• Just a Bored Gay Guy

    After hooking up with the wrong guy, Jon begins to wonder why he can't find someone who can really get him off and thinks back to the first time he was really turned on.

  • Just horsing around

    Seth and Brandon shared a dorm room and over time they began to horse around, wrestle on the floor, poke and prod each other.

  • Just Tutoring

    A tutoring session gets hot with sex and a unexpected guest joins them later on.

  • know how I know you're Gay?

    Three straight black guys discover the joys of man on man sex together.

  • Lane and Jake

    A non- traditional love story...

  • Lane and Jake 2 PREVIEW


  • Last College Daze

    Hold up wait a minute y'all thought I was finish. I'm back!!!! It's about that time to get back to my life in college. You ready?

  • Last College Daze part 2

    Man things start to go left when Desmond gets in the car. Memories are rushing back to when we were roommates.

  • Last College Daze part 3

    This story has taken a twist with me and Desmond. I mean I'm with my homeboy but my girl is still on my mind. Even when I get home I still think about this dude. Now some shit just went down and I don't know if I'm ready to deal with it.

  • Last College Daze part 4

    You thought I was going to leave y'all hanging all weekend long. Naw can't do that. I will leave you with a little somethin something about Desmond and me.

  • Last College Daze part 7

    Sorry for the delay. Everytime I get to writing this part I get horny and need to relieve myself. But here you go Desmond and I, the moment you all were waiting on.

  • Learning with a Man - Chapter 1

    Jeff has been best friends with Ray ever since he can remember. Recently, Jeff has begun to discover he has feelings for Ray... but Ray is not talking to him anymore. Or is he?

  • Learning with a Man - Chapter 2

    The second chapter to Learning with a Man!

  • Learning with a Man - Chapter 3

    The third chapter to learning with a man.

  • Learning with a Man - Chapter 4

    The fourth chapter to Learning with a Man.


    A young man working on a car gets more "help" than he expected when a passing neigbhor descends on his cock.

  • Library "Head" Games

    I love cock. I don't care about the size, cut or not or shape of it; they're all tasty in their own way. I started perfecting my oral skills when I was younger with my playmates but really did not know what I was doing. After my high school graduation I was off to college. I couldn't wait. Campus life was great. I would just sit and watch all the yummy guys walk by or stare at them in class.

  • Life with Ashton - Part 1

    Celebrity sex story involving Ashton Kutcher.

  • Life with Ashton - Part 2

    Celebrity sex story involving Ashton Kutcher.

  • Life with Ashton - Part 3

    Celebrity sex story involving Ashton Kutcher.

  • Like Father Like Son Part 1

    My son has his friend from university visit us at home...

  • Like Father Like Son Part 2

    What happened after I interrupted my son and his friend from university enjoying each other's company late one night...

  • Linnea's Park Adventure Part II

    Hot jock Matt is again humiliated outdoors by older nerd Brad.

  • Living Near the High School

    I looked at him, thinking it was a weird thing for a stranger to be telling me, thinking he was drunk, but then our eyes met, and his eyes were as clear as mine. He wasn't drunk. He smiled and nodded at my cock. "Why don't you hold that with your other hand," he said.

  • Locker Room

    Joe had just turn 19 when he was hired for security at his city newly build sports coliseum which hold many of sporting and entertainment events. He just found a hidden glory hole that somebody made in one of the dressing room back of the arena.

  • Lockerroom Fun

    who knew that you can have so much enjoyable fun in the lockkeroom?

  • Logic One Oh Ouch

    After he was finished, he pointed to a bathroom with a shower between the kitchen and his workout room. When I emerged, all clean again, he was laying face up on his massage table. I gave him a massage, both front and back, and he toyed with my cock whenever he could get to it.

  • Making Tech U Proud

    The alumni newsletter asked to spotlight a former student leads to a steamy gay sex session with the handsome alumni reporter.

  • Making The Coach Happy

    Dek and I was doing our best to make the coach happy with us, but we finally found what would make him a happy coach, and we changed directions.

  • Making the commitment to my new roommates

    Jason decides he is tired of dorm life so he moves into an apartment with Blake and Daniel.