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College Dudes offers hot 18 to 26 year old jocks and amateurs, and the newer episodes include some well-known porn performers in the same age range. The guys in the older episodes are fit to athletic all-American types with slender to muscular bodies who would look at home in a locker room or on a college campus. The majority of the performers are white, but you'll also find some black and Latin guys. There are some cuties, some average guys and some who are drop-dead gorgeous. And while many are amateurs, some are known performers; some former College Dudes have made it big in gay Pornland and are no longer considered amateurs.

The guys in the newer episodes include performers with a less collegiate look and sometimes a lot more experience in porn. Known performers including Josh Long, who's a hairy, bearded porn star; Scott Demarco has appeared on a wide variety of sites, and there's Scott Riley, who's appeared on sites including tricked straight guy sites and a foot fetish site, and has worked for plenty of studios including Falcon and Men.com - not exactly a college amateur, but he's still hot to watch. And there's the versatile but frequent bottom boy Conner Mason, who gets fucked or does the fucking in 16 videos inside the site and more videos on other sites. You get the idea. And unlike the models in the earlier scenes, a lot of the guys in the newer scenes have tattoos.

Earlier in time, the site was a mix of jerk-off videos and hardcore action, but all of the more recent videos are man-on-man sex; there have been no solos since 2014. You can expect plenty of cock sucking, ass eating and lots of fucking, and you'll also find dildo play, some threesomes, massaging, facials, cum eating and some foot worship. No matter what the action is, the guys seem to be having a very good time, and there is often some real chemistry between the performers and, as already mentioned, you can expect lots of kissing.

College Dudes offers 1,040 exclusive videos. All the scenes are dated, and a new episode is added every Thursday, so the video library grows at a steady pace. The videos are offered in MP4 format, the newer ones at 1280x720 plus two smaller sizes, so all are compatible for newer mobiles and the smaller sizes are good for not-so-new mobiles. The somewhat older vids are sized at 960x540, and the very oldest videos (we're talking 2006 or so) are offered in two qualities at 320x240. And for those who prefer to watch rather than download, each video can be streamed at 960x540 in between two and four qualities, although the older videos don't look too good as they're stretched to over double their size to fit the player.

Every episode page includes a juicy description of the action, links to the model pages, and members can leave comments or read others' comments. There's a link to add the video to your favorites list, and there's a also picture gallery. Each gallery contains between 30 and 50 photos sized at between 500x700 and 600x900. The photos look good, and there are plenty of close-ups. You can download each set in a zip file or simply save the individual photos you want to keep, and while there's no hands-free slideshows, you can navigate from pic to pic using the arrow buttons at the lower left of each pic.

Members get access to four bonus sites from the same network plus 28 behind-the-scenes updates. The first bonus site, Boy Gusher, offers 434 exclusive videos; next comes HS Boys, which offers a good-sized collection of gay feeds, some of which update. Broke College Boys offers 94 exclusive videos but no longer updates, and last is Ass Lick Boys, offering 41 exclusive videos but no updates. The behind-the-scenes videos include bloopers, interviews and more, but this section hasn't updated in some time.

Now let's talk about some issues. First, there's a pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second recurring site membership when you join this site. Luckily it's easy to uncheck. Despite the tour claim of unlimited access, full members have a 15 video per day download limit, although I believe streaming is unlimited. Also, while the new vids are available in HD, downloads arne't offered in full HD as offered on the join page. And of course, the older videos aren't HD at all. Oh, and the DVD section in the menu isn't more videos to watch like it is on some sites; it's DVDs for sale.

One last thing is that I've already mentioned but is worth repeating is that the type of guys found in the site have changed in the last few years. The performers here used to be very all-American college jock types, mostly amateurs, but now we're seeing more aspiring porn stars and even some regular porn performers. They're still mostly the right age with very nice bodies, but they don't have amateur looks or that amateur vibe. 

College Dudes is a good quality site that's been around for years. Many of the guys are college-aged boy-next-door types; there are some "regular guy" types, as well as some who have gone pro, and the newer videos include some popular porn stars. The newer videos are all hardcore, with plenty of sucking and fucking and lots of kissing, while the older videos are a mix of solos and gay sex. The site has grown to 1,040 exclusive videos to download, stream and watch on your mobile, and they add a new video once a week. Members also get access to the four bonus sites and 28 behind-the-scenes videos. Despite some pitfalls, there's a lot to like about College Dudes - particularly the horny amateur guys in the older videos.

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