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Gay Twink Camz is one of 32 sites from the CJXXX Network that features amateur exhibitionists filming their homemade jerk-off sessions. Who doesn't like watching amateur guys getting off? We last reviewed the site a year and a half ago when it was just getting off the ground, so it's time to head back and see what's been happening.

When it comes to Gay Twink Camz, you'll have to be liberal with your definition of twink. A twink used to be 18 to 21 years of age with a very slim, unmuscular body, smooth with no facial hair, and boyishly cute. These days it has come to mean any guy under the age of 25. And there are plenty of these types here.

Heavily-inked stud porn performer Seth Knight appears several times on the site, and he's definitely not a twink. And I saw other guys who were far too muscular to be called twinks, too. But I did see a number of smooth and slim-bodied guys. Many of the guys here are more like twunks, a cross between a twink and a hunk, and a lot of the guys here are jocks. Regardless, all the performers are in their twenties and most are white, although there are a few Latinos and black guys. Many of the guys are amateurs, but some are porn regulars like Ryan Fields, Will Sims, and Tim Law, who aren't exactly A-list porn stars, but they're not amateurs either.

Cedric is a Latino coming to us from his kitchen where he's set up his camera. He's cute and starts off his session clothed but quickly strips for us. When he finally pulls his cock out his underwear, it's on the big size, uncut and meaty with a downward hang. He plays with it and it slowly stiffens up. He leans against the kitchen counter and jerks himself vigorously, but takes regular breaks to show off his cute ass, and he eventually shoves a dildo in his hole. He continues jacking his dick until he's ready to cum, then he turns sideways and leans back against the fridge, giving us the perfect angle to watch his jizz squirt across his smooth torso.

This is pretty typical of the action you'll find here and most of the guys jack off in their bedrooms, but some play with their cocks in their bathrooms, kitchens, or living rooms. One long-haired guy beats off in a locker room and another whacks off in his car. Some of the guys play with dildos or Fleshjacks. All but twelve of the videos are solos, and in these duos you'll find the guys sucking dick and sometimes getting fucked. Some of the guys do talk to the camera, but this isn't always in English and there aren't any subtitles.

Gay Twink Camz launched near the end of 2016 with 49 videos and continued updating twice a week until they reached the 146 videos it has now. The downloadable videos are offered in MP4 format and come in two sizes - 640x360 and 1920x1080 - and while these are truly amateur videos shot with webcams, they're pretty good quality. They're not as crisp as studio porn, but they're not meant to be, and I found them generally well lit and enjoyable. You can also stream the videos on the site in an embedded player at 806x454, and there's a full-screen option where the larger videos hold up well. The videos are also compatible with most mobile devices.

There are also 147 photo sets, one more set than there are videos. These are fairly good amateur quality screencaps that come in a large size at 1920x1080. You can view the pictures in thumbnail galleries; although there's no hands-free slideshow. You can download a zip file to enjoy entire sets offline or, with a little effort, save the individual pictures you like. However right-click saving pics has a technical glitch that requires you insert a period in the file name, so it's easier just to download the zip file.

Gay Twink Camz is a part of the CJXXX Network, which now has 32 sites and your membership gives you access to all of them. Many of the bonus sites feature more twinks and guys their twenties, but there are a few sites offering Asian and Latin guys, and a couple feature mature men, as well. Many of these sites are currently updating, so you'll have plenty of new stuff to watch every week. There are also 63 third-party feeds offering you a wide variety of videos, some from well-known producers like Hot Desert Knights, Cocksure Men, Falcon, Raging Stallion, Ricky Raunch, and Treasure Island Media, as well as a few twink channels. There's also a theater with over 1,000 DVD scenes from all kinds of different producers.

There are a few downsides to discuss, and the most important is that the site stopped updating in November 2017. The non-recurring monthly membership costs $20 more than the recurring option, which is easy enough to cancel, so save yourself some bucks. There are also a few large ads disguised to look like content. The network used to have a tagging system that helped you find more similar content, but tags have been eliminated, although there are still "You May Also Like" links at the bottom of every episode amounting more or less to the same thing but offering less of it.

And last, as already mentioned, despite the site name, you won't find many actual twinks here. You will find performers in their twenties, some slender, but most tend to be more muscular, more mature-looking or less boyish than real twinks.

Gay Twink Camz is a decent site offering mostly amateur guys as well as a few porn regulars in their twenties jacking their dicks and playing with dildos in homemade, recorded web cam shows. The site is lean on real twinks, but it has plenty of guys in their early to mid-twenties who are mostly clean shaven with smooth bodies, so close enough for some surfers. There are 146 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles. While this site no longer updates, the real draw here is the bonus access to 31 other network sites and a huge library of third-party video feeds. If you're looking for a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive content in a good-sized network, this site is worth checking out.

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