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Why Not Bi is a brand new bisexual site focusing mostly on male/male/female threesomes but including a couple videos with a twist. The men are hot and mostly well built from athletic to bulging with muscle, and you'll find a fair number of guys with big cocks and trim beards, some with tattoos. The women are attractive, mostly slender with natural breasts ranging from petite to maybe a C cup, and most have medium to long hair to toss about. And for those of us into gay porn, you'll find some familiar faces here including John Magnum, Connor Maguire, Ricky Larkin, and Colby Jansen, who just started filming again.

There are a lot of creative scenes here. Connor Maguire and his girlfriend are having a passionate fuck. Her brother walks out of sight of his sister, pulls down his pants to show Connor his bare ass, and beckons him into the other room for some guy-on-guy fun. In "Try Before You Bi," Ember Snow decides to help her bisexual boyfriend celebrate their anniversary by bringing in a horny stud for a threesome that involves her wielding a strap-on so her boyfriend can get it from both ends. The new couple in the neighborhood is welcomed by their new neighbors, who happen to also be swingers, and next thing you know, they're having a wild M/M/F/F fuck, lick and suck session. 

In a scene called "Couple's Therapy," masculine and hunky counselor Sergeant Miles punishes philandering husband Mike Panic with a hard spanking as wife Dee Williams reads from the list of women her husband has been sleeping with. After the husband's ass is red, he has to watch the therapist eat his wife's pussy and fuck her, and then it's hubby's turn as both men strip naked and Mike gets on his hands and knees to take the counselor's cock up his firm ass while he licks his wife's slit. The guys spit-roast the wife before our misbehaving husband lies down to get his ass pounded by Sergeant, and finally, Mike takes Miles' load on his face and in his open mouth.

In a fun and sexy session called "Virtual Fuck," a hunky guy reveals to his girlfriend that he's been fantasizing about guys. She grabs a VR headset and has him put it on with surprising results; when he wears the headset and looks at her, he sees a hot guy - when he takes them off, he sees his girlfriend. What follows is a fun bisexual scene where the boyfriend, Dante Colle, can have the best of both worlds simply by wearing the headset and pushing it up. As he's topping his girlfriend/fantasy man, he says it's like he's fucking two different people, and that really turns him on.

Why Not Bi just launched and offers 16 exclusive, very good quality videos in MP4 format. They stream in a player sized at 1500x845 on my monitor, but may appear at other sizes to fit a variety of monitor sizes and mobiles. The vids are offered in four resolutions, the highest of which looks good and enlarges well to full screen. While there are no downloads offered, the videos are well-lit, sound is pretty good and the videos played for me with no pauses or issues. If you have any problems with buffering or less-than-smooth playback, just choose a lower resolution.

Each video comes with a picture set. These are good quality digital stills sized at either 533x800 or 800x1200. There's a hands-free slideshow if you want to sit back and enjoy whole pic sets, and while there's no downloadable zip files, you can easily save individual pictures to enjoy later.

Now let's talk about issues. There's a dropdown menu near top of the billing page that defaults to add a "Premium" membership trial that costs $1 for the trial and recurs at $34.97 every 30 days. If you want to avoid this add-on, click the menu and select "No thanks, I'm not interested by this special offer." Next, when you log into the site, you'll be taken to a full-page ad for a variety of different porn sites. Click the green button on the right side of the page that says CONTINUE TO WHYNOTBI to be taken to the site. Once you're in the members area, if you click the PORNPORTAL link on the top of the page, you'll be taken back to that full-page ad, and the other links on the top of the page all lead to advertising.

I have a couple other concerns, as well. First, there's no mention of whether the trial memberships give limited access, so I hit up the site's live support. The rep I talked to said trial members get access to a single video, so if you want access to everything, you should probably join for a month, which - at the time of this review - is only $14.99. I found the tour attractive but misleading. The first page of the tour shows 34 preview thumbs and shows 10 pages of listing, but keep in mind that there are currently only 16 videos.

If you love watching guys in male/male/female bisexual action, Why Not Bi is a breath of fresh air. You'll find horny men and sexy women in a variety of situations - the set-ups are imaginative, the streaming videos look great; they're mobile compatible and I liked the pictures, too. The site is new, offering 16 videos that are mostly over 30 minutes each, and while it's too soon to know how often updates will be added, I liked the performers, the action and the quality here, as well as the $14.99 monthly price. If you're looking for sizzling hot, professionally shot bisexual action, Why Not Bi is definitely worth a look.

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