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Bear Films launched bareback site Hairy And Raw back in 2011, and they're still going strong with hot furry men and gay bears sucking and fucking in raw sessions. The site has grown a lot since then, they have re-encoded their videos so they're extra large (just like their men), and they have some nice bonuses, so let's get inside and see what's happening.

Hairy And Raw is like going to your local bar's bear night where you'd find a good mix of muscle bears and daddies, big-bellied hairy men, as well as cute cubs and horny otters all ranging from guys in their early twenties to older men in their forties or fifties. The men aren't always hairy, but many are and there are also lots of beards and other face scruff. Many of the guys sport tattoos from a Celtic harp on a bicep to intricate sleeves of ink up and down their arms and everything in between. There aren't a lot of men of color, but there are a few black and Latin guys.

And finally, there are lots of first-timers to the bear porn world here, full-figured men who have fantasized about getting naked for the cameras but who would have been shunned by the rest of Pornland. You'll also recognize many porn regulars like Victor Cody, Rusty McMann, Steve Sommers, Tristan Riant, Skott Locke, and Marc Angelo, who has just filmed his first bareback scenes recently.

The action is a mix of duos and threeways, and quite a few trios; as well, you'll be treated to some horny foursomes and fiveways. And these men don't hold back with lots of kissing, dick sucking, ass eating, plenty of raw fucking, and of course they blow their loads all over each other. There's cum gobbling, too, but not in every scene. And it goes without saying that the men don't use condoms here - all the action is bareback. While there aren't many solo jack-off sessions, there are some.

Lately there have been quite a few scenes with a leather slant featuring men wearing harnesses and gear, and there's a collection of videos set in the Bear Riders Motorcycle Club where several bears get their asses fucked on their motorcycles. One recent playroom scene had a Master restrain his slave on a wooden cross and made him watch while he fucked another daddy's boy across the room. He eventually headed back to take care of his slave's cock and ass, but he made him wait for it. Other scenes are set in playrooms, dungeons, bar rooms and hotel rooms or home settings plus a few outdoor scenes as well.

There's some great news where the Hairy And Raw videos are concerned. Not only has the site grown to 202 videos, but they re-encoded them so that they're all in MP4 format and play at a much larger 1500x846 at good amateur quality or better. The videos play well in the site's streaming player, which offers two or three different speeds depending on the age of the video, and there's a full-screen mode with little quality loss. The majority of the videos are full scenes, but there are several longer scenes that are released in a couple of parts, usually a few weeks apart. The videos are available for download, but they will cost you extra.

More good news is that if you log into the site on your mobile device, you find the site is easy to navigate; the videos look at play great, and you still get a choice of two or three quality levels. They stream well, enlarge to full screen well, and overall I was very happy with how everything worked on both my Apple and Android devices.

There are 624 picture sets - 438 model sets and 186 action galleries. The model pictures are digital stills displaying at 682x1024; the action galleries seem to be a mix of digital stills and screen captures that range up to 1465x2400 depending on the age of the scene. The site used to offer a hands-free slideshow; it's gone now, however you can use the gallery forward and back buttons or click through the thumbnail galleries one at a time. You can download zip files to view the pictures at your leisure.

When it comes to extras, there's been a change. Members now get access to the feed versions of 14 bonus sites from the same network. When I started this review they were offering six movies each, the next day when I was finishing up they had changed it to nine videos each - the day after, my editor also got nine videos. So there are bonus videos, but if you want to see all the content from any of the sites you must join them separately, and they don't even offer members a discount.

There were only a few things I really didn't like about the site. First, there's a sneaky pre-checked offer on the billing page disguised as your agreement to the terms and conditions, so opt out of it if you're not interested. Next, according to the site's terms, trial members may only get limited access to the site and content, but they aren't definitive on that. Best to plan for limitations if you choose the trial. There's a pop-up when entering the tour, and if you go from page to page, it will pop up again periodically. And finally, as I already mentioned, the site doesn't offer any downloadable videos with your membership - you'll have to buy the ones you want to keep. When I visited there was a 40% off coupon code that you could use to save some bucks on them.

If you like hairy men, bears and cubs, and sexy daddies, you'll already know that the pickings are slim out there in Pornland, so Hairy And Raw is a good place to satisfy your cravings for bear men. The site has grown a lot since it opened five years ago, and they've been been adding an update every week since the beginning of 2015, although they sometimes split a movie into two parts and use them as separate updates. With 202 videos, you'll have plenty to watch, and don't forget about the bonus videos, many of which also feature bareback fucking plus a few offer hairy men, too. And while I would have preferred to see downloads offered with your membership, I'm impressed with the new large-sized videos throughout the site. Check Hairy And Raw out - I'm sure these bears will turn you on.

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