• Horny Latin Athelete


    Mariano from Authentic Footballers is straight and only 21 but he's already played football (soccer for U.S. readers) for 3 countries - Argentina, Mexico and Spain. Football, rock and roll and sex are the most important things in Mariano's mind, but not in that order. He thinks about sex all the time and prefers brunettes but the truth is, he'll fuck any girl he can and he gets a lot of opportunities. Mariano has actually kept pieces of clothing from 20 different women he fucked as trophies!

    He doesn't mind showing off his uncut cock to the camera, though. The way Mariano sees it, if you can't fuck a girl, you might as well jack off - and he obviously had no problem doing just that!

  • Small Packages


    Good things do indeed come in small packages. This is Adam Faust and he's 5'7". But weighing in at 185 pounds he's solid muscle. I love Adam's colouring. At times he looks blonde, at others he looks like a redhead, and his beard is a nice auburn colour. He's a handsome, sexy bugger with a square jaw. Adam's not new to gay porn, he's done a few films and in fact he's known as one of the best fisting tops in the business. But in this Men Over 30 gallery, he's flying solo. His arms and shoulders are well-developed, his chest is hairy, and he's sporting nipple piercings. And he's got two of the most beautiful tattoos I've seen in a while. A griffin or phoenix like character ascends from his lower left back up and across to his right shoulder, and a tiger-like tribal inspired tiger crawls around his left side. One of the things I love the most about Adam is his butt. It's beautiful -- two round and hard globes of flesh, perfectly framed in a red-bronzed tanline and lightly covered is blonde hair. Too bad he's a fisting top, I wonder if he could be convinced to bottom. Adam's featured in a brand, new hot jack off video clip at Men Over 30 and you'll definitely want to check him out.

  • Boys Having Fun!


    Sometimes a photographer just gets lucky. Take Joey and Peter from Boy Fun Collection. These two cuties are both amateur twinks and they are a perfect match for this shoot. They are both under 22, both boyish and horny. One is a top and one is a bottom who worships cock. You can see how much he really loves sucking this hard cock, taking it in his mouth and feeling it as it grows harder, sucking it to give his partner pleasure.

    Peter can't get enough of having his rod sucked but he loves being watched on camera almost as much. He's got a little trace of exhibitionism and you can see he's got his attention both on how he's feeling and on the cameraman. These two boys are so hot together and you can just feel the heat they create together!

  • Straight College Men


    Straight College Men is one of my favourite straight guy sites and I haven't checked it out in a while. I like it because the guys are so legitimately straight and yet they get them doing some very scintillating things. This is Caleb and Denver, and Denver is new to the SCM House. He's a buddy of Caleb's, so there's a certain comfort level between the two. Through the onscreen interview we discover that Denver has a girlfriend and he hasn't told her what he does in his spare time: "And she's not going to know either, " he says. And this is what I love about Straight College Men -- I mean really, does he think that someone somewhere is not going to stumble across his bubble bath with Caleb and spill the beans. The other thing I like about Straight College Men is that they make it interesting. It's not just two straight guys sitting on a couch jacking off and trying not to look at one another. Nope, Straight College Men really pushes the envelope. They start these two guys off playing a game with a tower of blocks; each guy has to remove a block without making the tower fall. On the block's underside is an instruction: "do this" to your buddy or "remove this" article of clothing. And straight as they are, these guys follow through. Man SCM must pay them a lot of money. Next the guys take a bubble bath together and finally they lie naked on a bed together and jack off side-by-side. How hot is that?

  • Glory Hole Sex


    Imagine kneeling in front of a glory hole and seeing this beautiful, black cock sticking through just waiting to be sucked. What else would you do except open your mouth and start sucking. This white leather boy is very service minded and really gets off sucking glory hole cock. And what a beautiful thick cock he's managed to snag in this hole. He does such a good job that this hot black man decides to come around to the other side and see who the good cock sucker is. And this leather cock sucker gets even more exciting when he sees what that big dick is attached to -- a sizzling, smooth black leather man with long dreds. The cock sucker continues to service the black man while jacking off his own cock. The black man eventually jacks off a hot load of cum all over the leather man's smooth chest. And with cum dripping down his torso, the kneeling leather man relieves himself all over the black man's leather boots. It's a pretty hot, fucking scene.

