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80 Gays' tagline reads "Hung Black African Twink Amateurs Barebacking", and they're one of the few sites out there that focuses on guys from Africa. Most of the black guys in porn are African-Americans or dark-skinned Latinos, but the guys here really are African. There are plenty of dark-skinned twinks with firm, slender bodies; there are also some performers who are more mature in appearance. You'll find a variety of ebony guys here aged from 18 into their early thirties, and most of them have nice bodies, round asses and bigger than average uncut cocks. The oldest 20 videos focus on Asian twinks and a couple white guys as well, but that's a minor exception.

There's a mix of hardcore and solo action; of the 21 most recent updates, five are solos and one threesome; the rest are duos. The guys suck each others' dicks, fuck holes and shoot their loads, but there's also a good number of sessions including piss play, barebacking, messy facial cumshots, some threesomes and the occasional solo stroke sesion. There are many indoor scenes, some outdoor sex on the beach, in the backyard or what seems to be in the woods, and the oldest videos include some interracial action, often between black twinks and Asian guys, although there is at least one Asian/Caucasian outdoor group session. As is common with amateurs and straight guys, some of the models here are very quiet and don't initially seem comfortable on camera, so don't expect porn star performances. That being said, some are very turned on having sex on video.

80 Gays offers 315 DRM-free video updates. The videos are offered in MP4 format, the newer good amtaeur quality and sized at both 1920x1080 and 1280x720; the older vids are sized at 1280x720, but while they claim to have smaller versions, both the "good" and "best" sizes are the exact same file size, and the older videos aren't as sharp or clear as the newer and playback isn't as smooth. Because of these large file sizes, the videos will only play on newer mobiles. All the videos can be streamed in an adaptive player that pretty much fills your screen, but you can still go full screen.

There are also 168 picture sets, 65 more than on our last visit, and each one offers screencaps from of one of the videos. They're pretty good looking screencaps sized at 1280x720 or 1920x1080, depending on the age of the video. You can download the pictures you like individually or grab entire sets in zip files. There are around 25 to over 40 pics per set, but while there are forward and back controls on the viewer, there's no hands-free slideshows available.

Now let's talk about updates. 80 Gays has 71 more videos than there were 18 months ago, so things are looking better than they were on our last visit when they were recycling updates. The site is short just a few updates, although it's hard to say whether updates were recycled a year and a half ago, recently or they just skipped a couple updates.

And for those who want more porn, there's more. 80 Gays members get access to 29 bonus sites in a variety of niches including barebacking, twinks, Latin men, kink and more. And if that isn't enough, there are also 63 gay video feeds ranging from first-time amateurs to hard fetish and BDSM, as well as twinks, hairy men, college guys, as well as the feed versions of popular sites like Jake Cruise, On the Hunt, and Rear Stable. There's also a bonus theater with over 1,000 videos.

Now let's take a look at some issues. First off, there are no prices on the join page (don't worry - they appear on the billing page), so what you won't see right off is that the non-recurring monthly membership costs a full $20 more than the recurring month. The monthly recurring membership is cheaper and easy to cancel even if you change your mind about staying. Also, not only are some of the older videos only half or a third of a full scene, but they aren't labeled that way, so for example you won't realize immediately that some vids don't have fucking or cumshots as they appear later in the series. 

80 Gays delivers hot black African amateurs - mostly twinks - in duos, threesomes or gangbangs, kink including piss play and cum eating, plus a few solo sessions. There are 315 video updates to download, stream and watch on newer mobiles, and the site adds a video every Wednesday. Members get access to a complete network of gay porn sites which offers enough action to keep them busy plus tons of feeds. 80 Gays is pretty much the only site I've seen that offers twinks who are not only black but are actually from Africa, and they are definitely hot.

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