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College Boy Physicals offers a light-hearted view of doctor-patient relationships where the doctors are very hands-on, sex is always part of the treatment and every examination has a happy ending. The performers on the site fall into 2 groups. You have the patients - guys from 18 to mid 20s, many of whom look like video first-timers. And then you have the doctors and other medical personnel, often from 20s to 30s. They range from the portly Dr Dick, who mercifully remains fully clothed while extracting semen samples, to Drs Jizzerman, Rimmerman (TJ Jordan) and James, all great performers who do their best work naked. While there's some info about many of the models, most aren't listed by their full porn names.

All the action takes place in an exam room that looks surprisingly realistic, furnished with genuine medical equipment. Scenes often begin with a variety of legitimate-looking tests before things start heating up. At one extreme, the sex may just consist of a clothed doctor jerking off his younger patient. At the other, you may have a full suck/rim/fuck session. And it's not all just doctor and patient. It can be a doctor and a (male) nurse. Or it may be two guys getting together while waiting for a doctor. There are some threesomes, as well; a sports coach may attend to make his own unique contribution to the examination. Semen samples seem mandatory for just about everything. Sometimes the doctor will produce one of his own for comparative purposes. And there are some solos in the exam room, as well.

There are several posters on the wall of the examination room. One is for erectile dysfunction - no sign of that around here! There's also a diploma from Broke Straight Boys University visible. It's good to know the doctors are qualified - but in what?

College Boy Physicals now offers 502 exclusive videos. All the videos, old and new, are available in MP4 format. The newer videos are sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality plus two smaller sizes, both of which should be compatible with most mobiles. The oldest videos are now sized at 720x540 at amateur quality or better plus a smaller mobile version. Each video can also be streamed in a player sized at 960x540; the newer versions are available in three quality levels, although I wouldn't recommend the lowest version. The oldest videos stream in the same size player, but the actual videos are sized at 720x540, and these are available in two qualities - the higher quality is decent, although if you go full screen, expect some loss of quality.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are usually screencaps sized from 480x360 for the oldest to 1280x720 for the newer ones, and quality varies from low-average for the oldest to pretty decent. The newest episodes have pics sized at 1200x900, and while they're all horizontal like screencaps, I'm guessing they could be digital stills as they're good amateur quality, sharp and clear. The photos can be individually downloaded or you can save entire sets in zip files, and while there are no slideshows, you can easily navigate from picture to picture.

The bonus sites include two exclusive sites from the same network - Broke Straight Boys and Straight Boys Jerk Off, and Broke Straight Boys updates regularly. There are also two more gay bonus sites - Amateur Boys First Time, which offers a good selection of videos, and HS Boys, which offers tons of gay feeds.

Now let's discuss updates and usability. I'm happy to report that the site is back on track, updating every Thursday like clockwork. Our complaint about lack of searchability has been addressed; the site has added a search box that works fine and a model index, as well, which is very handy.

The site has some downsides you may want to know about. First is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join College Boy Physicals. Next, the trial membership rebills at $15 more than the cost of a monthly membership, and trial members get limited access to the site's content. Full members are limited to 15 downloads per day, and there's no mention of whether two sizes of the same video count as one or two daily downloads. There's a so-called special price that's been active for over a year. And there's the quality of the oldest videos; their quality would have been higher at a smaller size.

College Boy Physicals isn't a medical fetish site, but it does show pretty realistic exam rooms and medical equipment. Scenes start with regular medical procedures, but quickly move on to sex that ranges from jerking off to fucking. The site updates once a week; there are 502 videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, each video comes with a picture set, and there are several bonus sites. And the current "special" price is very competitive. College Boy Physicals delivers exactly what you'd expect from the tour; light-hearted medical scenarios combined with hardcore sex and sometimes older-younger performer combinations.

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