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Roped Studs features guys in bondage scenes who are left to struggle with their ropes before their dom has some fun teasing and tormenting them. These scenes look pretty exciting - at least for the dom and the viewers - and we last reviewed the site well over two years ago, so let's head inside and check it out.

The Roped Studs themselves are mostly guys who don't fall into any neatly-defined niche like jocks or twinks. What they have in common is that they're in their twenties; beyond that, they have slender, athletic or slightly muscled bodies; some are smooth, others hairy, and they're sporting a mix of cut and uncut dicks. Most of the guys are white, but there are a handful of black and Latin studs as well. I recognized a few of the performers as porn regulars, guys like Garrett Cooper, Timarrie Baker, Connor Halstead, Alex Chandler, and Michael Delray, but most of the others seem to be amateurs or newcomers.

The guys aren't simply tied up; they're wrapped with perfectly wound rope (beige, red, blue or black) and secured with proper knots. The rope work is beautiful, and the movies include some of the bondage process - maybe not enough for enthusiasts, but enough for viewers like me who are turned on by bondage but more interested in the action. The guys are bound to benches, chairs, wooden pillars, metal poles, or they're suspended from the rafters. And a very few of the scenes don't use rope at all, but plastic wrap, duct tape, handcuffs, or other restraints.

Once the guys are secured, any number of things can happen. They are tormented with clothes pins, plastic clamps and nipple clips; they're flogged, strapped or caned; there's ass play with dildos and butt plugs, and there's cock bondage and CBT. There's just too much to detail completely. One dom really loves using pin wheels (a metal handle with a spiked wheel) that he rolls all over a bound stud's body and cock while he watches him writhe. And there seems to be a cumshot at the end of the entire bondage session, but I didn't watch every single one. Also worth mentioning is that there's not a lot of interaction between the dom and bound guy; there was no verbal humiliation that I heard, although that's not to say that we don't hear the subs gasping and wincing in pain.

The guys are tied up and left struggling or the dominant plays with them. Timarrie Baker is one of the latest subs on the site. He's standing against a wall with his arms restrained in leather wrist bands above his head. He's wearing a short muscle t-shirt and a pair of underwear. A lad enters and caresses and teases Timarrie, then pulls out his lovely big cock. The guy fondles his slave boy's dick, kisses him and even blows him, and in between various things happen like he hangs weights off Timarrie's balls or clips clothes pins all over his testicles.

Timarrie is untied and tied again in various positions with red rope and willingly moves as his dom wants. The dom is not ordering his slave boy to do anything, it just happens. By the final three parts, Timarrie is completely naked and unrestrained, and he and his dom have sex with lots of sucking and ass eating. Timarris gets fucked with a dildo, and finally his big cock is jacked. There's no cumshot, but this session may not be completely uploaded.

There are 201 video updates on Roped Studs, and this requires further explaining. There are 27 guys inside the site, each with a bondage session that is broken into parts that are used as separate updates for a total of 201 videos, but each guy's session has anywhere from one to 11 parts. So Logan's full bondage session is broken into 11 parts, while Victor, who is brand new, only has one update, but new parts will continue rolling out until his whole session has been released.

The videos are exclusive and available in MP4 format. The older scenes come in three sizes -1280x720, 960x540, and 640x360; and the newer ones only seem to be offered in two sizes at 1280x720 and 572x324. They're good amateur quality productions with decent lighting and sound so we can hear the guys scream and beg for mercy. You can also stream the videos at 960x524. A notable improvement is that the streaming is much faster than it was when we last reviewed the site, so I found it easier to fast forward. There's also a full-screen option that generally offers good results.

Each update includes a set of 30 to 40 decent screencaps that display at 1920x1080. You can view them as galleries or slideshows, or you can download each set in a zip files. I'd recommend opting for the zip because these large pictures aren't resized to fit in the browser window, so depending on your browser, you may have to scroll horizontally to see the entire picture, and the slideshow is useless unless you have a large monitor. A few of the episodes have a small gallery of six to eight digital stills that are 1500 pixels on the horizontal axis but vary in height.

Now let's talk about updates. Roped Studs says it updates with two movies on Saturdays, but only the latest two episodes are dated, so it's hard to confirm. I get update mailers regularly from the site, so this seems to be the case. There are 201 video updates, which is a decrease of 205 since our last review. Another site run by this producer moves older videos to a separate archive site, so this may be what's happening here because these are not the same guys who were on the site on our last visit.

And as I've already mentioned, each guy's full bondage session is broken in one to nine parts and added separately, and each part is used as a weekly update. There are several guys in rotation simultaneously so they string us along for a few months waiting for each guy's complete session to roll out. Having said that, each update ends at a natural stopping point in the action, so you're not left hanging, pardon the pun.

The site could also use some navigation improvements. The episodes are added on the homepage, then you navigate using a "more" button to see the next 10 episodes, and you continue like this through a couple dozen pages. You're probably better off navigating through the "The Studs" pages because each guy's section shows all of his available scenes along with his stats. Then on each of his scene pages there's good description of the action along with the videos and picture gallery, but there are no links on these episode pages to the other scenes, so you have to go back to "The Studs" page.

When I counted the videos page by page through all of the updates, I got a total of 218 videos, but when I counted them by model pages under "The Studs" I got 201 videos. However I noticed that two of the models (Bryan and Doug) displayed on the final two pages have broken links on their 16 videos, so that pretty much takes care of the discrepancy.

I think overall Roped Studs is a good site that delivers titillating and painful bondage sessions. I was happy that we didn't have to sit through all of the rope work, but there was enough of it to keep me interested. There's a good variety of action once the studs are all tied up, with everything from CBT to spanking and from teasing with a pinwheel to ass play, and a lot more that kept me excited and wanting to continue watching. The 201 updates represent about 27 full scenes, the downloadable videos are large and played well, and the site is still updating. I think BDSM and bondage fans will be pleased with the offering of guys and mixture of action.

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