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Citebeur is a gay pay-per-view site from France with a variety of performers in steamy and dirty action; it's one of eight different theatres run by this studio, each covering a different niche or type of sex. We haven't visited the site in a while and there have been several changes, so we're going to take another look to see how things have progressed.

The guys offered in Citebeur are a mixed bag of all different types. There's a large number of Arab men (mostly Algerian, Moroccan, Tunisian, and Turkish men) and there's also a healthy number of Russian guys, and you'll find quite a few skinheads and rough types. And because Citebeur films in France, you'll find lots of French guys and other Europeans who range from guys in their twenties to early thirties with a mix of body types from slender and smooth to athletic with nice definition and some who are quite muscular. While most of the guys are smooth, there are hairy guys, too.

Likewise, the action is quite varied. About a quarter of the videos feature the models in solo jackoff action and the rest have guys in hardcore suck and fuck scenes. But what I really liked about the sex is that there's a lot of variety of locations, so you're not just watching guys fucking on a couch or a bed. Sometimes the men are getting it on in warehouses or dirty basements, other times they're outside or in public places like stairwells or pedestrian tunnels, and there are quite a few athletic guys having sex in gyms and weight rooms. Some of the action can also get a little nasty and dirty with forced sex scenes, bondage, and assplay, and there are over 60 gangbang videos, which are mostly threesomes.

The 1050 Citebeur streaming videos are offered in 2 sizes from 640x480 to 850x480, and the quality is generally pretty good. You can view the movies in full screen mode and some still looked pretty good, but others suffered quality loss when enlarged. When we reviewed the site in 2009 there were issues with the site's streaming set-up, but they've overhauled it and now have a rather robust system that doesn't have buffering issues and allows you to move forward and backward on the time line easily and smoothly.

There are to ways to enjoy Citebeur. You can get a monthly membership to stream the videos or buy tickets to pay to watch each video separately. You can purchase a package of tickets from 5 to 100 at a time, with better deals if you buy more; then you redeem tickets to watch the full videos, which cost anywhere from 3 to 5 tickets each. Your tickets don't expire and you can use them on any of the company's eight theaters.

Citebeur itself seems to mainly feature movies from their own labels: Citebeur, JNRC, and Gay Arab Club, but the other theaters offer videos from a number of different studios from around the world. I found the set-up a little confusing. For instance, I found some videos featuring Arab men on Citebeur, but I didn't find those movies in the Gay Arab Club theater; but three of their latest "sneaker" movies were available on Sket Boy, their foot and sneaker fetish site. Also, most of the other theaters allowed you download some of the videos for an extra 6 tickets, but Citebeur itself only seemed to offer streaming videos.

The other issue that I had with Citebeur is that the videos themselves aren't dated, so there's no way of confirming their update schedule. They have a calendar on the sidebar of the homepage that shows which of their sites updates on which days, and it seems that the site updates on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, but without dated scenes, there's no way to confirm this. The site has added 244 videos since our last visit almost a year and a half ago, which averages over 120 videos per year, but they could have changed their update schedule; without dates, we can't be sure.

In spite of its sometimes confusing set-up, I like Citebeur. I found they offer a hot and eclectic mix of mostly European men: athletic French guys, British chavs, skinheads and scallies, Arabic men, and lots of other sexy guys who don't fit into a specific category. I love foreskin and found most of the men here sport uncut cocks. The site has grown considerably since our last review in 2013, adding 244 videos in just under 1 1/2 years. And the action was quite exciting, too, from guys jacking off to duos and lots of group sex, all filmed in a variety of locations. You're not going to find most of the Citebeur videos on other sites, so the best way to see if it's for you is to check out the tour. You can sign up for a free account and look around with no obligation, then if you see something you like - and I'm sure you will - you simply buy a package of tickets.

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