• Straight Cop Gets Sucked


    Officer M is the porn name for this straight Long Island cop. Sometimes when he's really horny, Officer M will pick up the phone and call the guys over at New York Straight Men to get a no-strings blowjob. Since there's nothing quite as hot as this ultra-masculine cop, and New York Straight Men just got a new in-house cocksucker they wanted to break in, they told Officer M to come right over - and he did. He kept on his shades and kept his hat down so he could stay anonymous. He also kept a sneer on his face. Still, Christian is a serious talent when it comes to sucking cock, and he loved slurping on this dominant cop's rod!

  • Horny Jocks


    Ted and Luke from Varsity Men couldn't get enough of each other! These two extremely hot and horny jocks have well-built muscular physiques and incredible chemistry - both men were hard from the beginning and after they started fondling and kissing, things just got hotter! From passionate kisses, they moved to stroking and sucking each others' cocks. When licking and slurping at each others' dicks wasn't enough they moved onto ass eating. Man, I can't believe how hungry Ted and Luke are for each other!

  • What's in a Name?

    whats in a name

    en·ig·mat·ic [en-ig-mat-ik} - adjective. mysterious or obscure.

    Enigmatic Boys

    is a site featuring horny 18 to 23 year old twinks from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean. The boys here are smooth and attractive but what the site feels is enigmatic about the models is pretty unclear to me. And that brings me to my point. Site titles.

    While some site titles make sense - Buzz West is the photographer and owner of his site and New York Straight Men and Bear Bound's titles certainly describe their sites - some site titles don't seem to really relate to the site itself.

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  • Don't You Love a Guy in a Suit


    Vince is an ex-army guy who is a very sharp dresser, so it was no surprise when he showed up for his shoot with UK Naked Men wearing a fine suit and tie. And being a very friendly guy, it was easy to get him to slide off those suit pants and show off what he's got. What Vince has got is a huge uncut cock that he was happy to get hard for the camera while still wearing his suit jacket, tie and that very nice shirt. There's just something about seeing a guy jack off in business attire - and Vince is just the kind of guy to get a starring role in my next office fantasy!

  • Foreskin Play

    Brit stretching his foreskin.

    I admit i - I have foreskin envy. I was visiting with a Polish photographer and friend recently, he shoots content, and I was trying to explain to him the whole foreskin thing. The models that he shoots back home never play with their foreskin, in fact, they don't even seem to know it's there. He just said, "Yeah, we don't even think about it, it's just a part of us." So I explained to him that in North America most men are cut, although that trend does seem to be changing. So when we see a foreskinned cock, we're really interested. And we imagine that foreskin must feel amazing sliding up and down a guy's cock head. And since we're so fascinated with it, we really want to see guys playing with their foreskin and showing us what they can do with it. Like Aidan here from UK Naked Men. Now who wouldn't want to be able to pull and stretch their foreskin like this. And it's deceiving, too, because in the photo before this one, his cock is completely hard. And it's big! But with his foreskin all stretched like this, you really don't thnk he's got a hard-on. But he does. And he's got a beautiful cock -- about 7.5 inches, thick, and that beautiful cock head of his glistening in foreskin juices and precum. Yum! I'd love to have him hold in foreskin open for me so I could go digging with my tonuge.

  • Horny Hairy Man


    Okay, I have to say right off the top: I love the hairy man, but I hate the hat. Why do older men try so desperately to hold onto youth. There's a man in his mid-forties who lives in my building and a lot of the time he's wearing a faux mohawk. I just want to shake my hand through his head and say, "Act your age." Likewise with the touque on T.P. here. It's fine for 20-year-olds, they look cool. But for a forty-year-old man, it's just confusing. Why are you standing around naked if you're cold? Anyway, I'm delabouring the point. T.P. is a hot guy. I just saw him in the new Bear Films movie Grease Monkey Bears. He did a solo jack off scene and this photo gallery is taken from the same shoot. In the video T.P. is lying back on the concrete floor and he's jacking his cock. But he's really more interested in his butt hole than anything else. He massages and fingers it, but eventually starts digging in his tool box for something bigger. He lubes up a screw driver handle and has some fun with that. And then he sits on a hammer handle. Yikes! T.P. put a condom on that thing, you wouldn't want to get a splinter! Then finally, he fits a dildo onto his drill, shoves the dildo up his ass, and he goes for a spin. It's a pretty hot scene. I've certainly heard about using an electric drill in this way, but I never have seen it. It was pretty interesting to watch.

