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Crush Him offers slender twink boys with a bit of an alternative style. The performers are aged between 18 and 22, and I guess that most of them could be labeled as emos or hipsters. They often have long hair, some have tattoos or colored hair and others wear make-up or nerd glasses. The guys have little to no body hair and most of them have trimmed pubes and smooth assholes. The majority of them have bigger-than-average cocks, which of course look even bigger on guys with slim bodies. While the site and its content has a bit of an amateur look and feel, you will probably recognize some of the guys from other twink sites, since the models here on Crush Him are semi-professionals, including Trace Van De Kamp, Chad Frost, and Benji Elliot.

The action at Crush Him includes guys sucking each other's stiff cocks, and of course there is lots of ass plowing, which gets pretty intense at times. However, you will also find some solo masturbation action and spanking. There is also some POV (point of view) porn, which means we see the sex from the point of view of one of the performers. Four of the scenes here are duos and the fifth one is a solo scene. The guys here are ready for action and if you are too, then read on as I will tell you more about what this site has to offer.

Crush Him was launched over a year ago, so it's disappointing to see that there are only seven videos inside the members area, although two were added in the last year. The videos are downloadable and free of DRM, which means that you can still watch them on your computer even after your membership has expired. The vids come in four sizes of MP4, the largest one at 1920x1080 and the smaller ones good for a variety of mobiles. In case you'd rather watch the videos than download them, streaming videos are available in four sizes and again, the largest one plays at 1920x1080. The videos are amateur to fairly decent amateur quality. Most of the scenes have been filmed from one angle, and lighting isn't great, as well, the videos appear to be homemade.

There is a set of pictures for each video. The images are actually screencaps and there are hundreds of them in most of the sets. They are repetitive and some of the pictures are dark or unfocused. Instead of offering hundreds of images, I wish they would just have chosen forty or fifty of the best ones. The images come in a size of 1000x563 and you can either browse through them by hand or use the hands-free slideshow. You can also download complete sets in easy zip files.

Full members of Crush Him get access to five more twink-themed sites from the same network. The largest bonus site here is Boy Feast with 101 videos and one to two monthly updates while the newest site - Fisting Twinks - has only five videos; since the sites here that do update do so infrequently, it's too soon to tell if Fisting Twinks will be updating. In the navigation bar at the top of your screen, you will see links that lead to third-party services such as a dating site and a live cam section. While some of the basic features are free, you would need to pay to make full use of these services.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues with Crush Him. First off, the site offers a trial membership, but trial members get limited access to the network unless they upgrade to a full membership. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page; be sure to read it to decide whether you want to keep this offer checked before you confirm your payment details. The small size of the site and lack of updates are probably the biggest issues - the most recent update was three months ago and the previous update was eight months before that. A site with just seven scenes is a disappointment in my opinion. Furthermore, the quality of some of the videos, and almost all of the photos, could use some work.

The guys at Crush Him are slender American twinks and they clearly love sex and getting off on camera. The guys have amateur, alternative looks, and many are pretty well hung, and I'm sure their scene partners appreciate that, as they get to suck and fuck those big dicks. The videos appear to be shot at home, which can be hot for amateur porn lovers, but I wish there were more than just five of them. Your membership comes with access to an small gay porn network, and most of those sites feature twinks and amateurs, which is a good thing and helps to make up for the small number of videos this site has to offer.

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