  • Straight Muscle


    Meet Rocky from The Guy Site. Rocky is big, beefy and straight with boyish good looks and a tough demeanor. Even though he is big and bad, he's also friendly, talkative and horny - a great combination, I'm sure you'll agree. Rocky talks a lot, and he especially loves talking about sex and women. When Rocky talks about sex, his hormones kick in. He flexes his muscles without even thinking about it and his cock starts to get hard - which made him a perfect amateur model.

    With his bulging pecs and his pierced nipples, Rocky is a bodybuilder fantasy come true - especially if you prefer straight amateur beefcake!

  • Great Big Black Meat


    There's nothing like a big, hard, wet black cock - so I thought i'd share one with you today to get you off... to a good start, that is ;) Looks good enough to eat, doesn't it?

    Just in case you're wondering, this cock belongs to a guy called Navy from Thug Boy. He's tall (6'1"), lean and a bisexual top with a massive dick which is hard all the time. His claim to fame is he can pump a guy's mouth or ass all day or all night long. Navy calls himself the backbreaker and after seeing his huge tool, he can try and break my back anytime ;)

  • Hairy Cub


    UK Naked Men continues to surprise us with a variety of guys, truly bringing us the best of Britain. UK Naked Men features a wide variety of British guys in their twenties and thirties, some muscular and smooth, others hairy; some just emerging into manhood, and others with more experience. Sean here is a hairy cub from Ireland. He's 26 years old and falls in at 5'10" and 150 pounds. He keeps his head closely cropped and his body is wonderfully hairy. His torso hair swirls toward a treasure trail running north from his belly button. And this Irish man has a mouth-watering 7-inch, uncut cock. I absolutely adore his plump cock head. It's so full and swollen and would be a lot of fun to roll around in my mouth. And his cock's shaft is nice and thick. Sean keeps his balls shaved smooth and I do love a smooth set of nuts; they're so much nicer to touch and roll around in your hands. Sean's featured in a brand new jack off video clip where he's lying back on a black leather couch in a white jock strap and jacking that nice piece of Irish meat of his. He also likes fingering his butt hole and I like to watch. You'll want to check out this hairy cub from the Emerald Isle.

  • Uncut Skater Boy Cock


    Skater lad Rob is one of English Lads most popular models. He's a very quiet boy, 19 years old and slender. For those of us who prefer our guys more natural, Rob also has bushy pubes that look like they feel nice and soft. Rob's also a whimsical sort of person - you may not be able to see it, but Rob is wearing boxers with little happy faces all over it.

    It's hard to say which I noticed first about Rob - his shy smile or his 6 inch uncut cock. When he first pulls out his cock, it's soft but the minute he touches it, it grows hard and it stays hard. Rob loves wanking in the warmth lazy summer days and that gives us something more to look forward to this summer ;)

  • Look At Who I Found in the Shower!


    Hot damn - look who I found in the shower! This is Jon from The Guy Site and he's quite a piece of amateur muscle. He's got that "guy next door" face on that body that could only have been built in the gym. He's also a man of few words. When asked to introduce himself, he simply says "I'm a big guy".

    Not only was he very comfortable getting naked in front of a guy with a camera, Jon was perfectly happy to take a shower and get that magnificent body wet and slippery. And beside the fact he doesn't mind showing off his hard physique and cock, he's friendly. Yes, indeed - Jon's my kind of guy ;)

  • Cute and Natural Guy Next Door


    Paul is 25, hung and a little bit hairy. I love a guy who's all natural and doesn't shave his body and Paul definitely fits the bill He also has dark hair, beautiful brown bedroom eyes and that guy next door look.

