Homo Emo

Reviewed by on 9 Nov 2011

69 score out of 100
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Homo Emo features the kind of guys you can't find just anywhere - 18 to 25 year old emo lads, alt boys and rockers. Expect kind of goth/punk looks, with heavy bangs, slender bodies, not to mention tats. The models here are mostly from the UK, which means uncut cocks - always a plus - and the action is a mix of hardcore gay sex and solo cock stroking sessions. The tour offers hundreds of videos, each with pics, a message board and emo-themed bonus sites. Ready to learn more? Then join me for a closer look!

The Homo Emo member home page is easy to use for the most part. You'll find links running across the top of the page, with a welcome and the latest updates shown below to the left. Each update shows a good-sized thumb of the action, name of the model, description of the scene and the date it was added. The site updates with a new scene each week, and All the guys have that emo look we're here to see. There's an ad on the right side of the page, and another one at the bottom, but otherwise the page is clear sailing. Now let's check out the content.

The Homo Emo videos are DRM-free full scenes available in WMV and Quicktime, and the 15 newest in MP4, as well. Both Quicktimes and WMV's are shown at 768x432 at about 1 Mbps or better, and are good amateur quality. They're also offered in a smaller size for those on smaller broadband. The new MP4's are bigger and better, shown at 1040x592 with bitrates around 8 Mbps, which look good, but all the videos lose some quality at full screen. And for those who don't like to download, there are the streaming videos, shown at 768x432 in either Flash or MP4.

Each video comes with a set of screencaps, shown at 900x506, and these are good quality for screencaps. Also many videos come with a set of digital stills, and these are nice and large, shown at 900x1350 at good amateur quality, but some are constrained to a smaller size by the page. Not to worry, as you can download the entire galleries as zip files to enjoy for later.

The guys of Homo Emo are exactly what you'd expect. Most are slender, smooth - although often with hairy armpits - and have heavy bangs that sometimes cover their eyes. Many of them are British, which means uncut cocks. Expect hair that's dyed black or primary colors or once in a while bleached very pale blond. Many have tattoos or piercings or both. While more of the action here is solo, featuring horny jerkoff sessions, there is also plenty of emo boys sucking cock, fucking, and shooting their loads.

When it comes to extras, Homo Emo stays on target. Members get access to 2 emo sites from the same network - well, 3, but one pretty small and pics-only, and there is the network which contains the content from all the sites. These offer more videos of the same horny amateur emo guys in action. There's also a message board where you can post about your favorite guys and read messages from other members and the site admin. It's not terribly busy, but there's enough going on to be worth checking out.

Now let's talk issues. First off, there's the pre-checked offer on the join page that you'll want to read before you hit submit. Second, and this isn't really an issue so much as a quibble, there's a missing update back a couple months. And last, the first page of the tour may give you the impression that the action here is mostly hardcore, but there's more solo here than sex.

Homo Emo delivers some very hot emo boys, exactly the way I like 'em. They're smooth, skinny, often with fair skin, dyed or bleached hair, and this whole punk/goth thing along with hard cocks. The guys here are horny, the action is hot, and many of the cocks are uncut. The site offers 129 DRM-free downloadable videos, pic sets, and a new episode is added each week. Add to that access to exclusive emo bonus sites, and this is a nice package. If you love watching emo boys jerking off, sucking dick and getting fucked, Homo Emo is definitely worth checking out!

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