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Deviant Otter launched last year, and if the site name doesn't grab you, the cute, bearded guy who runs it will. Frat Boy Bradley first appeared in porn back in 2010 when he played with the daddies over at Maverick Men. This year he's started his own site, so let's take a look.

There's no information on Deviant Otter about the guy who actually stars in and runs the site, but some promotional information I got says that his name is Devin Totter (get it? It's slightly changed from Deviant Otter) He's been building name for himself over the past year on Tumblr and Twitter and sharing selfies with his followers. He's a very cute guy in his twenties with a scruffy beard and a rock-hard, furry body. And by the way, in bear culture an "otter" is a slender, hairy man, but in this guy's case, I think you could call him an otter or cub. Deviant Otter is versatile, and he's often seen wearing a dog chain and padlock around his neck. He seems to have a lover who has appeared in at least one video called "My Pup Breeds Me".

So far the action has been mostly sucking and fucking. Some of the anal sex was with condoms, some was bareback; I didn't see a lot of activity that I'd call "deviant." Devin does head off into the woods to fuck himself with carrots and another zucchini-like vegetable. While his boyfriend was taking a piss, Deviant Otter knelt and let some of it splash across his tongue. In another video he fisted a guy briefly. And he played with two real-life lovers and tried double penetration, so that's it so far when it comes to deviant. But I have to say that Deviant Otter seems pretty uninhibited and adventurous, so I expect we'll see more of his kinky side in future episodes.

The site opened in March 2014 with 12 videos, as of mid-November there were 27 and now (October 8, 2015), there are 50 videos, so it appears the site is updating twice a month (on average). You can stream the videos on the site, but at the present time the vids are not available for download. The videos play at four different speeds in a player sized at 740x380, a larger size than we found on our original visit. You can view them in full-screen mode and they hold up pretty well. The full-screen quality varies from video to video and even within the same movie.

There are a number of issues to talk about. While the video player has been enlarged, playing the videos at full screen offered unpredictable quality. While the full-screen videos were largely watchable, I would have preferred to have a video size somewhere between the two sizes - maybe 720x480 or even better 1280x720. There are no picture galleries, but Devin adds pics of himself on the tour in blog-style posts.

These are home videos, so Deviant Otter sets up a camera and films himself having sex with another guy, who is often a furry 20-something like him. The guys often takes breaks so he can set up a new camera angle or grab it and do some gonzo-style filming. Sometimes the camera angles aren't ideal. This will be an issue for some and the attraction for others.

Some navigation takes you outside the member area. For instance, clicking Archives on the footer navbar will take you to a page of Deviant Otter's Vine videos, but when you're done there, you'll have to log back into the site unless you hit the "back" button in your browser.

Deviant Otter is not a typical membership site, it's more of a hybrid member site and pay-per-view model. There's a watch-all-you-want monthly option, which is probably the best deal, or you can buy a 15- or 60-minute viewing package. Incidentally, there are no videos under 15 minutes, all the videos are between 20 and 35 minutes. And the site has added 23 videos in the past 11 months, so just over 2 new videos have been added per month on average, consistent with our previous visit.

One very annoying "feature" for non-members is that as you scroll down the pages to preview the updates, a pop-over appears periodically prompting you to "Join and watch all my videos".

Deviant Otter is one of those rare finds on the net. The site owner is sexy and he likes sharing his private fuck sessions with anyone who wants to watch. It reminds me of the old days when porn was just taking off on the Web and we watched guys on webcams in their apartments. And what I really liked about Deviant Otter is that the sex is real. The guys grunt away and sometimes an arm gets in the way or somebody's foot kicks the camera, so it's obvious these aren't slick, studio productions; I think that makes it all the hotter. Deviant Otter's site feels like we're being invited to share in his horny private sexual antics. In a porn world jammed with lots of the same old thing, Deviant Otter gives us something fresh and different.

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