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We're visiting a site called Boy Gusher that focuses on handjobs, male masturbation, and "cum explosions," although there is plenty of cock sucking and some fucking in some of the scenes, too. I'm a sucker for gay handjob sites, although there aren't that many around, so it's nice to see a site that seems to deliver guys jacking each other or themselves till they blow their loads. The site shoots some sessions featuring guys getting jacked off while blindfolded while their hands are bound and some vids featuring guys getting stroked while asleep, which adds another level of heat to the action. A lot of the newer vids feature plenty of oral, and there's also some solos here and there, including some using big dildos, but for the most part, these are guy-on-guy and helping-hand sessions.

Most of the models here are smooth, slender twinks, and lean athletic jocks, but there are also some more manly guys as well as some skinny to average "regular guy" types. Some of the models have facial hair, smallish beards and goatees that don't fully detract from their boyish looks. The action here does include handjobs, something I was happy to see, blowjobs, and solo jackoff sessions. There is also fucking in some of the videos, although not all. While the camera makes sure that it focuses on the cumshots, I wouldn't say that all the cumshots I watched here are particularly explosive, although many were satisfyingly messy.

Boy Gusher has grown to 342 episodes, and the site adds a new episode with photos and videos every Friday. The videos, which are exclusive, are now all offered in MP4 format, which means the oldest vids have been re-encoded. The newer videos are sized at 1280x720 at good amateur quality, and there are two smaller sizes available including one for mobiles. Older vids are sized at 720x540 plus one smaller size for smaller mobiles, and these range from amateur to fairly good amateur quality. All videos are downloadable full or half scenes, and streaming is also available.

Each episode comes with a set of pictures. The newer pics seem to be screencaps but they could be digital stills; it's hard to be sure as they are all horizontal. These are sized at 1200x900 at good amateur quality and the older pictures are screencaps, and they're sized at 640x480 at average quality or better. Picture-to-picture navigation is available, and while there are no slideshows, you can download individual pictures or, if you prefer, can save entire sets in zip files.

Full members of Boy Gushers also get access to four bonus sites. The first, College Dudes, offers hot exclusive content, hundreds of episodes and weekly updates. Next comes HS Boys, with tons of gay porn in all sorts of niches from feeds that update. Broke College Boys no longer updates, but offers a nice collection of gay sex vids featuring guys from 19 to their twenties. Last is Ass Lick Boys, which - while it no longer updates - offers guys giving rimjobs in exclusive videos.

Let's talk issues. First is the pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join Boy Gusher; don't worry, though - it's easy to uncheck. As far as I know, trial members get limited access to the site's content, but this is no longer listed in the site terms. Another thing worth mentioning is that while many of the updates are full scenes, some are only half a full scene, which means that members have to wait a week for those episodes to finish.

Boy Gusher offers members gay handjobs and guys sucking cock, with some solo masturbation and occasional fucking in exclusive videos and pics. Most of the models are slender twinks, jocks and average guys with an amateur feel about them. The 342 videos can be downloaded, streamed or watched on your mobile, and the site updates every week like clockwork. Full members get access to four bonus sites including an exclusive college boy site. Boy Gusher particularly got my attention with their handjob vids featuring blindfolded or sleeping guys, but the guy-on-guy and periodic solo jerkoffs are hot, too.

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