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Muscle Hunks features muscle men and massive bodybuilders showing their pumped, bulging bodies in flexing, nude posing, and more. The men are absolutely gorgeous and if you love muscle, you'll be in heaven feasting your eyes on these massive hunks. These are the kind of men you might see on the covers of a serious workout or bodybuilding magazine that promise you huge hard bodies, ripped abs, tree-trunk legs, and slabs of muscle from arms and chest to backs - these men look like they crush cinder blocks for fun. You'll find familiar names like Zeb Atlas, Max Hilton, Vin Marco, Eddie Camacho, and Christian Engel, to name just a few, as well as heaps of men you may not have seen before. The site is newly redesigned, so let's log in and see what's new.

The performers are a mix of Caucasian, Latino, black, and Eastern European hunks, and while they're all seriously built, their physiques offer lots of variety. You'll find chiseled men, massive behemoths, Herculean physiques; some are bigger than others - we're talking the size of guys who compete in bodybuilding shows in the heavyweight category - while others have a more graceful form or are more cut - but they're still impressive. These are all men with the powerful thighs and massive bodies that show hours of dedication spent sweating in the gym. Some of the men have only filmed once, some do two or three shoots for the site over a period of months or years, while others come back up to ten times.

Muscle Hunks films their men in both indoor and outdoor sessions, so you'll find them in luxurious hotel suites, on the beach, in the gym, in the garden, and just about any place you can imagine. Naturally there's lots of posing and flexing as these bodybuilders show off their incredible bodies and often rub their muscles with oil so they glisten. Some start off clothed, others are nearly naked in their underwear or skimpy swimsuits, but all of them end up naked and playing with their cocks. After unloading their balls, many of these hunks head off to the shower to clean up and give us a final look at their incredible muscles.

There's no man-on-man sex here; the performers are featured in solo jack-off sessions, but there are a handful of wrestling videos and after the fighting the men jack off together, albeit several feet apart. Sometimes you'll also find a couple of muscle men in the shower together, but luxuriating under their spray or jacking their own cocks is as far as it goes.

Muscle Hunks offers 173 muscular performers in 245 videos. Each video is available as a full scene that can be streamed or downloaded. As I mentioned, the site has undergone a redesign and the videos are available in MP4 and play anywhere from 640x480 to 1920x1080 depending on the original production date. You can stream the videos as well and they play anywhere from 640x480 to 980x550 depending on the age of the episode.

There are 251 galleries of digital still photos and they range in size from 420x620 to 950x630, but there could be other sizes. The pics are good amateur quality or better and really capture the size and sexiness of the men. Each video comes with a separate gallery of screencaps that display from 640x480 to 1126x634. The screencaps are average quality, not as crisp as the digital stills. You can view the pictures in galleries or use the site's slideshow feature. There's no downloadable zip files but you can save the pictures individually by right-clicking on a pic's thumb and saving as.

When we were last here they had around 400 videos, and there are around 155 less videos now with no explanation about the reduction. The videos that are currently available have been re-mastered, and this could explain the lower number as re-encoding is laborious, but I don't know this is the reason for sure. The episodes are dated and reflect current dates, but the site isn't adding new content, so perhaps the site is re-adding each video as it's remastered.

And there are a couple more downsides. There are no scheduled live shows on site; these and the Live Cams links take you offsite and aren't included in your membership. There's also a DVD section where you're encouraged to buy DVDs or private chat time with the men.

Muscle Hunks models are such impressive muscular men that it outweighs almost any issues this site could have. There are 245 exclusive movies and well-shot pictures of these world-class bodybuilders as they flex, talk to us and jack off, and I think any muscle lover will enjoy this site. A lot of the bodybuilders weren't just posing or jerking, but also talking to the camera. This gave me the feel of a private show or muscle worship session. The members area has been redesigned and is more user friendly. I wish the site still added new content, but there's enough to keep members busy for a month or two. And when it comes to the bodybuilders, it really doesn't get any better than Muscle Hunks.

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