Valet Caught Using a Couple's Dildo, So They Fuck Him Right There in the Car

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A couple of weeks ago, brand new bisexual porn site Why Not Bi launched with a fourway called Free For All. The new site appears to be updating every Friday, so last weekend there was a new scene called Parking in the Rear

Lance Hart and his wife, Alura Jenson, are horny and in a hurry to get up to their condo so they can fuck. Lance throws the keys at the valet (Zane Anders) and rudely tells him to park the car. When the valet finds a sex toy in the vehicle, he gets an idea. You won't believe what he does.

Zane strips and jumps in the back of the car to play with the dildo. But the thing is that this is Lance and Alura's favourite sex toy, so they come back for it. They see the car rocking, and when they pop the trunk, they find Zane dildo fucking his ass. "Uh ... it's not what it looks like," the valet says. "My wife's gonna suck your cock," say Lance, then he fucks the valet while Alura blows him.

Then Lance fucks his wife while the valet slides into Lance's ass. I'm pretty innocent when it comes to straight porn, or even straight sex. (I'm a gold star gay.) So I was pretty shocked to see how much Alura Jenson squirts when she cums. Is this real? Can women really spray this much? Head over and watch the preview and let me know.

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