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Dream Boy Bondage features hot guys and athletic jocks tied up in dom Jared's playroom. The site's tagline - "Your Dreams. Their Nightmares." - is not an exaggeration. I've reviewed quite a number of BDSM sites and I'm not squeamish, but these are some of the most brutal sessions I've seen. And before you run off to the site, check your speaker volume as the screaming lads in the preview clip will wake up your neighbors.

The subs on Dream Boy Bondage are 20-somethings with slender to athletic bodies. A few are beefier or more muscled, but none that I would call muscle hunks. They're mostly smooth with the odd patch of chest fur or hairy butt, and I noticed quite a few uncut cocks. I also thought that quite a few of the guys were good looking.

I was impressed with the variety and creativity on Dream Boy Bondage. This isn't paint-by-number BDSM - we're not simply seeing the same thing with different guys. One stud was bound to a ladder, another was restrained against a wall, another was zip tied to a workout bench, and others are strung from the rafters or bound to tables and benches. Jared is the dom in this playroom and he's also a fit guy in his twenties with a nice well-defined body - and he's one nasty fucker.

When Braden's scene opens, the beefy blond is naked and zip tied to a workout bench and we watch him struggling to break free until Jared arrives. "Please. Let me go. I won't say anything," begs the worried jock. The dom makes him do bench presses, followed by some cock-sucking training (Braden is supposed to be straight); next Braden is edged and face fucked and Jared unloads in the stud's mouth. But he's only halfway through the 9-part session. Braden gets flogged and his cock and balls are tormented in a thick electrified steel ring. The CBT session lasts for two parts, then Jared finally jacks Braden's hard dick and lets him cum. But it's not over. In the final part Braden gets his ass strapped and Jared flicks a riding crop against Braden's balls and feet.

All the sessions pretty much go more or less like this, but as I said there's lots of variety. Expect to see blindfolds, hoods, and gags; forced oral (giving or receiving) and ass play with fingers and dildos; all kinds of clips, tit clamps, clothes pins and weights for both nipple torture and CBT; lots of corporal punishment with straps, floggers, riding crops and sometimes just hands or punching fists; Jared also uses a lot of hot wax and has fun with electricity. All the while, he berates and degrades his subs with verbal taunts and insults.

There are 176 video updates on Dream Boy Bondage, but they take a bit of explaining. So far there are 20 guys on the site, and each has one session that is divided into 8 to 10 parts, then each part is added as a separate update a week apart; two clips are added each week, one for one session and one for another. For instance, right now on the homepage, blond pretty boy Seth's session is on part 2 and muscle jock Neill is almost done with part 9; once he's finished this week or next, the site will add a new guy into the rotation.

You can download the videos in MP4 format and they play at 1280x720 and 572x324, the site has also just started offering three different sizes on the latest three guys: 640x360 (mobile), 960x540 (tablet), and 1280x720 (they call it full HD but it isn't). The videos play well with good picture clarity and sound. You can stream the videos on the site at 570x324, but they're offered in progressive download, which means you can't fast forward till the video is loaded. Each video has a picture gallery of about 40 screencaps displaying at 1920x1080. You can view them in galleries and slideshows, but the pictures don't resize automatically and don't fit in the browser. There are downloadable zip files, as well.

The site seems to add two parts every Friday (one for each guy in rotation) and the two most recent weeks' of updates are dated, although the older content is not. I don't like this multi-part way of updating because it drags a guy's complete session over a number of weeks. But there are 18 other guys who have completed their rotations and you can enjoy those instead. The site will also allow you to do 4+ simultaneous downloads.

This company has three different BDSM sites, and Dream Boy Bondage is my favorite. First, the guys are good looking and are sporting nice bodies and uncut cocks. Second, the action is more focused on BDSM play. I can see sucking and fucking anywhere, so I liked watching the dominant pushing these submissives in realistic sessions, and the screaming and begging was exciting. And when you see the red stripes and welts across backs and bums, there will be little doubt that these sessions are real. If you've read this far, I highly recommend you take a look at Dream Boy Bondage - just remember to turn down your speakers first.

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