    Paul has all the right stuff - a boyish handsome face, a very cute butt and a rod that stays hard no matter what! He's done some modeling at Tyler's Room, but they don't mention whether he's straight, bi or gay - darn it! Luckily it never hurts to fantasize ;)

  • Hot, Hairy Man


    I see a lot of hairy men and every once in a while I find one that really turns my crank. This crank turner is Steve Cruz and he lives in San Francisco and he's the latest update over at Hairy Boyz. I really wanted to show you a picture of Steve in his bright blue underwear briefs because he looks so hot in them, but I'd be mean if I didn't show you his beautiful cock. It's a nice fat one, don't you think? And Steve keeps his balls shaved, which I love. I don't mind hairy nuts, but I really love sliding my tongue across a nice tight set of smooth balls. Steve's got a hot, hairy body and a thick, blue Celtic armband tattoo. He's also sporting some nice five o'clock shadow, which I find terribly sex. And wait until you see Steve's ass. It's hard, round, and covered in fur, and he doesn't shave his butt hole either. There are some pretty hot pictures of him down on all fours and showing us his hairy fuck hole. Steve's been busy shooting some movies for Raging Stallion Studios, so we're going to be seeing this hot hairy man in action soon -- and I'm hoping he's a bottom. I want to see that hairy ass getting fucked.

  • College Cock, Anyone?


    Daniel is one of the most popular guys on Frat Men and one look will tell you why. This lean and muscular 19 year old has a boy-next-door face with a very sexy smile and beautiful cock. You can see that Daniel spends a lot of time at the gym and loves playing all sorts of sports - and just looking at him makes me want to play some indoor sports ;)

    Wouldn't you love to work your way down that smooth muscled body with your tongue, fingers trailing along behind till you finally found your way down to his cock? I'd love to lick it all over like an ice cream cone before finally turning Daniel into an all-day sucker. Oh, man - there's nothing like the taste of college cock!

  • Cute Uncut Guy


    This cute uncut guy is Robert and he's among the latest update at UK Naked Men. I've got a thing for really slender guys and I just love this picture of him. Lifting up his muscle t-shirt, he gives a good look at his lean, slender, and muscular body. I do love a nice set of six pack abs and Robert's are pretty ripped, and there's a little bit of a treasure trail crawling up them. His semi-hard cock is looking deliciously suckable with just the tip of it peaking through his foreskin. And it's a chubby thing, too. Robert's a 23-year-old Londoner who stands 5'10" and weighs in at 130 pounds. His cock is about 7 inches, and of course, it's uncut. And Robert loves his ass. There are a whole series of pictures of him bent over and spreading his butt cheeks for us to see his sweet, shaved butt hole. I love close-up pictures of a guy's rosebud. And he even gets on his knees, reaches through is legs, and massages his butt hole with his fingers. I really love a guy who isn't afraid to play with his own fuck hole. They're a lot more fun in the sack.

  • Sucking Off The Boss


    I sure never had a boss who looked like this, if I did I would likely never have quit my job. Maxx here is a beautiful, bald man. He's got a hard smooth body and a great ass. It would certainly be a pleasure to take my orders from a man like this. The problem is that I don't know how much work I'd get done with something like this wandering around the office. He looks so sexy in a suit. And I'm sure I'd end up with a discipline problem just so I could be called into his office over and over again. As he balls me out for something I did, I imagine getting up and closing the office door, and then, walking over and squatting between his big beefy thighs while I undo his shirt buttons and tie. He's got a gorgeous chest -- hard, smooth, and feels good to the touch. I undo his slacks and slide my hand inside his pants, and then, his boxers. His cock is thick and I slide it into my mouth. It sure feels good. Maxx doesn't seem to mind or protest. It's as if this is a regular, daily occurence for him. What a hot scenario this would be: pulling out your boss's cock and sucking him off right there at his desk. Yum!