can view in thumbnail galleries or as a slideshow; there are no downloadable zip files, but you can save pictures individually.

The biggest issue I found is that the site stopped updating some time ago, so despite tour claims of weekly updates, what you see is what you get. The cam shows have been discontinued, and the links to Live Shows leads to another site that requires further payment for full nudity or action. Each video is broken into clips; one of their other sites offers each video as both a downloadable full scene plus downloadable clips, but here we only get the clips. Your best bet after you download them is to set them up as a playlist so you won't have to keep stopping to plug in the next click, one after another. There are also a fair number of attempts to get paying members to spend more money at Live Muscle Show, where many of the guys here work as live cam models but full nudity costs per minute.

I love the men at Power Men. There are a lot of really impressive bodybuilders and handsome muscle hunks here. The performers' physiques range from ripped and chiseled to massive and pumped, and there are lots of bulging shoulders and sixpack abs on view. The videos are stylishly filmed and showcase the 272 muscle men perfectly, really showing off their bodies and masturbation sessions. And I particularly enjoyed watching many of these muscle hunks showering. While the site no longer updates, Power Men still has plenty of beefcake on offer, really hot guys packed with muscle, stroking their cocks and getting off.

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