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Bound Up Boys is a nasty site where 20-something guys play in real BDSM scenes. With series names like Wet Whimpers, Cock Shock, The Hitch Hiker and Angry Slave, it's easy to see that each deals with a different scene or activity. I wasn't prepared to hear pulsing music, moaning and screaming when I first hit the site (make sure your speakers are turned down) but nevertheless, it got me excited to check out the nastiness inside.

The guys here range from 18 years old to their mid-twenties, so there's no older men dominating younger guys here. As the site says, it's "boy-on-boy bondage", except there's a lot more than bondage. With a variety of ages, there's also a mixture of body types. Most of the guys are smooth, although there might be the odd one with a small patch of fur on his chest or a bit of face scruff. The guys are largely slender, some with athletic or gym-fit bodies and others are more ripped or muscular, although none that I would call true muscle hunks.

Each series deals with a particular BDSM scene or type of play. For instance, Wet Whimpers sees a stud cornered in the showers and roughed up, then gang banged by three others. Cock Shock finds Jake tied to a St. Andrew's cross and Damien torments him with an electric cock ring, then after a flogging, Damien shoves dildos up Jake's ass. In The Hitch Hiker, Tanner regrets his decision to jump into Joey's car when he later wakes up naked and tied to the ground in a clearing. Joey beats him with a flogger, force feeds Tanner his dick, and then fucks his ass with his very big cock. And in Angry Slave, Nathan is also tied to a cross and whipped with a riding crop; master Devon puts a ball hook in his ass and secures it with a rope tied around Nathan's neck. And this is a 7-part session, so there's lots more to come including a painful hot wax session.

There are too many different things happening in all 140 series to detail them completely, but there's all different manner of confinement from bondage to cages. Abduction seems to be a favorite theme on this site. And the guys are tormented with all kinds of things from nipple clamps, clothes pins, electric toys like cock rings and butt plugs, and hot wax. The bound lads endure everything from fingers to giant dildos shoved up their asses and are force fed their master's cocks. There's spankings, whippings, and floggings; CBT and cock bondage; and cock edging and orgasm denial. And lots of verbal abuse and humiliation.

Bound Up Boys offers 140 series, which is what they call complete sessions. Each series is broken into multiple updates from 3 to as many as 16. The newer videos are offered in MP4 format in three sizes (640x360, 960x540 and 1280x720); older episodes have the largest size, but the two smaller ones are sized a bit differently. These are amateur productions with pretty good picture clarity and sound. While there are no streaming videos on the site, you can just click any of the downloadable videos and you can play them that way. Btw, the smaller videos should play on most mobile devices, and the larger ones should be great for tablets.

There is a picture set with each update which offers a set of screencaps which you can view in galleries or use the slideshow. The pictures are actually pretty good quality for screencaps, good-sized (1200x675) and don't resize to fit your browser, so if you have a smaller monitor it's better to download the zip files. Otherwise the pics are a great way to preview the videos, they can be downloaded individually, and I think they make hot viewing.

The site updates every Wednesday and Sunday, although only the latest three weeks' updates are dated. And the site's way of updating is also my biggest complaint. They seem to add parts from 2 series concurrently and each clip is considered an update, so if there are 10 scenes in each series, then it'll take 10 weeks before you can watch both series in their entirety. The good news is that there are over 125 completed series already available on the site, so you're not left hanging around with nothing to watch.

The site is fairly well organized by series, so all the videos and galleries are in one place. But it would have been nice if they had tagged the scenes with a few clickable keywords like corporal punishment, hot wax or dildos. But at least each scene has a very detailed description.

When I got the Bound Up Boys review assignment, I thought it was going to be another guys tied up and struggling kind of site - I had no idea it was going to be such a ball-tingling adventure! Some of the scenes are quiet and subdued like the one with a guy tied to a cross and getting his cock edged, but others have full-on tops screaming "Who's your daddy?" and bottoms yelling back "Fuck you!" and lots of whacks with a belt in between. The thing I loved about Bound Up Boys is the variety, so while each scene might contain some of the same activities, the set-up and play sessions were different and that kept things exciting. The other thing I liked here was same-aged guys playing with each other, it sets a much different pace and tone than daddy-boy scene play. If you like younger guys in their twenties and BDSM play, I can't see you being disappointed with Bound Up Guys, it's a good solid site with a healthy library of videos.

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