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HoloTwink has a pretty fresh concept - you choose a guy who interests you and then you choose the action. There are 15 smooth, slender boys to choose from including 18-year-old Dakota White, who's probably the most typical twink cutie of the bunch. There's also 19-year-old Evan Stone, who has a boy-next-door look, a nice smile, and wears glasses. Benji Elliot is 21, and he's got short dark hair and an average-guy look. There's also Jacobey London, who has a jock face and a nice, slender physique, and I found playful alt twink Jake Diamante to be very appealing.

Once you choose your twink, he gives a short video greeting, and you can choose one, some or all of what's listed for each guy to create your own custom gay porn movie. There's ass play, feet, oral, massage, anal, jerk off, tickling and massage, and in many videos the twinks interact with guys who are partly off camera but may lend a helping hand, fuck the guys or in one video I watched, the off-camera guy used his feet to jerk Jake Diamante off. Different twinks do different things, so from some you can choose to watch sword fight, anal on back, anal face down, dual jerking, and whipping. The acts that include cumshots have a spurt of cum on the lower right corner of the thumbs. You click on the thumb for each act you want to see, and voila! You can watch your own custom porn movie with the action in the order you created - and what you see is POV, so you can fantasize that the boys are serving your feet and cock or that you're jerking off together.

Unlike other member sites, it's not easy to count the HoloTwink videos as you create the vids and can make as many different scenarios as you wish. There are 15 twink models at the current time, and there are between 3 and 12 action choices per twink for a total of 105 clips, but there's more to it than that since you're free to create videos in different orders and with different numbers of clips for each model. The site seems to have been adding a performer or some clips from an existing performer periodically, so there's been some growth, but there haven't been any updates in a month and a half. In the meantime, members do get access to some bonuses that we'll go into in a minute.

The videos are offered in MP4 format for download in 4 sizes, the largest of which is full HD at 1920x1080. The videos can also be streamed in a player sized at about 1080x610, and while these all default to the same size, if you want to stream at full screen, I'd suggest one of the highest quality levels, and best results come from the HD 1080p version. The sound is good, video quality is amateur to fairly good amateur (although some could use better lighting), and the videos should play for most mobiles as well as on your desktop computer, laptop or tablet. Please note that each action - oral, ass play, etc - are actually a clip, although many are as long as some sites' full scenes - and what the site does is put them together in a playlist you create, which works pretty well, and you can have fun with it, like having 3 cumshot clips in a row.

Members also get access to a gay porn network offering access 182 bonus videos from 5 twink sites. Boy Feast offers 101 videos and periodic updates, University Crush has 37 and there are 3 smaller sites - Tasty Twink offers 32 videos, Crush Him offers 7 and Fisting Twinks has 5. There are also links to live chat and a hookup site, but these are third party sites that require payment to make full use of.

Does the site have any issues? There's a pre-checked offer on the join page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join this site. I was disappointed to see there haven't been any updates in the last month and a half, but hope to see some new content added in the future. One last thing is that each model's page says Bonus Scenes Available 60 Days After Signup. I'm not clear on what those scenes are, but I'd have liked to see them included before two months of membership.

HoloTwink offers some hot twinks, each a different type with his own personality, and there's a variety of action including cock stroking, foot play, fucking, tickling, massage, spanking, stripping ass play and more, many of which are shot POV by a guy who's partly off-screen, and there are also interviews. There are 101 long clips you can use to create your own streaming scenes via custom playlists, and each clip can be download, streamed or watched on your mobile, and members get access to 5 twink bonus sites from the same network. Despite the slow updates, I like the concept, the cute and horny guys and the POV action at HoloTwink, and I enjoyed customizing and watching my playlists.

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