• Milk those balls

    I reached over and with my left hand started squeezing Eric's beautiful balls. With my right hand I grabbed John's swollen balls and started to squeeze. Both of them yelled out with pain and pleasure. I continued to squeeze and massage their balls for what seemed like hours.

  • Money For College

    Well, I'm one guy, and you're naked in front of me all the time. How many guys were in the locker room when you played football back in high school? How many guys are in the locker room at the gym when you strip down to shower?

  • More Than One Fish in the Sea

    I had just seen my boyfriend with a girl kissing and making out, then he told me he wasn't interested in my kind anymore. But Life goes on, doesn't it?

  • Moving Out - Chapter 2

    After confessing his love for his brother Tom, Aric's old high school friend Nate moves back into town. Nate's still as beautiful as ever, and Aric starts to wonder if sleeping with Tom was really the best idea.

  • Mr Davis

    An 18 year old boy falls for his dance teacher

  • Mr Lewin

    Matt was really enjoying working on Carl nice 7 plus semi cut cock as his lips and mouth were getting full of Carl Pre cum that he was spurting out of his hard cock. " FUCK YOU GOOD DUDE " Carl shouted as he was real close in shooting his load off, Matt just took his hot pre cum mouth off the soaking wet dick when he then told Carl that it was his turn now to suck.

  • Mr Marty - Part 1

    Marty was a former Pro Wrestler who is now a successful beer salesmen for the Miller Company through out North America.

  • Mr Marty - Part 2

    Marty as just got a great top job at one of the best college wrestling program in the country. He will be charged as a director and the head coach of the school wrestling team and program.

  • Mr Marty - Part 3

    Coach Marty went into the bathroom to grab some massage oil that he likes to use on his hairy body. He then took lots of the oil and began to rub Cam hairy body all down with it

  • Mr. Booth

    I then watch him stand right in front of me with his huge bugle showing as he began to take of his Red Silk tie along with his white dress shirt. I love looking at his Biceps and hard nibbles that were perking through his FOTL t-shirt that he had on.

  • My Bite from Big Apple Part 1

    A beginning into the Big Apple Series, no sex yet just a nice background into the main charcters and setting. Just wait though, the stories from The Big Apple Series will get a lot "jucier"

  • My Bite from Big Apple Part 2

    Alex ventures to his first college party with his new friend and neighbor Dylan, however the party takes a turn for the worst. Although when all is said and done, the result of what happens could be the best thing that Alex could have asked for.

  • My Bully, My Buddy and Me - Chapter 1

    It was never really my intention to punch him in front of my English teacher, but he didn't give me a choice. Why does he have to be such a fucking dick? Is it my fault that I can't see the fucking board? Is it my fault that he's just so fucking huge that I can't see a fucking thing in front of me?

  • My Bully, My Buddy and Me - Chapter 7 - Part 1

    Here's the 1st part for the 7th Chapter guys! So sorry for the delay. Been a bit busy with College. ENJOY!

  • My Encounter with A Young man Named "Tim"

    When He showed up to take my census Tim got a lot more than my personal Information that afternoon, A lot More.

  • My Encounter With A Young Man Named "Tim" - Part 2

    Things get even hotter and more involved When Tim brings a young friend over to introduce him to the mix.

  • My Exhibitionist Roomate - Chapter 1

    What a way to start off college - with a roommate that likes to be naked all the time! What's a guy to do?

  • My Exhibitionist Roomate - Chapter 2

    The story continues - What a way to start off college - with a roommate that likes to be naked all the time! What's a guy to do?

  • My friend Jason

    Based off a guy who lived down the hall in my dorm last year. Couldn't keep my eyes off of him - this is my fantasy.

  • My hot Professor - 3 and 4

    Hey thanks for reading

  • My Hot Professor-1-2

    It's my first story here no sex yet comment and rate it please

  • My hot Professor-5-6

    This one is hot.

  • My New Roomate

    I find out college can be fun. Very fun!

  • My New Roomate part 2

    Stephen and Lane

  • My oldest friend Mr James Turner

    Two friends since year 1 take a leap when one of them pronounces him self gay and they experiment.

  • My online find

    An online search found the perfect cock and many fun encounters!

  • My Second Cock

    I find out my hot roommate is bi too.

  • My Sexy Professor #1

    Young teacher of law trying to be above board with a horny student.

  • My Skater Experience

    A college Twink gets with a hot skater, and pays extra attention to his shoes. It's kind of a fantasy of mine.

  • My Skater Experience Part 3: Alex

    College boyfriends Joseph and Derek go on vacation and meet a hot friend. This is a continuation of the series I wrote on my other account, Alex Gault