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Bareback Cum Pigs launched in May 2016 and featured lots of masculine hunks, daddies and porn stars in raw suck and fuck action. Recently they did a redesign of the site that brings with it a number of changes, so let's head back and see what's new.

The here are largely familiar faces from the gay porn world, men like Tyler Reed, Alessio Romero, Hugh Hunter, Max Cameron, Matt Stevens, Ray Diesel and newcomer and handsome daddy Vinnie Stefano. The performers range from their mid-twenties to late thirties plus some in their forties. Expect lots of hairy chests, beards, tattoos and big cocks. Most of these hunks have muscular or gym-fit bodies, although there were a handful of bears with soft bellies.

The action is all raw - no condoms here - and the bulk of the sucking and fucking is in duos, although there are four threeways and a seven-man gangbang. There are a couple of outdoor scenes, but the rest of the action happens in bedrooms, living rooms or fully-equipped playrooms. A couple of these sessions were filmed in a bath house, and one even has a couple of men fucking on a motorcycle. There's lots of horny kissing, nipple sucking, armpit nuzzling and of course dick sucking, rimming, and hole drilling. When it comes to spunking, these men like it dirty, shooting cum all over well-fucked butt holes, pushing their jizz inside with their still-hard dicks. And those into cum eating won't be disappointed.

Bareback Cum Pigs now offers 50 videos; they;ve been sticking to their weekly update schedule and add a new video every Friday. You can stream the videos in MP4 format and they're offered at three different speeds (full HD, high, and medium). The full HD source video is 1920x1080, but since our last review there's been a redesign and the video player is now adaptive, which means it adjusts the display size depending on your browser and monitor size. I have a 26-inch monitor and when my browser is fully extended the video plays at about 1570x700 pixels in height. (I couldn't get an exact measurement because the video extends beneath the fold.) The videos also played on my mobile.

I was impressed with the video quality here; this producer has some high-end camera equipment and good light men, so members get crisp videos - at times I almost thought I was in the room instead of watching a video. There's also a full-screen option with no noticeable loss in picture quality if you're watching the best quality vids. The videos aren't offered for download with your membership, although some - but not all - have an option to purchase the videos for $8 to $13 each.

The newer scenes added since our last review seem to be exclusive productions shot for this site. Not all of the videos were filmed exclusively for Bareback Cum Pigs, however; close to half (the older ones) have appeared on Bareback That Hole and Hairy and Raw, both of which are also included in the Bonus section, but more about that in a minute.

Each episode also comes with a set of photos that are mostly digital stills, although some might be good quality screencaps. The pics are huge, sized at 1350x2400, and they're good quality. You can view them one by one in thumbnail galleries or use the forward and back controls in the pop-up viewer, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can download whole sets in zip files, but saving them individually requires a bit of hoop jumping: you have to right-click the enlarged picture to open it in a new tab, and from here you can save them.

There is a bonus section that includes the feed versions of 15 other sites, each offering 12 videos. Some of the sites are well-known bareback sites including Hairy and Raw, Breed Me Raw, Bareback that Hole, Sweet and Raw and Bareback Twink. There are also several European sites offered here - Alpha Males, Eurocreme and Hard Brit Lads - as well as some bonus sites that no longer add new content. The Bonus sites do not feature new releases, but videos that are several months old, which is designed to encourage you to buy a full membership to these other sites. If you do, you'll see each site's entire catalog of videos including brand new releases.

Does Bareback Cum Pigs have any drawbacks? A few. There's a sneaky pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) on the billing page, and at first glance and without reading carefully, you might think you're simply agreeing to the site's terms and conditions; be aware that it's actually a membership to a second site. So opt out if you're not interested. The site terms say that trial members may get limited access, but there's no specifics on those limitations. Also, as already mentioned, downloads are not included with membership. At least the streaming servers are top notch and the videos play well. Finally, members of the site used to get access to 1,600 bonus videos, but now there are only 180 bonus videos.

One final dislike I had involved the organization of the site. The homepage displays Latest Videos as well as specific categories of videos like Seeing and Breeding and Cum Guzzling, but there's no easy way to get to a page displaying all of the videos in the order they were released. The homepage uses tube-style navigation, so you have to click the forward arrow at the end of the row to see another video, and after you've clicked it eight times, you'll see a "Click Here to Browse All." It'd be easier if there were a Videos link on the top navbar like there used to be.

I love the men at Bareback Cum Pigs; they're a nice mix of masculine, mature hunks ranging from their mid-twenties to early forties, and most are fairly well-known performers including a number of full-on porn stars. The site is growing at a steady rate, adding one video each week and bringing their total offering to 50 streaming videos. And the 180 bonus videos help round out the membership and give you more content to enjoy. Bareback Cum Pigs is a horny and welcome addition to the raw sex scene, and I encourage bareback lovers to check it out.

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