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Bareback HQ has a hot concept I haven't seen before; it focuses only on bareback fucking and cumshots. These sessions have no foreplay, no kissing, no oral sex or rimming - the videos open with the top's cock sliding into his bottom's ass and off they go. The site has just opened but already has 205 videos. Ready to learn more? Join me while I check out this new site and see what's going on.

The content on Bareback HQ is produced by Jake Cruise and already exists on his site called Cocksure Men. However this isn't just a new site with cut and paste videos. Cocksure Men hasn't produced any new content in a couple of years and the site has been reissuing older scenes as new that often require some remastering, so while he's at it, Jake Cruise does an extra edit of the video stripping out all the foreplay and taking us right to the bareback fucking. As an example, one of the recent scenes is called "Reyn Story Barebacks Ryan Cage"; the original video is nearly 26 minutes long on Cocksure Men, but the edited version as it appears on Bareback HQ is 17 minutes. And another video called "James Hamilton Barebacks Trevor Spade" was originally 23 minutes but was cut down to just over 12 minutes. So these videos give bareback fans exactly what they want – raw cock in hole action and cumshots.

The guys here are generally fairly well-built from athletic or gym-fit bodies to beefy muscle guys. For the most part they're in their twenties, but there may be the odd one in his early thirties. The men are largely Caucasian featuring both American and Eastern European men, and there are a few black men and some Latinos. The performers tend to have smooth bodies, but that doesn't mean there are no hairy men here - there are some. As well, there are plenty of tattooed men on the site, but again, not every guy is sporting ink. The cocks are a mix of cut and uncut, and when Cocksure Men started commissioning more videos from Eastern Europe the foreskin ratio increased.
While not all of the guys are regular porn performers, many of them are. Through the beginning years of Cocksure Men, Jake Cruise filmed the content himself in the United States, so you'll see guys like Bo Dean, Park Wiley, Leo Giamani, Derek Parker, Alessio Romero, Armond Rizzo, Max Cameron and so many others. Later, Cruise commissioned a company in Europe to do most of the filming, so in those scenes you'll find well-known Eastern Europeans like Ennio Guardi, Luke Ward, Ryan Cage, Andy West, Paul Fresh and others. But there are lesser-known guys in the ranks, too.

So there's no set-up or story line in these scenes. The video opens with the top sliding his bare cock into his bottom's ass and then he starts pumping. You're not going to see any kissing, dick sucking, rimming, and there's no foreplay of any kind. There are five threeways and one fourgy, but all the rest of the action happens in duos in both indoor home-like settings and a few outdoor scenes. And don't worry - the editor didn't cut out the cumshots. After several minutes of pumping ass, top and bottom blast their cum loads.

There are 205 videos currently available on Bareback HQ, but with over 600 original Cocksure Men scenes, there are many more to come, and the site is adding a new one every week. I don't believe, however, that all of the Cocksure Men videos were bareback, and if this is the case, they won't all make it over to Bareback HQ. The videos are available to download in MP4 format, and they come in four different sizes – 640x360, 854x480, 1280x720 and 1920x1080, and the quality is good. You can stream the videos on the site in three different sizes from 640x360 to 994x560 and there's a full-screen mode that usually fares well. The smaller sizes should do well with most mobile devices.

Each episode also has a series of photos; these are digital stills that display at 960x640, but the pics are both portrait and landscape orientation. They're good quality shots that show of the action nicely. The photos don't display in thumbnail galleries as usual - instead you click on a View button under the photos section and the first picture pops up in a viewer. From there you use forward or back controls to navigate through the whole set, but you have to view each picture one at a time; there's no way to select only the ones you want to see. For this reason, I recommend that you download the zip file of the whole set, but you can save pictures individually from the viewer as you want. There are between 25 and 50 pics per episode.

Bareback HQ updates every Thursday, but of course, as I mentioned up top, these aren't new productions although they are fresh edits that change the scenes and get us right to the action. There is a categories dropdown menu that helps you find more of the kinds of guys you're after like bald, muscle, daddy, hairy, uncut and more. The model names in each scene are also clickable, so you can find more videos of your favorites.

Are there any problems here? Not really. The site has a good offering of videos to keep you entertained, and while these aren't new scenes, they are fresh edits - and if you haven't been a Cocksure Men member, the videos will be new to you. The site is simple and works as it should so there's really nothing to complain about.

Bareback HQ is a new sites that re-purposes Cocksure Men's content, editing the videos to focus just on the bareback fucking and cumshots - all the foreplay and oral sex has been removed from the scenes to get us right to the action. When watching porn I often jump right to the fucking anyway, so this site's approach is most welcome. They add a scene every Thursday and their initial offering of 205 is quite generous for a new site. If you like guys with well-defined bodies and bareback fucking, you'll want to check Bareback HQ out.

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