  • Collin O'Neal Fucks


    In case you haven't heard, gay porn star Collin O'Neal has a new website. Hairy muscle man Collin O'Neal is well-known for his abilities as a big-dicked top, but a lot of people don't know that Collin has been doing a lot of work behind the cameras. He's been working on a series of DVDs called "Collin O'Neal's World of Men," and it has the porn star travelling the world and filming the hottest men he can find in a particular country. He's already shot Lebanon, London, and Sao Paolo. To showcase his videos, and also to display the footage that didn't make it to the DVD, Collin launched a website a couple of months back. It's jammed with pictures and videos. I don't normally like solo gay porn star sites because one guy usually can't fill up a website with enough stuff to warrant paying a monthly membership $24.95. I'm really not interested in some guy's work out schedule, or watching him go to the grocery store to shop. But Collin O'Neal's site is different. First, it's not all about Collin. There are a lot of videos and pictures where Collin's not even in the scene. And that ups the ante in the inventory. Collin already has 40 other guys appearing on the site with him in over 30 videos and 40 action galleries. And Collin O'Neal fans will find tons of stuff featuring the man himself. This particular scene has Collin fucking a hot, blonde Robert in a wooded area south of Stiges, Spain. Oh yeah, if you're interested in playing with Collin and appearing in one of his videos, go to his website and fill out the application.

  • Creative Fucking


    I do love watching creative fuck scenes. Let's face it, don't we all get a little tired of seeing the same fuck scenes over and over. And imagine what my job is like. Sure, it's cool looking at naked men all day, but sometimes -- a lot of times -- everything just blends together, nothing stands out. Then, every so often I'll come across a man, or a cock, or an ass, or a fuck scene that really gets my dick stirring. That happened this morning when I stopped by Hot Barebacking to check out the action. I stumbled across this screen capture from their latest video and I thought, "Now that's creative fucking." And it's perfect. I really don't know why I've never seen anyone fucking in a hammock before. It's the perfect prop. You lie on your stomach in the hammock and poke your hard cock through one of the holes, one guy gets on his knees under you and lines your cock up against his butt hole, and then, you just start rocking the hammock back and forth. Man, what an easy way to fuck. These guys each take turns riding in the hammock. And in fact, they even blow one another this way, too. What a glorious thing: sucking and fucking in the afternoon sun, lazing around in a hammock. Wow! Stop the world, I want to get on!

  • Gabe's First Blowjob


    Gabe has done five photoshoots with Corbin Fisher so far and they've all been solos. One of his jack off sessions was actually shot by one of the other Corbin Fisher regulars, Dawson. I guess some guys just take some time to work up to the hard stuff. After Dawson finished shooting Gabe's jack off scene, Dawson waited for Gabe to clear out of the bedroom, and then, Dawson jumped on the bed and pumped one out himself. He was so turned on by the photoshoot that he couldn't help himself. And then, a few weeks back Dawson got in a little closer in a side-by-side jack off session with Gabe. It seems like Dawson have a thing for this 23-year-old jock. And who wouldn't. He's got leading man good looks, he stands 5'11" and weight 182 pounds of solid muscle, and he's sporting a 9-inch cock. But I've been waiting for a long time now to see Gabe get his 9-inch tool serviced by another jock - apparently so have the fans because the e-mail has been stacking up over at Corbin Fisher headquarters. But finally this week, the wait is over. Dawson does a superb job of worshipping Gabe's hard, muscled body, and then, he wraps his lips around Gabe's big cock. Gabe lies back and enjoys the blowjob, but then, he gets so excited that he stands up on the bed and fucks Dawson's mouth. Anyway, I won't spoil the ending, but this has definitely been worth the wait. And now with his first blowjob under his belt, I'm hoping we'll be seeing Gabe fucking some ass soon.

