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Cole and Hunter are a real-life couple who started sharing videos of their sexual exploits on their blog and XTube. Over time their fan base grew like gangbusters, and they eventually turned their blog into a full-fledged membership site. They've come a long way since we reviewed them in 2011 when they only had 37 videos. They've added lots of new content, upgraded the site and made some positive changes, so let's check in with the web's favorite top couple.

Cole is the salt 'n' pepper daddy; he's sporting a big dick and seems to like playing director, often bossing Hunter around and telling him what to do. Hunter has dark hair and a beard, and he's hung, too. He's more easy going and doesn't seem to mind Cole butting into everything. Together they're a dynamic duo and have been together for over 10 years, and while one holds the camera and films, the other gets his dick sucked, chows down on a guy's ass, or enjoys fucking a hot butt. Often the active one will arch his eyebrows or stick out his tongue to let his partner behind the camera know what he's missing. They're a fun couple with good chemistry and seem to get off watching each other have fun.

The guys who appear with them on Maverick Men are a wide mixture of younger, masculine guys in their twenties, so you can expect plenty of cute cubs, muscle boys, skaters, party boys, muscle jocks, college boys and a few on the twink side of things. Cole and Hunter don't have an ethnic preferences as they have played with white and black guys as well as Latinos. And with such a large fan base, Cole and Hunter seem to luck out a lot as they get to break in first timers.

Maverick Men is always on the hunt for guys who will bottom for them, and they both usually take a crack at fucking those asses. Most of their sexual antics take place at home or in hotel rooms, but I've seem them getting head while driving or fucking while out in the woods hiking. They're adventurous, so you never know what they're going to get up to. These men love sex so there's lots of kissing, sucking, rimming and of course fucking, both bareback and with condoms. Sometimes they fuck the guys one at a time, other times they spit roast and toss the camera back and forth, and they've even double fucked a few of them.

There's lots of hot POV filming, so it feels like you're right there. But with amateur filming comes lots camera bumps or shakes as the equipment is passed around. And the guys often talk to each other, give direction, laugh or simply say how much fun they're having. I didn't really mind any of this as it adds to the personality and fun.

The site currently offers 163 videos that the Maverick Men have shot and edited themselves. They're offered in streaming MP4 only (no downloads here), and the newest ones play in a pop-up at 970x528, but you can enlarge it as much as you want and go up to full screen where there's a bit of quality loss, but they hold up pretty well. Older videos open at 760x534 and while they look pretty good, some don't fare so well in full-screen mode. Each episode also has a graphic time line that allows you to jump ahead to key points in the movie, which I found very useful.

There are picture galleries, but instead of being included with the "Full Videos", the pictures are in the "Trailers" section, and look identical to that graphic time line I just talked about. But if you click the thumbnails they open in a slider and you can browse through 60 pictures with a "next" button. You can't save any of the pictures and the slider doesn't have a hands-free slideshow.

Updating is haphazard. Maverick Men usually adds a couple of videos every month (sometimes there's three or one), but it seems to be very much a "when we feel like it" affair. This seems to suit the amateur style of the site, plus it's hard to schedule hook-ups to coincide with a specific update schedule, and a lot of these videos are also made while traveling.

The site used to offer a pay-per-minute scheme only and this was pretty expensive, but they now also have an unlimited streaming package that recurs every month. At $34.95, it's still fairly pricy, but their videos are well made and fun as well as long. The shortest I watched was 30 minutes, but most are over 40 and many are over an hour, so a membership isn't a bad deal if you like the guys and what they have to offer.

Except for the video section, the rest of the site is the blog, and you can read and see everything for free. Maverick Men keep us updated on where they have been and where they're going, who they just fucked and what's coming to the site soon. In Fan Zone they interact with their fans and post a travel schedule. Their Twitter and Tumblr are also linked on the sidebar so you can follow along.

Maverick Men are a fun couple and I enjoyed watching them both. Their videos aren't just all about sex, either; they spend some time getting to the know the latest guy or letting him share things with the camera. But when it comes down to sex, Cole and Hunter are hot to watch and they love fucking younger guys. They have such a wide variety of guys that it never feels like we're watching the same old thing. We in the porn business often complain about sites lacking personality and creativity, but Maverick Men doesn't have this problem. The stars - Cole and Hunter - are for real, the site is fun and different and it's packed with lots of cute guys and sweaty sex.

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