• Speechless: And then it got interesting...

    Christian and Geoff come to a new understanding.

  • Speechless: In Chicago

    Geoff and Chris arrive at O'Hare and share some "quality" time together.

  • Spped Humps Ahead

    Older Gay male services straight Pledges as part of a College Fraternity hazing/initiation.

  • Steamroom Encounter

    I usually go to the gym several days a week if I can. This day I did my reps, squats and other calisthenics. It had been a good workout, and I was sweaty, and looked forward to taking a hot shower.

  • Straight students glory hole

    My face came level with the hole just as he stood up. I saw his smooth skinned thighs, a neat bush of black hair set against a white, flat stomach and a slender, young piece of flesh hanging semi-hard over a hairless, wrinkled sack.

  • Student Body President Falls For Faculty Advisor

    After a week in which Devin, the college student body president, broke up with his girlfriend and had a disagreement with the college administration, he unloaded his troubles on me (Eric), the faculty adviser to the student government. The talk led to a wild night of sensual and raunchy Gay sex.

  • Summer after freshman year

    After a busy first year at Boston University, it's time to head home for summer. And maybe a little detour to visit some of TJ's old high school buddies.

  • Summer Fun 1

    A lovely summer - boys, booze, sex

  • Summer Fun 2

    I saw Greg got off Alex and scooted Josh aside. I felt Kyan slid out of me and walked over to Alex. Josh moved his body behind mine and started fucking me. And so a new sequenced began but not for long because I think Kyan felt uncomfortable doing his cousin.

  • Tate Worthington, My New Best Friend and Room Mate pt 2

    A continuation of my life and times with Tate, and our awesome love relationship.

  • Tate Worthington, My New Best Friend and Roommate

    At First I thought it would be a terrible matchup, His being rich and me being of the poorer class, then as the first shool year went on I found out it was the perfect pairing.

  • Ten Wonderful Minutes on the Train

    Kenneth rides the same train home five days a week, watching a sexy young man who takes the same train, doubting he has a chance.

  • The Adventures of Dan and Brad

    I got up and he pulled me by my throbbing 9 inch dick. Brad pushed me on the bed and started working my dick. He went up and down my pole like a pro as he rubbed my pecs with his left hand and felt my steel abs with his right.

  • The Art Teacher and the Symposium

    The new replacement Art teacher was just a friggen Dream, I wanted him bad and was gonna have him, but How?

  • The Blue Balls Cure

    My roommate needs some relief and gets it!

  • The Bondling

    A young closeted freshman, desperate for work, finds a calling and a deal he can't refuse.

  • The Boys from BIG BROTHER

    It's the latest update of what's happening on Big Brother, 2014, a reality show that really shows it's feathers this season with cute and needy boys,

  • The British Roomate - Part 1

    Ethan looked around quickly and stopped breathing for a second. A tall blond guy stood in front of him with a piece of crinkled paper in his hands. The guy has blue eye from what he could tell and his face was boyishly handsome. Ethan swallowed hard as he tried to speak.

  • The British Roommate - Part 2

    The day went by pretty fast. Ethan and Phillip spent the afternoon getting to know each other.

  • The British Roommate - Part 3

    Ethan and Phillip finally spend their first passionate night together followed by an unexpected visitor the next morning...

  • The British Roommate - Part 4

    Jake refreshes Ethan's memory about his night with the mysterious one night stand...

  • The British Roommate - Part 5

    Ethan introduces Phillip to Jake which leads to explicit circumstances...

  • The Bully - Part 1

    Some people call me dumb. That's alright, really, if they think me dumb. It's not like I'm ever gonna go to college anyway.

  • The Bully - Part 10 - The Last Chapter

    With the realization that maybe, just maybe, I could have Daniel and still not be driven out of town, another feeling came over me and I shuddered as I accepted I did want to leave.

  • The Bully - Part 2

    Once I'd known the inside of this house as well as my own, but I realized how different everything was when I opened Danny's door.

  • The Bully - Part 3

    When I first saw him, I thought he was nothing but an artsy-fartsy city boy, who'd grown up pampered with big movie theaters, bowling alleys, skating rinks, putt-putt golf courses, all-night diners, and who'd never had to work a hard day's work in his life.

  • The Bully - Part 4

    I growled back and ignored the smirk on his too-smooth face. The fact that since that night three weeks ago when I'd first slept in his bed with him he'd been sharing my bed or I'd been in his still grated on me in other ways...

  • The Bully - Part 5

    Joel's deeper voice was almost as irritating as I opened my eyes and glared at them. Even with my black hoodie up, my face was cold except for where I was leaning against Danny's head.

  • The Bully - Part 6

    "Who is that?" Danny's whisper was almost hoarse as we watched Joel's mother hug and kiss the cheek of Joel Reynolds.

  • The Bully - Part 7

    "Why aren't you over there talking to them?" I asked Danny who was sitting on the couch next to me. Joel was on the other side, talking to Jeanette who was now his official girlfriend.