  • Straight Guy Jacking Off


    This is Clark and he's a new addition to Next Door Male. I love Clark on so many different levels. He's got this boyish quality to him, like his face hasn't caught up to the rest of his body yet. He's 22 years old, but he still hasn't shed all his freckles yet, and he's got this devilish grin -- you know he's up to something. He's almost finished college, but he's taking a break at the moment. Clarke starts out his jack off session slowly. Some straight guys really have to ease into these things. He's sitting on the stairs, fully clothed, and thumbing through a nudie magazine. He rubs his body, takes of his socks and rubs his bare feet. And then, he moves to a chair and gets more into things. Later on, Clark is in the bathroom admiring his hard earned muscles in the mirror. He can admire his muscles all he wants, but from this angle, I'm thinking his ass is his best muscle. What a beautifully round and hard butt. He hops up on the vanity and gets his dick hard. What a perfect cock. It's about 7.5 inches long, thick, and it's crowned with a perfectly proportionate and nicely shaped head. He's got a beautiful cock. He moves to the bedroom and fucks a pillow to get himself really hard and excited, and again, I'm really enjoying the view. Finally, Clark lies back on the bed, and with the camera man shooting over his shoulder, Clark finishes himself off and dumps a thick, creamy load all over his six pack.

  • UK Guy I'd Love to Fuck


    Meet Aaron from UK Naked Men. He's got a hot body and a look that makes me just wish i could fuck him till he begs for mercy! I'd love to hear his sexy UK accent calling "harder, harder!"

  • Uncut Russian Dude


    Nick Jordan is horny russian straight guy who didn't mind making his own porno movie. The guys at You Love Jack gave him the video camera, told him how to use it and once he found a little privacy, he couldn't wait to do a video of himself jacking off. Some of the guys start out nervous, but once Nick got in front of the camera, he discovered that the idea of anonymous people watching him stroke his cock really turned him on. He worked over his uncut cock and fingers his ass and don't you love seeing that uncut cock dripping with cum?

  • Fat Uncut Cock


    This hot man is Fred Faurtin and he's got just about everything I look for in a man. In fact, about the only thing I'd change about him is that I would give him some more body hair. Faurtin starred in the Raging Stallion movie "Manifesto" and he's making a solo appearance on Rear Stable this week. He's got a hot body. I like my men lean and he's got a pretty tight body. He's not overly muscular in a beefcake kind of way, but he's well-defined and pretty ripped. He's a good-looking man and keeps his hairy cropped pretty short, and he hasn't shaved for a few days, so he's looking particularly fetching in this series of pictures. But I have to say that my favourite thing about Faurtin is that fat, uncut cock of his. I love foreskin -- absolutely fucking adore it. And Faurtin's cock is delicious. It's long and fat. When he's semi-hard his foreskin only covers half of his cock head. When he's completely hard his cock head because really bulbous and engorged with blood. It's one of those cock heads that you can't get enough of as it fills your whole mouth. Man, he's got a beautiful uncut cock and I could feast on that for as long as he could hold back the explosion.

  • Tattooed Muscle Man


    The photographer of Bang Bang Boys picked Julio up in a tattoo shop. Julio was getting some colour added to his tattoos. He's got a pair of dragons, one on each arm and meeting across his chest. They're pretty amazing. Anyway, back to the tattoo parlour. The Bang Bang Boys photographer watched as a shirt Julio was sprawled out on a table and getting some colour added to his tattoos. The photographer ended up chatting up Julio's girlfriend, who was waiting for him. When Julio was finished the photographer asked him about doing a solo vidoe. Julio's girlfriend thought it was pretty cool, so Julio agreed. And thank God he did. What a fucking body. This is so ripped that he's got an eight pack, not a six pack. And those shoulders and arms, fuck, I can just imagine what he looks like when he's supporting himself and fucking. His ass is pretty hot, too, and combined with those massive thighs of his, he's really got some pumping power, I'd say. And this boy is packing a nice piece of meat -- big, thick and uncut. Just the way I like them. When he's only semi-aroused his thick cock just flops across his thigh, but when this muscle man gets hard -- watch out! He's sporting a pretty mean banana curve.

  • Two Guys and One Girl Can Be Fun!


    There are a lot of guys out there who love sex with guys - but also love sex with women. Either that or they get crushes on guys who have girlfriends but are willing to play with another guy. And a lot of women really love being with 2 guys, as well. But for those of us who like to see bisexual sex, there's not enough sites around to find it. And I think a lot of guys haven't really seen much of it, but it can be hot! These pics from Three Pillows show the ways 2 men and 1 woman can have a great time together, even down to sharing cum! Threesome, anyone?