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Hot Boy USA opened a year and a half ago as a site in the CJXXX Network which now features a total of 32 properties. This one offers college-aged guys in masturbation and hardcore sex sessions. The network has continued growing since our last review, and there have been some improvements in features and design, so let's head back and take another look.

The site calls the guys "all American twinks and college boys", so you'll find a lot of slim, twenty-somethings sporting smooth bodies. There are skaters, inked bad boys, some well-defined athletic jocks, all in a mix of amateurs, porn hopefuls and regular performers. Most of the guys are Caucasian, but there are some Latinos and a few black guys. Any way you look at it, there are plenty of horny guys to see unloading their nuts.

Let's give you an idea of what you'll find here. Painters Cameron and Daxter have a job to do, but when Cameron starts rubbing a broom handle between his buddy's legs, it's clear they're not going to get much work done. Daxter lies across the bed and Cameron tries swallowing his nine-inch monster cock. The pair blow each other and even swap head on a ladder until they splatter each other with cum. In another video, JD works at a bath house, and he's showering after his shift. Eric and Krist arrive in the shower room, and the pair check out this cute blond. After a long toweling-off session, the three guys suck each others' cocks, then one of the guys leaves and the remaining pair fuck on the shower floor.

There are lots of solo masturbation scenes here, as well, and you can watch guys jerking off in bed, on the couch, at their desk, in the shower - you name it. There's the occasional scene with sex toys, either dildos or Fleshjacks, but most of the guys are happy doing it the old fashioned way - by hand.

There are 385 videos offered at Hot Boy USA, 160 more than there were when we reviewed the site a year and a half ago. They're offered in two sizes of downloadable MP4s: one at 640x360 and another at 720x480. You click an HD logo to download the larger one, although 720x480 isn't actually HD. These scenes are taken from DVDs that are good amateur productions, some brighter and more crisp than others. You can also stream the videos in a player at 694x302 and they seem to fare decently at full-screen mode with minimal loss of quality. The streaming videos don't fill the whole player, so it's flanked by black bars.

A piece of good news is that the site now has picture sets as do the bonus site. Hot Boy USA now has 334 galleries, so not quite one for every video, and each set has around 25 pictures. Most of pictures are screencaps that display at 720x480, but some sets (mainly duos, I think) have digital stills at 720x480. You can view the pictures in galleries with forward and back controls, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can also download each set in a zip file to enjoy the pictures offline, but there's no way to save them individually.

The site usually updates every three to four days, so you'll be getting eight to nine new videos a month. I'm reviewing the site in November 2016 and in October they added three hardcore scenes and five solos, in September they added eight solos and no duos, and in August there were five solos and three duos, but July was reversed with mostly action scenes and only three solos.

Your Hot Boy USA membership gives you access to the whole CJXXX Network, which offers you 31 additional sites, and many of these are not only updating, but updating multiple times a week. And you'll find lots more twinks, jocks and college-aged guys; some of the sites are focused on Latinos or Asians, there are a couple featuring hairy men and daddies, and there's lot of bareback action, too. There's a bonus feeds section with 62 channels in a variety of niches from producers like Eurocreme, Hard Brit Lads, Bareback Twink, Falcon, Cocksure Men and oodles more giving you a wide variety of guys and men. And there's a bonus theater with over 1,000 videos.

I don't have many complaints with Hot Boy USA, as they cleaned up most of them with their redesign. Worth noting is that they added a home button, which greatly helps with navigation and they have added a dropdown menu that makes it easier to jump to the bonus sites. And the network has added nine sites since our last review bringing the total to 32 sites.

There are still a few downsides. The non-recurring monthly membership costs a full $20 more per month than the recurring membership. The free-form search is still of limited use as it only returns results where the search keyword appears in the scene description, but at the bottom of every page there are "More From These Models" and "You May Also Like" sections offering you similar scenes. And, as mentioned, the HD videos aren't actually HD.

If you like twinks, skaters, bad boys, and other college-aged guys, you'll be tripping over them at Hot Boy USA, and not only on the site but in the entire CJXXX Network and the bonus feeds. There's a lot to see here, when you're finished watching the nearly 400 videos on Hot Boy USA, there's heaps more waiting for you featuring many of the same kinds of guys, plus a few Asian and Latino sites, and there's plenty of straight guys, too. With a new video every three to four days plus all those network updates, you're getting your money's worth here.

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