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Sean Cody is one of the powerhouses among internet gay porn producers and one of the most focused: web-only production, amateur models, professional standards. The entire site is open to non-members who can check out full sized pics and descriptions of every single video, plus the newer ones include trailers. It's been a while since our last visit, and the site hasn't stood still in that time, except for its prices, which are unchanged.

Sean Cody has arguably the best set of amateur models you'll find on any site. There are over 500 names listed in the Search feature, but many have been used for up to 4 models, so there may be 700 or more on the site. The guys are mainly straight, 18 to early 30s, college or jock types with not too many tattoos. Almost all have never appeared on other sites before. The amazing thing is that these wholesome, decent young men are here to do indecent things for your pleasure. Many of the models back a few years did solos only, but a lot more of the guys are doing action scenes these days.

Solos usually begin with some non-sex footage outdoors, often on the beaches near San Diego. They then continue indoors, usually comprising 2 sequences with a cumshot at the end of each. Most action scenes take place indoors. There are occasional threesomes, but duos predominate. Sucking, rimming and fucking are all on the menu. The guys generally do well, given that they don't have much, or any, experience with man-to-man sex. At the end of 2011, the site made its most significant change ever, releasing its first "unwrapped" i.e. bareback scene. This wasn't a one-off holiday treat; since then a number of hardcore scenes have been bareback, featuring breeding, a double penetration and absolutely sizzling action.

Sean Cody has grown to a whopping 1846 exclusive videos, thanks to every-other-day updates - the site has added 178 new videos in the past year. The updates generally alternate between a solo scene and an action scene, and most months 15 new videos are added to the member area. Each of the solo episodes includes a little info about the model - age, where he's from or other things about him.

Over time, there have been some changes to the videos. First was the addition of full HD videos, which means the largest vids are sized at 1920x1080, although there were also 4 smaller sizes. The other change is that the recent videos are offered in 4 sizes of MP4 only, with no other formats as the rest of the videos have. Most of the vids are offered in WMV and QuickTime and some in MP4, as well, and while the older videos are smaller, they're still available up to 720x480, which isn't bad at all. And each video can be streamed, as well.

Pictures are very much a secondary feature here; this site is all about videos. That being said, every episode except behind-the-scenes sequences has a gallery of up to 90 screencaps. These galleries have possibly the world's smallest thumbnails. Images are sized at 579x326 or 450x306 (older 4:3 pics) up to 960x540. Newer episodes (over 700 of them) also have a set of good quality digital stills with a size of 533x800 or a little larger; up to 20 per set and available to members and non-members alike. Slideshows at 2 speeds (fast or slow) have been added for all sets. Each image can saved separately, but there are no zipped sets to download whole galleries.

The weakest feature of the site is its lack of search facilities, especially category search. Interested in redheads? Uncut guys? Double penetration? Toys? 30+ men? Threesomes? Outdoor scenes? All of these are there, but you won't find much of this material except by accident. With over 1800 episodes, there's too much to browse for members looking only for blonds or group sex or any particular turn-on or fetish unless you turn it into a treasure hunt.

I'd like to point out that while many other sites are doing a variety of things to make extra money off their joining members, this site doesn't rely on tricks, upsells or links to third party sites - their site is really good so doesn't need to rely on such things.

Sean Cody is one of the best amateur gay porn sites. Its video catalog is huge (over 1800 videos) and all that content is exclusive. Production standards are high, and the attractive, well-built performers featured are genuinely new faces. Viewing options are good, and videos can be played on mobiles. Non-members are given an exceptional amount of information plus access to each episode's full picture galleries. The site updates every two days like clockwork, is easy to navigate and does almost everything right. Sean Cody offers the cream of America's amateurs producing bucket-loads of cream in hot solo and hardcore action for your pleasure.

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