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Papi takes us to gay nightclubs, pool parties, beach parties bath houses - even parades. The site is about showcasing the gay party lifestyle, with lots of guys dancing, drinking, laughing, stripping, fucking and sucking. Looks like a blast, and we haven't visited the site for ages, so let's log in and join the party inside Papi.

The club videos are great - there is plenty of throbbing music for the guys to dance to. As things heat up, pieces of clothes start to get taken off or moved to the side. Before you know it, there are men kissing, showing off to each other, sucking each others' cocks. But the pool parties are probably my favorite as the guys laugh, splash and pull out their cocks.

One thing I noticed about the action inside Papi is that no matter how wild things get at the parties - and the pool party has groups of guys sucking other guys cocks in the pool - at some point the video follows 2 or 3 guys off to have sex in private. This makes it different from the other party sites around but whether you like that difference or not is up to you.

Papi offers 42 episodes, a few less than there were last time, and the site no longer adds new content. The good news is that the WMVs are bigger, now sized at 640x480 at good amateur quality or better, and the site has added smaller MP4s for those on Macs or mobiles like iPhone and Android phones, and they're also pretty good amateur quality. The vids are downloadable, and can be downloaded as full scenes or clips. And for those who prefer to watch rather than download, there are also streaming Flash vids available.

Each video comes with a set of digital stills, and the newer vids also come with a set of screencaps. The newer digital stills are sized at 600x855, the older ones at 399x600. Quality is pretty good, and there are lots of pics per set - usually over 200 and sometimes over 400, although some of the pics are fairly repetitious. The screencaps are about the same size as the videos. All photo sets can be viewed as slideshows or download in zip files.

When it comes to extras, full members get access to a bonus site from the same network called Boys First Time. This site is good sized and still updates, with horny amateur guys sucking and fucking. There's also huge collection of gay videos - over 5000 of them, to give you a better idea. These are each full scenes from a good-sized collection of DVD titles, and there's quite a list of categories including threesomes, barebacking, Latinos, black studs, classic porn and more.

Now let's talk issues. I already mentioned that the site no longer updates. Next, there's a pre-checked trial memberships recur at a full $15 more than the cost of a regular recurring monthly membership. Also, while the terms didn't address this, the other sites owned by this company have limited trial memberships, so this one may, also. BTW, the tour links to a blog that seems to be currently updating, but don't let that confuse you - no new content has been added to this site since 2008.

Papi delivers crazy gay parties including plenty of groping, sweating, dancing and hot men having sucking and fucking. There are 42 wild downloadable videos, most over 30 minutes. There's also pic sets, a bonus site that does update plus a large collection of gay bonus videos to help keep full members busy. I was disappointed that the site no longer updates, but I did enjoy the partying and the action at Papi.

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