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Arabic men in gay porn aren't easy to find, and since I love them a lot, I was pretty happy when Gay Arab Club landed in my inbox for a review. The site offers a healthy collection of both solo and hardcore sex videos with Arab men playing together and also having sex with European men. Our last review of this site was in 2009, so it's time to head back for a fresh look inside.

The men at Gay Arab Club are mostly Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Turkish. The site has a twink section, but seriously, Gay Arab Club doesn't have a good grasp on what a twink is. Most of their "twinks" are simply slender and smooth guys in their twenties. I found them hot with myriad shades of brown skin, dark hair and eyes, many have light facial hair, and there's a mix of smooth and hairy guys. The guys range from slim to muscular bodies and from their early twenties to thirties. There are also have a good number hairy guys, as one would expect from an Arab man site. And while Arabic men tend to have cut cocks, a lot of them are playing with European men, so you'll find a fair bit of foreskin on site, too.

Gay Arab Club is operated out of France, which has a huge Arabic population. Some of the men on the site wear traditional robes with scarfs wrapped around their heads, and some are wearing hats like a fez, and there is a series of videos with more Arabian Nights-like costumes, but largely most of the men on the site are just wearing western clothing, or nothing at all.

About a quarter of the videos are solo jack-off sessions; the rest are a mix of hardcore sex in duos, threeways and small groups. Most of the masturbation videos feature a guy lying back on a bed or sitting on a couch, but there are a few outdoor scenes. Likewise, most of the suck and fuck movies take place in bedrooms or other home settings, but there are several outdoors or in dirty warehouses, stairwells, and basements.

Some of the videos are filmed by Citebeur, the company who runs Gay Arab Club and 7 other niche sites. But there are also videos from seven other producers like Alexander Pictures and Cadinot, so not all the videos are exclusive to this site. It's worth mentioning here that most of the content, if not all, from Alexander Pictures does not feature Arabic men, but Latino men dressed up a la Arabian Nights and having sex in the sultan's tent or palace, if you will. But aside from that, I found most of the guys on Gay Arab Club to be legitimate Arabic men.

Gay Arab Club is a pay-per-view site where you purchase packages of tickets, then redeem the tickets to watch or download movies. Generally speaking, you're paying 1 to 3 tickets to watch a solo and 4 to 5 to view an action video.

There are 420 videos on Gay Arab Club and 120 are solo while the rest feature hardcore gay sex. All of the videos on the site are streaming, there's no downloadable video, and the movies display in a Flash player at 640x480. The quality is generally okay, but some of the videos could be sharper and clearer, and I wasn't thrilled at all with the quality at full screen. When we last reviewed this site back in 2009, the site's streaming video suffered from buffering problems that interrupted the viewing. This has been resolved and the videos played quite smoothly for me, also it was very easy to click back and forth in the time line and the videos played instantly without making me wait for them to catch up.

There are no picture galleries on the site, but each movie as a strip of five biggish thumbnails that can't be enlarged, but do give you preview of the guys and action.

I don't know how often the site updates because they don't date their videos, but they only had 164 videos when we reviewed them in 2009 - with an inventory of 420 movies currently, they are definitely adding new content. But this isn't much of an issue because you're not paying a monthly membership fee and you're only using your viewing tickets when you find a movie you like.

The site has five viewing packages available from 5 tickets at $5.99 to 100 tickets at $59.99, and buying the largest package is saving you 50%. Gay Arab Club is a part of a network of 8 sites and you can use your tickets on any of these sites; also your tickets never expire, they remain in your account until you're ready to use them. The site used to have an unlimited viewing membership, but they no longer do.

There wasn't much I didn't like about Gay Arab Club. They have recently ended a long run of solo video updates, so I would like to see more mixing of solo and hardcore updates, but having said that, of the last 9 updates only 2 have been solos. As I said earlier, the quality of some of the videos could have been better, but largely I was pretty happy with their offering.

With 420 videos featured on Gay Arab Club, you'll have plenty of hot Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Turkish men to watch. Theere's a fairly decent tagging system so you can find more of the kinds of men or producers that you like. The site's streaming system has improved immensely and the videos played well. I wasn’t overly bothered by the fact that only selected videos can be downloaded because these days I’m not keeping vast collections of movies or DVDs; I mostly view videos online and move on. Gay Arab Club's ticket system makes it easy buy new credits, and since they never expire, they're always there ready when you are. Gay Arab Club has a nice collection of different types of guys with lots of hardcore suck and fuck and plenty of big-dicked men. It costs nothing to check out these sexy guys, so why not take a look?

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