Yes, Officer! Yes, Officer!

The final scene of Titan Men's Caught in the Act, by legendary director Joe Gage takes us into the interrigation room with Jessy Ares as the good and bad cop. "Turn off the surveillance camera," demands Jessy Ares. He has military man Jesse Jackman helpless in a chair as he tries to get to the bottom of a breaking scandal involving secret service misconduct. "Stand up," orders the officer, taking out the muscle manís cock and stroking it. "I don't understand where this is going, sir," says the nervous Jesse. "Evidence, colonel!" answers the interrogator, trying to recreate the events that landed Jesse in trouble. "You're beginning to get hard - is that what happened then?" asks Jessy, a "Yes, sir" his answer. Soon Jesse is on his knees, sucking deep and forced to "Choke on my cock!", spit dripping. essy bends his subject over the chair and fucks him, his balls banging as his abs clench: "Open that hole up for me!" Then he turns the bottom over - resting his hand on Jesseís monster pecs as he plows away, till they both blow their loads.

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