• Opposites Attract

    What does a geeky skinny boy in college have to offer? Author's note: Have I gotten too wordy? I guess the voting will tell me the answer.

  • Opposites Attract: Tyler and Chris

    Tyler goes to a party with Chris.

  • Pepi, Lorenzo Roommates

    My second year in college was one for the books, I was young, horny, and ready for what the year was to offer, and man what an offer it made.

  • Playing Through

    His eyes stared up into Carlos' face. There was a small smile across the face and the eyes were staring hard at Conrad. He felt a lump in his throat as he wondered what was going to happen, when Carlos chuckled a little and his hand moved away from Conrad's groin.

  • Preston's first time

    The story of preston's first fuck Sorry I took so long writing this . I was distracted by some family problems for a while I hope to get Part 2 posted within a month

  • Prom Night

    He nodded and I eased back till the head of my cock was being strangled by his tight asshole then I shoved back in and started fucking him.

  • Ranger Guided

    Park ranger initiates college student

  • Re-Visiting the Old High School

    Going back to the High School I had graduated from four years earlier, was a wonderful, memory filled experience and seeing my old Math Teacher again brings much dreamed about situations.

  • Rest Stop 1

    Never, never let your car break down at a rest stop.

  • Rest Stop 2

    Never, never let a trucker take you into his cab..

  • Revolution Series:The Begining of the End

    An urban boy recalls and tells the story of his experience as a Gay Man, discrimination, bully, pains, torte, voilence even from family and victory in the end....This is the most tragy_comic Emotional true story you ever read but it isn't boring all the way itsfun anyway..

  • Ronny

    Two buddies who had grown up together finally take things to another level.

  • Rough Fuck in the Locker Room

    Tim dropped his own towel and began to stroke his cock, working it up into a full-blown boner. Fuck! These two guys had two of the biggest rods I'd blown in the two months I'd been on campus.

  • Ryan Jackson's great stretch 1

    Ryan had been waiting for the start of college for years. He could wait to move out of his parent's house. The freedom to stay up as late as he wanted to eat and drink what he wanted. While he had scored a little pussy in high school, now he'd be free to bring girls into his room and fuck `em when ever he wanted. Cody was his best friend. They had been friends for ages.

  • Ryan Jackson's great stretch 2

    "What the fuck Cody, you just gonna leave me hanging?" pleaded Ryan as he shook his ass at Cody trying to get him to fuck his ass again.

  • Ryan Jackson's great stretch 3

    Suddenly the light came fully on, and as Ryan looked around he saw he was surrounded by six older men. They were in a variety of states of dress all wearing different amounts of leather.

  • Ryan Jackson's great stretch 4

    Suddenly the light came fully on, and as Ryan looked around he saw he was surrounded by six older men. They were in a variety of states of dress all wearing different amounts of leather.

  • Saving It For A Dream

    I held on to my pants with one hand and him with the other as he led me to the bedroom. He was murmuring reassuring sounds at me and stroking my back. He took off all my clothes and helped me lay back on the bed. I watched him as he slowly stripped, admiring his body.

  • Secrets

    The boy of Matt's dreams is blond, tanned and got a huge bulge. Lucky for Matt his roommate fits that description perfectly, only problem is he's straight or so he thought he was

  • Secrets - Alex

    Matt now has Nick, the man of his dreams, but when Nick's brother, Alex, comes to visit. Matt becomes attracted to Alex who is kinder to him than Nick.

  • Secrets 3 - Natural

    Matt now has Nick, but has also fallen for Alex, his brother. He has even fooled around with Alex and his talented dick but is now teaming up with his BF to take Alex's cherry

  • Seduced

    A close encounter between college roommates.

  • Shatter! - Part 1

    I just moved into my new apartment and im hearing all kinds of strange noises while I sleep. Am I really going crazy?

  • Shipping Off

    Jay's hand moved inside the jeans, to grope at his own erect cock. Bill's eyes seemed to widen as he stared, saying nothing but panting a little. Encouraged by the sight of Bill's cock stiffening a little, Jay pushed open his jeans more.

  • Silver Lining part 1

    Kevin, a naive 19 year old teen is just about to 'love' his final teenage year. Cassius, an outta the world senior sends sparks flying in Kevin.

  • Sink or Swim

    A college swimmer is forced to deal with the decision to earn a much needed scholarship or face the truth about his true identity and desires.

  • Sleeping Straight Stanley

    Stanley is as hot as they come but very straight. But as luck would have it, I finally get a taste of all this young jock has to offer.

  • Somewhere in the Middle

    Being an slightly older gay College Student, furthering my education becomes much more of an education than I had expected, boy did I get an education.

  • Sophomore Year #1

    TJ heads back to Boston to start his second year in college. But first, some unfinished business with a certain Italian(s).

  • Sophomore Year #2

    It's the weekend, and TJ and his 3 roommates decide to chill out with some wine and beer. Alan gets the idea they should play 'Truth or Dare.' So they do.